Best Lightroom Presets For Instagram [2024 Review]

girl wearing a white polka dots with pink flower on the ground

The pictures we take tell a million stories. They capture love and laughter, joy and sorrows, and above all memories that will last us a lifetime. On Instagram, we share these stories for the rest of the world to see, and so we must do justice to these stories and tell them as authentically as …

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Best Lightroom Film Presets [2024 Review]

Flower photography in a cool tone preset.

As the world moves forward, so does technology and with Adobe Lightroom, digital editing has never been easier. No matter how many advancements we make, there will always be something alluring and powerful about that classic film feel.  From the effortless vintage colors to that perfect splash of grain, analog film photography is truly timeless. …

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Best Lightroom Presets For Portraits [2024 Review]

girl wearing a pink jacket with white hairbond

Editing can turn a good portrait into a great one. With a few strokes of your brush, you can change an entire narrative. Highlight some aspects while dimming others and a single expression will be able to convey an immensity of emotion and complexity – a story and history captured within a single frame. In …

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Best Vintage Lightroom Presets [2024 Review]

vintage kiss

Have you ever flipped through an old album from the 50s or the 60s and felt like you were born in the wrong era? The photos have a kind of magic about them. They have a distinct character that makes them stand out from a mile away. With soft fades and sepia tones, these are …

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Best Wedding Lightroom Presets [2024 Review]

woman wearing a white wedding gown

Pictures capture the moments that you will hold in your hearts for eternity. So, when it comes to capturing one of the biggest days of your life, you need to get it just right. From the aesthetic to the emotion – the smile in the groom’s eyes when his bride walks towards him, the scrumptious …

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Best VSCO Lightroom Presets [2024 Review]

Effects being used on the photograph using VSCO lightroom preset

Following the popularity of the VSCO girl (or boy) on social media, recreating this sought-after effect has become quite the trend in recent years. Though VSCO, a popular photo editing app, has given us easy access to a stunning selection of filters and effects, it actually originated as a series of presets designed to emulate …

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Best Lightroom Black And White Presets [2024 Review]

Best captured moment in best lightroom black and white preset

Gone are the days when after clicking an analog picture, a photographer had to spend hours in the darkroom processing it. Adobe Lightroom Presets have made a photographer’s life simpler. Thanks to digitalization, you can now edit photographs on your computer using Adobe Lightroom Presets using your skills, plus they will save you a lot …

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