Best Lightroom Landscape Presets [2022 Review]

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If you are a photographer of landscape and wildlife, you love the process and the thrill of capturing an image. But as you know, editing and post-processing often take a lot of time and it isn’t the most exciting thing in the world to do, especially if it is in batches.

Henceforth, Lightroom landscape presets are the one-stop solution. Presets let you edit photographs in batches while maintaining consistency, and you can instantly apply pre-set effects and adjustments to your photos.

Lightroom Landscape presets prevent you from spending hours trying to guess which assortment of contrast, saturation, and exposure will give the result you want. 

The best thing about presets is that it is customizable. So whether you are a professional photographer, blogger, business owner, or hobbyist, Lightroom presets will make your photos stand out. They provide the perfect workflow automation opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts.

Comparison of the Best Lightroom Landscape Presets

Are All Lightroom Landscape Presets The Same? 

Lightroom Landscape presets are rather unique. The infinite adjustability of Lightroom presets to make them unique from any other filter. You can adjust various aspects of any presets and create a variant that is unique to you.

Each bundle of presets are different and are designed to cater to your image’s specific nuances. Also, distinct presets are available which can be applied depending upon the type of photography.

closeup women eye photo

Are Lightroom Landscape Presets Hard to Learn?

Using Lightroom Landscape presets is a very simple procedure. The learning curve for it is easy. The following steps are a simple guide on how to apply a preset in Lightroom.

  1. Open an image in Lightroom and click on the preset in the Develop module. 
  2. You can find the presets in the menu of controls on the editing panel.  
  3. Open up the panel for presets and then click on the preset of choice.
  4. To preview the effect of a preset on your image one has to drag the mouse cursor over the preset and look at the changes in the small preview window. The preset can also be applied as a batch edit to a group of images.

Review of the Best Lightroom Landscape Presets

These presets are best for landscape photography and they come along with local adjustment brushes to enhance water, sun, sky, greenery, mountains, and plains.

Enhancement options include Enhance Sky & Clouds, Enhance Land & Shadows, Brighten Shadows, Warm & Saturated, Neutral & Cool, Enhance Texture.

The variety of presets ranging from basic landscape to a sunny day, which will set the mood for your pictures and will enrich them. The presets are best for natural light conditions and you can adjust the contrast and colors to create a work of art. Here, we have inscribed our top choices for landscape presets that you can select from.

Best Overall: The Luxe Lens Landscapes & Wildlife Lightroom Presets

The Luxe Lens Landscapes & Wildlife Lightroom Presets


  • 6 Local Adjustment Brushes
  • Can be applied to RAW and JPEG images
  • Versatile tools are available for nature lovers
  • Compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, CC, Classic CC, & the Lightroom mobile app; Photoshop CS6, CC, & 2020
  • 8 Tool Presets like Dynamic Range High, Range Low, Enhance Blue Sky, Enhance Blue Sky & Neutralize Greens, Remove Grain, Remove Lens Vignetting, Saturation High, Saturation Low


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

You can choose from Basic Landscape which adds dynamic range and clarity to your image. 

These presents give you a multitude of options to choose from. They can be suited to the mood, vibe, and the dynamic of your photograph. It will enhance as well as mute the colors. It can even create grainy or clear images, according to your liking.

You can apply the presets on your pictures of the sea to give a tropical vibe. Or, apply a preset to a sunset image to bring out the colors and the sheer energy of a photo.

Runner-up: 101 Landscape Lightroom presets

101 Landscape Lightroom presets


  • Works great for black and white photography too
  • This collection also has numerous image-enhancing options
  • Applying one of these presents helps make the landscape pop
  • These presets are great for both the amateur and the seasoned photographer
  • You can capture the essence of each season, the earthy feel of the fall, or the vibrancy of summer


  • Higher price compared to others

Why it Stands Out to Us

The DPS 101 preset package will provide you with an excellent Workflow efficiency.

These preset resets stand out in their ability to provide ultra-smooth workflow efficiency in both JPEG and RAW file formats. From the preset panel, you can make every change necessary after viewing a preview from within the drop-down menu.

Best for the Money: Travel and Landscape Collection

Travel and Landscape Collection


  • It is affordable
  • Compatible with both PC and MAC
  • Enhances your travel, outdoor, nature, or landscape photography with a single click


  • Not as a diverse range of tones as found in other preset packs

Why it Stands Out to Us

It can convert a mundane looking landscape into a bewitching one. Landscape and Travel Lightroom Presets are designed to keep travel photographers, travel bloggers, nature, and landscape photographers in mind. This collection of Lightroom presets allows you to alter the color, clarity, and shadows of your landscape photography.

Landscape presets also provide dozens of effects for use on Camera Raw and JPEG images – from postcard effects to sketch effects. Presets download instantly and are compatible with both PC and Mac, so it’s easy to create beautiful images regardless of which operating system you use.

By applying a Travel and Landscape Collection Preset, you can give your travel pictures the mood and the vibe they might need.

4. Crush The City Lightroom Presets

Crush The City Lightroom Presets


  • Lrtemplate, .xmp, .dng files are available
  • Great for street and portrait photographers
  • Edgy urban street photography featured look.
  • Works with Lightroom Mobile and also compatible with Lightroom 4-6, CC
  • Enhances every color in your photos. Vividity and definition of the image increase exponentially


  • Due to disparities in lighting situations presets may need tweaking
  • White balance, exposure, tint, and/or temperature needs to be adjusted

Why it Stands Out to Us

Crush The City Lightroom Presets enriches every color in your photos. It gives them definition and vividity. These presets will help you achieve the edgy urban street photography starred look. Also, it provides a great deal of flexibility with so many presets!

This pack will help give you the push you need in your editing style. The results are available with just one click. There are instant and unlimited downloads along with it; the presets are easy to install and use. Installation of Adobe Creative Cloud and Plans are also provided.

5. MCP HDR Quick Click

MCP HDR Quick Click


  • Tested and retested on a vast array of photographs
  • Easily adjustable in Lightroom to suit your preferences
  • Works on any photo & any format that Lightroom can’t open
  • Turns ordinary landscapes and architectural landscapes into works of art
  • Great for making photographs to sell as prints. Makes the photos professionally marketable


  • Can darken photos significantly if not used correctly
  • For some people the presets may add too much clarity which isn’t ideal for portraiture

Why it Stands Out to Us

The MCP™ HDR Quick Click Lightroom Preset bundle includes Presets that enhance your photos with professional HDR treatment. If you are bitten by the travel bug and have a penchant for travel and landscape photography, apply these presets on your photographs to bring out the beauty of nature to the frame. 

These presets will bring a certain vibrancy to your pictures and bring out the best in your photographs. Whether the shoot is done in RAW or JPEG, Portrait Black and White the preset can handle it all. 

This pack caters to a multitude of styles and techniques. If you are an Instagram blogger, it will make your feed and blog look marvelous. If you are a beginner, MCP presets will be helpful as a toolkit to take your photographs to another level! 

Can You Really Find Lightroom Landscape Presets That Are Affordable? 

Yes. It is a negligible fee for most people and coupled with the fact that you are getting top tier industry-standard Lightroom Landscape presets.

If you are a professional, it is a very small price to pay to run your business. If you are a hobbyist then cutting down on a few expenses in a month would work well. In comparison, it is a small amount of money for an extremely useful tool with regards to photography giving your professional results.

Considerations When Using Lightroom Landscape Presets


A preset will appear different in different environmental conditions. The same preset that looks good on a beach, may not look as pleasant in a mountain picture. So, choose accordingly.

landscaping photo with a tree in a middle and a lake and moon


The lighting you shoot in will change the outcome of the presets. 


You can shoot in RAW or JPEG and then apply the presets. Moreover, the presets are compatible with both phones and computers. We take images on the phone in JPG mode so mobile presets are designed according to that.

If you are using the Desktop version of the presets, it is recommended that you shoot RAW photos to get the most out of these presets, but most of all to get the most out of your camera and your photography skills. 

The desktop version of the presets is best used with RAW photos but they will work with JPG. 


Lightroom is one of the few image customization programs in the market that will alleviate most of the needs a photographer could ever have regarding editing an image. This comes at a very low monthly cost. It gives you the best image editing programs right at your fingertips for landscape and wildlife photography.

Nondestructive editing is the key to Lightroom becoming the inseparable program for a large percentage of photographers. The software makes it easy to access, organize, and use these valuable landscape preset actions. 

Whether you shoot for fun or professionally, making use of the many incredible Lightroom Landscape presets containing various settings and actions will enhance your photography and make your brand stand out.