What Is 80mm Lens Good For?

Fujinon 16-80mm camera lens

Are you wondering what an 80mm lens is good for? Maybe you have found yourself in the market for a new lens. However, you aren’t sure what to buy. Well, don’t worry, because we’re going to tell you just that! What Is an 80mm Lens Good For? 80mm lenses are good for casual, everyday, or …

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How To Clean a Camera Lens

Man focusing the camera lens

Although a good lens cap reduces the need to clean your camera lenses too regularly, you should still give your lens a good wipe-down once in a while. Undisputedly, clean lenses last longer, and dirty ones taint the quality of your images. A clean lens is an essential part of good photography. This guide will …

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Best Camera Lenses [2022 Review]

person holding a camera lens on the forest

Are you looking for the best camera lenses? If so, then you have arrived at the right place. It’s important to find a lens that will be perfect for your camera. Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to find the right lens that will be designed for taking specific pictures. They can be …

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Best 35mm Lenses [2022 Review]

Camera lens on the table

We see photography at its best through the absolutely perfect shots on magazine covers and on social media. But there is a lot that goes into capturing that. From the camera itself to the lens, you must make a careful selection of each tool used for this art form. A 35mm lens is one of …

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Best Lenses For Street Photography [2022 Review]

black and white street photography

Street photography is about capturing the fleeting moments of life. It is candid and unplanned; the photographer needs to be in the thick of the action and be sharp to capture the perfect picture. There are a lot of things that factor into taking the best street photography. Choosing the right lens is arguably the …

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Best Pancake Lenses [2022 Review]

two camera lens with a zebra toy on a white surface

Pancake lenses are a must-have for every photographer out there. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist clicking photos as an enthusiast, this lens is something you need to keep at all times in your pockets or camera back. Yes, pockets! These lenses are known for their small size, light build, and low weight that …

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Best Lenses For Product Photography [2022 Review]

Sigma Macro Lens close view for details

Lenses play the most important part of product photography.   A lens handles the quality of the image produced since everything is dependent upon it, from the light entering into the camera to the opening or closing of the shutter. Selecting the right one for your photography isn’t an easy task. Here are some of …

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Best Lenses For Concerts [2022 Review]

picture of a concert

Concert photography is some of the trickiest photography. To click beautiful pictures, you need fast-paced action photography to capture the action and have to face challenges of the dim lighting. Although photography skills are important to be a remarkable concert photographer, you also need a reliable lens that will help you click fully exposed photos. …

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Best Macro Lenses [2022 Review]

Macro shot of a flower

Small objects such as insects and flowers are really interesting and eye-catching if you ever observe them closely. This is where macro photography shines. It is a really interesting type of photography that can capture really close-up shots of different objects. However, taking a picture so up close can be tricky and requires specific lenses. …

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Best 85mm Lenses [2022 Review]

black Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 lens with white background

A camera without a lens is of no value, especially when you are a professional photographer. Most photographers want to add a top-class 85mm lens to their collection, no matter what. One of the best perks of this type is that it allows you to capture what you see. In this article, we will take …

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Best Lenses For Bird Photography [2022 Review]

closeshot of a flying bird

In 2019, photography has turned into an even bigger profession than it was before. Especially its strains like nature photography and wildlife photography, have more and more people involved every day. But starting on something, as a profession, a hobby, or a skill you want to acquire cannot be easy if you don’t know where …

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Best Wide Angle Lenses [2022 Review]

black Nikon AF-S NIKKOR lens

Are you an avid landscape photographer? Do you need a good lens to capture the changing seasons? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then this is the right place to be. In this article, you will find the complete roundup of the best wide-angle lenses in the market. So, if you’re interested …

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