Best Lightroom Presets For Real Estate Photography [2024 Review]

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Have you ever seen a photograph of a sprawling mansion or a rustic, seaside cottage and known that that was where you wanted to spend the rest of your life? Whether it is the place we pick to get married or the homes we choose to build our lives in, most of the time, our first glimpse of these landmark locations comes in the form of pictures. 

This love at first sight, however, is a careful creation of the photographer’s skill and the art of editing. Editing is a delicate art, and if done well, can breathe life into the simplest of pictures. It can elevate and enhance images, giving us that perfect peek visualize into the lives we’ve always dreamed of having. 

On the flip side, digital editing happens to be a rather tedious task, making Adobe Lightroom presets a true blessing (not so much) in disguise. So, read on to find some of the best Lightroom presets for real estate photography for the year.

Comparison Chart of the Best Lightroom Presets For Real Estate Photography

What Makes a Lightroom Preset Great For Real Estate Photography?

Lightroom Presets are a set of predetermined editing settings within Adobe Lightroom that allow you to customize effects and adjustments with just a few clicks. As a powerful image editing tool, these presets are great for real estate photography, and here’s why:

A Professional Finish

When in the real estate business, one of the key elements to making more sales is to transform the pictures’ houses, apartments, and other properties on your website, banners, social media, and so on from good to great.

The better the pictures, the better the prospects. Also, with Lightroom presets, specifically designed for real estate photography, it is possible to achieve gorgeous, professional-looking results in a matter of minutes. 

wooden house with a green grass and sunrise

Eases Workflow

One of the major advantages of using Lightroom presets is in the amount of time one can save while editing. These preset speed up the workflow without compromising on quality. Instead of spending long hours hunched before a computer screen, attempting to manually edit your photos for results that are less than satisfactory: you can use these presets to get vibrant and vivacious images in a single click.

Get Inspired

Most of the best real estate Lightroom presets have been created by other professional photographers. These presets that have been tried, tested, and tinkered are a great learning opportunity for photographers everywhere.

Using these presets, you can learn new techniques and features from other experienced Lightroom users. So, get your creative juices flowing and give your editing style a nudge in the right direction.

Are All Lightroom Presets The Same?

When it comes to photography, there is much that lies outside of our control. Whether it is getting the sun to shine just right or capturing colors as you see them, a lot of the work needs to be done in post-processing. The beauty of Lightroom Presets is that each of these presets to create a specific kind of photography, look or feel. 

In addition to improving the clarity and brightness of your photos, these preset also cater to a variety of editing styles and moods. While some play to a more dramatic and moody vibe, others bring out the light and airy softness in images with warm and peach tones. The sheer variety is simply incredible, giving you the freedom to explore and experiment with different styles and vibes until you find one that suits you.


How to Choose a Lightroom Preset

Ease of Use

The best Lightroom presets are easy to use and can save you a ton of time by significantly streamlining your workflow. With user-friendly instructions and easy to operate functions, these preset should make editing a piece of cake. For beginners and professionals alike, presets are a great editing tool as they are simple, functional, and comprehensive. 

Value For Money

When purchasing Lightroom presets, make sure that they are well worth their price. Always read through the product descriptions to get a good idea of exactly what it offers and how it can be used.

Customer Reviews

A huge indicator of good preset lies in the reviews that it gets. These genuine reviews from actual customers say a lot about the quality of a product and can also help you better understand the product that you are looking at.

Review of the Best Lightroom Presets For Real Estate Photography

With so many diverse and dynamic preset options available, it can be difficult to narrow down the options and make a decision. So, here are some of our favorite real estate Lightroom presets to your photos with an inimitable edge.

Best Overall: Interior Design & Real Estate Lightroom Presets

Interior Design & Real Estate Lightroom Presets


  • Works on RAW and JPEG images.
  • Very highly reviewed by customers.
  • Quick and efficient customer service.
  • Can be used with Mac, PC, Android, and iOS.
  • Includes 15 brushes and 25 Tool Presets including filter, split filter, tonal, and vignette.


  • May be a bit expensive, however, offers great discounts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Editing photos for real estate can be a tricky job, especially balancing out the various colors and contrasts. Created on popular demand, the Interior Design and Real Estate Lightroom Preset by The Luxe Lens was exclusively designed to match the editing needs of interior design and real estate photography.

These enliven a picture, making it the ideal option for people dealing in real estate, staging houses, showcasing decor and interior design, and so on. The Interior Design and Real Estate Lightroom Preset smoothens the workflow and gives you multiple effects and adjustments to try out.

You can detail your pictures with the different brushes and tool presets. With a tap, you can turn the vibe of space from absolutely grand and resplendent to warm, cozy, and comforting. From beautiful monochromes to warm and peachy tones, these diverse presets encompass almost every need you could possibly have to make a property look it’s absolute best.

Runner-up: Luxury Interior Collection

Luxury Interior Collection


  • Lifetime free updates.
  • Works with Mac and PC.
  • Very affordable and easy to install and use.
  • Fully compatible with JPEG and RAW images.
  • Has completely adjustable settings and versatile presets.


  • Might be limited to interior photography.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a varied collection of 40 Presets, the Luxury Interior Collection by Be-Art Presets pays to heed to the many subtleties and intricacies of interior and real estate photography. From the color and brightness to the lighting and saturation, these preset For both, commercial as well as residential photography, accuracy is integral and with this collection, you can achieve that accuracy in mere seconds.

Capture that exact shade of cerulean blue or deep magenta, and translate reality into images. With the Lightroom brushes, you can retouch your images, adjust the imbalances, and tie up loose endsA rather tricky aspect of real estate photography is that these presets manage to retain the whites while still creating warm and inviting spaces.

With a perfect balance of light and dark, these preset create vibrant spaces full of personality.

Best for the Money: 101 Lightroom Presets Pack

101 Lightroom Presets Pack


  • Works with both RAW and JPEG images.
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Has a friendly and helpful support team.
  • Easy to use and includes a detailed instruction manual.
  • A value-for-money product with extremely versatile presets.


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

The ultimate package for photographers across the skill spectrum, this 101 Lightroom Presets Pack by Digital Photography School is everything you could need, to get polished and professional-looking images in no time.

With a vast range of varied and dynamic presets, you can make the most of all that Lightroom has to offer. Created by a professional photographer and Lightroom expert, it can provide a wonderful learning opportunity to those looking to upgrade their skills.

This collection of presets provides you with the control you require to perfect your interior and real estate photography. From getting gritty and grunge on the street to flooding your landscapes with vibrant charm, these presets are a must-have for photographers everywhere. 

4. MCP™ HDR Quick Click Lightroom Presets

MCP™ HDR Quick Click Lightroom Presets


  • Great for outdoor shoots.
  • Suits all kinds of photography styles.
  • Easily adjustable and diverse presets.
  • Easy to use and extremely affordable.
  • Each preset has two versions for RAW and JPEG images respectively.


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a splash of vibrant color and depth, the MCP™ HDR Quick Click Lightroom Presets by mcpActions can turn any ordinary landscape or structure into a work of art. Perfect for outdoor photoshoots, in bright, natural light conditions, these presets work wonders for real estate photography.

You can use this collection of presets to fix the color and contrast, desaturate shadows and tweak your photos until they best represent reality. These presets are easily adjustable and work well with any style of photography. With punchy colors, these HDR presets are a breath of fresh air that can revitalize your pictures with a new life.

5. Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant Lightroom Presets

Brixton Film Bold & Vibrant Lightroom Presets


  • Compatible with Mac and PC.
  • Works on both RAW and JPEG images.
  • Very highly reviewed and recommended.
  • Super easy to use and has an instant download.
  • Includes the Brixton Film Tool Kit with 8 layers presets and 62 tools presets and the Brixton Brush Kit with 33 local adjustment brushes.


  • Might be a bit expensive, however, offers great discounts.

Why it Stands Out to Us

For a stunning set of images with a spunky and spirited feel, the Bold & Vibrant Lightroom Presets by Brixton Film are an absolute delight to work with. The presets are versatile and full of flavor. From warm, rosy overcasts to clean, rich, and filmy moody tones, there isn’t much that you can’t achieve with this collection.

The Brixton Film Tool and Brush Kit included in the collection give precision to editing making this an extremely useful set of presets to have on hand.Chroma shifts and contrasts, this collection is a modern spin on the classic film feel.

With the charm of vintage and a pop of color, these preset create images that you cannot help but love. So, find the magic in the world and capture it in your photos with the Bold & Vibrant Collection.

Perks of Getting a New Lightroom Preset For Real Estate Photography

Photography is an art that changes and evolves. As your skills grow and expand, so must the tools that you use. Lightroom presents a dynamic tool that has a lot to offer to photographers, both amateur and pro. Getting a new Lightroom preset could thus present you with new learning opportunities that can help push your editing skills to new levels.

Based on your need and personal style, you can choose from a range of gorgeous presets to create amazing real estate photos that appeal to viewers. From warm and vibrant tones to retro, moody feels, with presets, the possibilities are limitless and one could never have too many!

Real Estate photography


People Also Ask

If you are just getting started with Lightroom, presets can prove to be a bit of a challenge before you start getting the hang of it. In hopes of easing your journey a little, we have attempted to answer a few commonly asked questions about Lightroom Presets.

How Do I Make My Lightroom Presets Popular?

Most photographers develop presets that emulate their own personal and unique styles and then market them using their online presence. To further popularize your presets you could also offer preset packages rather than single presets. These packages could adhere to a specific theme or style and will help make your edits more accessible. 

How Do I Add Presets to the Lightroom App?

1. Unzip the downloaded presets on your computer.
2. Save the unzipped presets on any cloud storage option so that they can be accessed on your mobile phone.
3. Open the Lightroom Mobile App and add the DNG/Preset files.
4. To add a preset: Settings > Add Photos and select the location from which you will be pulling out the DNG/Preset files from.
5. Once imported, select a newly-imported file and click on the three dots in the top-right corner.
6. Create a Preset name and group and you are good to go.

Do Professional Photographers Use Lightroom?

Most professional photographers have spent years developing a certain style of editing that only comes from being well-versed in the tedious task of manual editing. Professionals, therefore, when using a preset, will tailor them to suit their exact needs and may use these presets to make the workflow easier, quicker, and more convenient. 

How Do I Use Multiple Presets in Lightroom?

Applying multiple Lightroom presets to an image refers to the skill of stacking. This means that you use different presets to change different elements in your photo. For instance, you could stack a preset for tone with a preset for vignette to create a specific effect.

Can You Download Lightroom Presets on Your Phone?

Lightroom Mobile Presets are filters that work directly in the Lightroom CC mobile app for both iOS and Android. Using the steps mentioned above, you can download Lightroom presets onto your phone.

Is Lightroom Good For Beginners?

Lightroom has an extremely simple and well-structured interface that is both easy to use and intuitive. From trained professionals to beginners with absolutely no experience, a Lightroom is a great software for all kinds of photographers.

How Do I Get Lightroom Presets For Free?

Though a majority of the Lightroom Presets are sold commercially, there are quite a few presets you can use on your photos that are available completely free of cost. A simple search will lead you to a variety of free presets that you can download at absolutely no cost.

Loft lightroom presets



When it comes to real estate, photographs can make or break a deal. A good photograph should give you a glimpse into the future, a look at what could be, should you choose to invest in that particular property.

Our top real estate Lightroom presets picks give you the tools to create images that power the imagination. With a wide array of versatile presets that are simple yet powerful, turn every picture into a visual masterpiece.