Best Cameras For Sports Photography [2023 Review]

Capturing sports moment with sports shot camera

Professional sports photographers should be able to fully capture the energy, movement, and emotions displayed by the athletes during a competition or training. Fortunately, technology has provided sports photographers with quality compact cameras with large sensors, dual pixel cmos af system cameras, bridge cameras and interchangeable lens systems, allowing you to capture the winning shot. …

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How to Find Real Estate Photography Clients

An image of a woman working on her camera

If you plan to start a property photography business, you should get a great camera. However, the camera would not be of much use if you have no one to photograph for. Therefore, learn how to find real estate photography clients to improve your business and build a great portfolio. How to Find Real Estate …

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What Is E-TTL?

An image of a person holding a camera

While taking shots on your Canon camera, you definitely need all the help you can get to capture images with great quality. A Speedlight flash system like an Ettl helps to regulate the amount of lighting for your shots. Yet, as it is with several camera terms, what is E-TTL? What Is E-TTL? An E-TTL, …

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Mpow Selfie Stick: How to Use It

Capturing a photo using selfie stick

Selfie sticks allow you to capture wide-angle selfies with your phone. You can capture a whole group, or just yourself with a landscape. Mpow is one of the most well known companies for this stick thanks to its durability and warranty that comes with it. Therefore, you should know the Mpow selfie stick and how …

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Should VR Be On or Off?

Black nikon camera on a black surface

Vibration reduction or stabilization on your camera may seem confusing. VR is a great way to reduce camera shake, though it can also cause problems. So, when should VR be on or off? Should VR Be On or Off? VR should be on while shooting with a handheld camera, especially in low light. It will …

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How to Turn a GoPro Hero 5 Off

Person holding a GoPro camera in a water

The GoPro Hero 5 is a great action camera that you can capture 4K videos and 12-megapixel photos with. You need to preserve battery life in order to use the camera for a longer time, so knowing how to turn the GoPro Hero 5 off is important. How to Turn a GoPro Hero 5 Off …

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How to Take Pictures of Cars at Night

An image on how to take pictures of cars at night

Night photography is an art that involves setting exposure, finding light sources, and much more. You should learn how to take pictures of cars at night to get the most out of it. It involves experimenting at various angles before getting the best shot. How to Take Pictures of Cars at Night Car photography at …

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What Time Would Be Best for Photographing Waves Breaking Over Rocks?

Photo of waves in rocks

Capturing waves breaking over rocks is an aesthetic sight. However, you need to capture it in the right light to get the best shots. So, what time would be best for photographing waves breaking over rocks? What Time Would Be Best for Photographing Waves Breaking Over Rocks? The best time for photographing waves breaking over …

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Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500

Close up photo of a pentax camera

The Pentax KS2 and Nikon D5500 are entry-level DSLRs that are both almost seven years old. They are fairly priced options along with features such as articulating screens. Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500 will determine which camera comes out on top. Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500 Overview The Pentax KS2 and Nikon D5500 came out …

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Yongnuo vs Neewer

Black camera lens in a black background

Yongnuo and Neewer are Chinese companies that specialize in the production of photography equipment. A lot of their product range overlaps and when faced with the option of Yongnuo vs Neewer, buyers face quite a conundrum. Yongnuo vs Neewer Overview After purchasing a camera, you always require additional equipment. These companies launched in the 2000s …

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Canon SL1 vs Nikon D3300

Person holding a canon camera

The Canon SL1 was released in March 2013 whereas the Nikon D3300 came out in January 2014. Although there is a gap of less than one year between them, this Canon SL1 vs Nikon D3300 comparison will show you that they are interesting cameras even if they have different sensors and image resolutions. Canon SL1 …

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Nikon D800 vs D610

Nikon D800 camera set

The Nikon D800 came out in June 2012 and the Nikon D610 was released in October 2013. While they both have a slightly old EXPEED 3 processor, this Nikon D800 vs d610 comparison will show you how the Nikon D800 outperforms the Nikon d610. Nikon D800 vs D610 Overview The Nikon D800 and the Nikon …

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