What Is the Difference Between 18-55mm and 55-200mm?

Nikon 18-55mm camera lenses

A staple lens of a typical DSLR is the standard 18-55mm. I’ve found many beginners who start with this lens to be confused by what is the difference between 18-55mm and 55-200mm. The fact is, both lenses will provide you with excellent results in every scenario. What Is the Difference Between 18-55mm and 55-200mm? The …

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Why Are Sigma Lenses Cheaper?

Sigma camera lens

There are several third-party manufacturers on the camera market which provide slightly cheaper accessories and Sigma is one of them. Sigma produces lenses that are cheaper than those produced by main companies but why are sigma lenses cheaper? Why Are Sigma Lenses Cheaper? Sigma lenses are cheaper because of a simple lens design, simplified manufacturing …

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What Does f/1.8 Mean on a Lens?

Canon camera with a f/1.8 camera lens

Every lens comes with a certain specification which allows us to know what it can be used for. Usually, there are two numbers in the title, each specifying a certain quality. Before making the purchase, it is important to know what f/1.8 means on a lens. What Does f/1.8 Mean on a Lens? F/1.8 describes the …

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What Is a 70-200mm Lens Used For?

Sony 70-200mm lens

What is a 70-200mm lens used for? A 70-200mm is one of the most popular professional lenses today. It is a telephoto lens that offers an effective focal length; it excels at one job: It lets you capture the action without intruding on it. What Is a 70-200mm Lens Used For? A 70-200mm lens is a …

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What Can You Shoot With a 50mm Lens?

Canon 50mm lens

A 50mm lens is a lens with fixed focal length and a wide field of vision. They are low priced, light and one of the most popular lenses on the market. So, what can you shoot with a 50mm lens?  What Can You Shoot With a 50mm Lens? A 50mm lens can be used to …

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What Are the 6 Types of Lenses?

Different types of camera lenses

You might have heard that photography is all about composition, taking a picture in focus, or creatively using light. But the lens? What difference does it make? What kind do you use? What’s the fundamental of choosing the right lens? What are the 6 types of lenses? Let’s find out. What Are the 6 Types …

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What Is 80mm Lens Good For?

Fujinon 16-80mm camera lens

Are you wondering what an 80mm lens is good for? Maybe you have found yourself in the market for a new lens. However, you aren’t sure what to buy. Well, don’t worry, because we’re going to tell you just that! What Is an 80mm Lens Good For? 80mm lenses are good for casual, everyday, or …

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Best Macro Lenses [2024 Review]

Macro shot of a flower

Small objects such as insects and flowers are really interesting and eye-catching if you ever observe them closely. This is where macro photography shines. It is a really interesting type of photography that can capture really close-up shots of different objects. However, taking a picture so up close can be tricky and requires specific lenses. …

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Best Travel Lenses [2024 Review]

person holding a black camera on a wooden bridge in forest

Are you an avid traveler who backpacks around the world with a camera in your hand? Is buying a new camera lens a challenging task for you? Then look no further, as this guide is here to solve your dilemmas! In this article, you will find the best travel lenses, all with different specifications to …

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Best Zoom Lenses [2024 Review]

Fujinon zoom lens

Photography in all its forms is absolutely mesmerizing. But there is something about close-up shots and defocused backgrounds that really win over everything else. These kinds of images may seem like ones that only a professional could take, but that is far from the truth. All one needs is a good zoom lens and sufficient …

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Best Macro Lenses For Video [2024 Review]

Canon macro lenses

There is much more you can do with a macro lens than just getting some flawless detailed shots of small subjects.  Macro lenses are now being used for shooting exceptional videos as well. If you are looking for an ideal lens suitable for videography, then you have landed just in the right place. This article …

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Best 24-70mm Lenses [2024 Reviews]

black camera with black background

When it comes to photography as a passion or hobby, the 24-70mm lenses are like the epitome of perfection. They are what every photographer starts with. Once you experience the ease and picture quality of a 24-70mm lens, you will fall in love. As the market is saturated with brands producing, what they claim to …

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