Best Olympus Cameras – 2021 Complete Review

| Last Updated: July 16, 2021

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In the golden age of film and photography, there are plenty of brands around. Among many camera manufacturers, one name you may not hear very often is Olympus. Olympus is not very well-known compared to Nikon and Canon, but it does deserve recognition, as it has created a niche in the market today.

Olympus cameras have shifted their focus away from the DSLR camera. This brand has been manufacturing cameras for a long time, dating back to the old days of film photography and has continued to make cameras up till today. Some really good Olympus cameras are mentioned below.

Keep on reading to know what Olympus is famous for, which camera you should buy, and what features to look out for.

Comparison Chart of the Best Olympus Cameras

  • Best overall as it has a compact body with a built-in EVF
  • With this camera, you can get quick access to color controls and filters
  • Vari-angle touch screen display has 20 MP and provides you with a clear view of your subject
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  • Runner-up and best Olympus camera present for video
  • Captures images in a high-resolution mode that provides you with clear photography
  • Comes with in-body stabilization that allows you to get rid of any blurriness in your images and videos
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  • Best for the money and has a compact size
  • Comes with in-body stabilization, so it doesn’t take blurry pictures at all
  • Has a tilting touch LCD that ensures you get a good view of your subject
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  • In-body stabilization present in it keeps the blurriness at bay
  • Best Olympus mirrorless camera and best Olympus 4/3 camera
  • Comes with integrated Wi-Fi that allows the quick upload of images to your social media
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  • Best Olympus OM camera because of the good image quality it provides
  • Has a fast focusing ability that allows good traveling and random photography
  • Since it has in-body image stabilization, it provides you with clear and crisp images
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What is Olympus Known For?

Olympus usually manufactures ILCs- mirrorless interchangeable lens and waterproof cameras. In the past years, the company did make simple point-and-shoot digital cameras and DSLRs, as well. Even still, you may find occasional older, used Olympus DSLRs at a sale price, but the company no longer produces new ones.

Olympus is known for adding exceptional features to their camera line. Their waterproof cameras remain protected from penetration by dust and they also operate at low temperatures, making them versatile to use. These cameras can also survive being dropped onto the ground since they are rugged. They make an ideal gift for children who are trying to get into photography.

Waterproof cameras tend to have a fixed lens model, which is different from their interchangeable lens cameras that Olympus manufactures, as the lens is built in the camera body and cannot be removed easily. Olympus provides its cameras with a vintage touch and feel, which makes them stand out and admired by buyers.

Are All Olympus Cameras The Same?

Olympus develops many different kinds of cameras but doesn’t manufacture DSLR cameras. Olympus has manufactured two primary types of mirrorless cameras. One is the PEN line by Olympus, which is designed to be convenient and small. Many PEN models also come with a retro design that tends to remind users of Olympus film cameras. Meanwhile, the Olympus OM-D Line provides a good level of photography features as compared to PEN cameras.

The OM-D cameras are more commonly known as Mark cameras, and they work faster and provide users with excellent image quality. Moreover, using a waterproof camera allows you to take pictures in shallow water, but this doesn’t limit you to underwater photography. These cameras perform well in other situations, as well.

Olympus waterproof cameras provide users with freeze-proof and shock-proof features that help in enhancing their durability. While these cameras are mostly enjoyed by adults, they are well-suited for use by children too, since they can withstand rough treatment and the occasional dropping.

Why Did These Cameras Make Our List?

When looking for an Olympus camera, you will want to look at many different features. The items mentioned on our list have outstanding features that make them stand out. These features are as follows:

Image Sensor

The image sensor is a silicon chip present inside a camera. It measures the light present near the subject and records the image. Large image sensors tend to generate better quality images, especially when the light is low. Mirrorless interchangeable-lens comes with large image sensors compared to waterproof cameras.

Zoom Lens

The measurement of the zoom lens lets you know how much magnification can be applied to the scene and is usually denoted by a number along with a small letter x. Keep in mind that a mirrorless camera lens does not have a zoom measurement, whereas a waterproof one does.


The resolution of the camera is measured in megapixels and designates the number of pixels the image sensor will record. Olympus cameras come with good resolution and the larger the number of the megapixel, the better the image quality it will provide you with. However, when determining the image quality, the image sensor plays a more important role than the resolution.

Video Recording

Any Olympus camera can record videos along with still image photography easily. These cameras come with a few video recording resolutions that you can choose from easily. Some models come with a maximum video resolution of full HD, which is 1920x1080 pixels, whereas other cameras can record in 4K resolution, which is 3840x2160 or 4096x2160 pixels.

View Finder And LCD Screen

Mirrorless Olympus cameras provide you with an advanced electronic viewfinder that allows you to frame the scene easily. You can also make use of an LCD screen in order to frame the subject you are shooting, as well. With either design of the Olympus camera, you will get a clear view of who and what you are photographing.

Shooting Modes

An Olympus mirrorless camera provides you with both full manual and automatic controlled shooting modes. However, a waterproof camera comes with an automatic mode only and has limited manual controlling features present.

Review of the Best Olympus Cameras

Finding the best Olympus cameras requires a lot of effort and time since you will need to go through a lot of different reviews and product feedback. To make this decision easy for you, we have compiled the top Olympus cameras along with their pros and cons and why it stands out to us.

Best Overall:
 Olympus PEN-F

Olympus PEN-F (Body-Only) (Black)


  • Captures an image in 9.6 fps
  • Image stabilization system is 5-axis
  • Has Wi-Fi integration present inside
  • Touchscreen has a vari-angle display
  • Has a 50 MP high-resolution shooting mode


  • Does not come with a weather seal
  • Video photography is limited to 1080p

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this camera performs exceptionally well and takes well-focused pictures for you. They appreciate the design it sports and it has great image quality and excellent functionality. The image stabilization on this model is not exceptional, but it does take clear-cut pictures for you to enjoy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Olympus PEN-F stands out due to the incredible style it exudes. This camera is incredibly compact and comes with a mirrorless shooter with a metal build that gives it a retro and vintage film camera look. The vari-angle touchscreen display ensures easy usage and control, and also allows you to focus on the subject easily.

Who Will Use This Most

This camera is suitable for people who want a good photography and videography session, along with a retro film camera. Its robust body helps in protecting it from rain and dust and also makes a good gift for both beginners and professionals. This model does not have any built-in flash, but the product comes with a small external one present in the box.

Bottom Line

The Olympus PEN-F is a mirrorless camera that has a very vintage design which gives off retro vibes. It helps in providing you with groundbreaking image quality with 9.6 fps image-capturing ability, high-resolution shooting mode, and a 20MP micro four-thirds image sensor. It is the best overall Olympus camera present in the market.

Runner-up and Best Olympus Camera for Video:
 Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Mark II Camera Body Only, (Black)


  • Comes with a large and sharp EVF
  • Has 4K video support present with it
  • Captures images in high-resolution mode
  • Features a vari-angle touchscreen display
  • Weather-sealed body protects it from dust and water


  • Incredibly expensive
  • Has a bright LED when it is charging

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of this camera claim that its battery life is excellent. It lasts for a long time and can do long photoshoots and even wedding photography. It is also larger in size compared to the E-M5 but is still lighter and smaller than a DSLR. The low weight also allows you to hike and travel wherever you want without worrying about this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This camera stands out because of its the micro four-thirds shooter that has and can capture raw images. It comes with plenty of features and provides you with high-resolution capture settings, along with an in-body stabilization system. This stabilization allows you to steady the 4K video and image on this camera.

Who Will Use This Most

This Olympus camera is outstanding and works perfectly for beginners and professionals, both. It is the ideal traveling partner as it has a wide viewfinder and helps in taking clear, crisp pictures due to the in-body stabilization system. It ensures a satisfactory photography experience for you, and since it is easy to use and has incredible features, it is worth investing in.

Bottom Line

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 has the ability to shoot very fast and has features that many high-end mirrorless cameras have in today’s world. Even though it is expensive, it is worth investing in since it allows easy altering of controls and has an optional vertical battery grip. This mirrorless camera has a very long-lasting battery life and survives long trips easily.

Best for the Money:
 Olympus PEN E-PL8

Olympus PEN E-PL8 White Body with 14-42mm IIR Silver Lens


  • Comes with an add-on EVF available
  • Very compact and lightweight in size
  • Has a tilting touch LCD for ease of use
  • Comes with a speedy focus that ensures no blurriness
  • Has in-body stabilization and is integrated with Wi-Fi capabilities 


  • Lacks built-in flash
  • Has no mic input present

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent consumers of this product claim to love it because of the positive features it has. The style of this camera is very sleek, beautiful, and has a vintage finish to it. Meanwhile, its low weight ensures that you can travel with it easily and go hiking and take beautiful portraits of nature whenever you want.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The slim body of this camera provides very good appeal for photographers who want to do serious photography and have a good-looking camera at the same time. Its design and look are what make it stand out, and the fact that it has great picture-taking ability makes it worth investing in.

Who Will Use This Most

This camera is of great quality and features at an affordable price point. For this reason, this Olympus model is good for beginners who are entering the world of photography and want a good-looking, sleek, and retro camera to shoot pictures with. This is also a good one for professionals, as it comes with a mode dial that has standard modes and a dedicated movie mode, as well.

Bottom Line

The Olympus PEN E-PL8 is a good camera that is packed with features and exceptional design. It is made from a very solid material that keeps it protected from the occasional dropping. It is also a great gift for teenagers entering the world of photography, and since it is affordable, it is a good pick.

Best Olympus Mirrorless Camera and Best Olympus 4/3 Camera:
 Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera Kit with 14-42mm EZ Lens (Silver), Camera Bag & Memory Card, Wi-Fi Enabled, 4K Video, US Only


  • Has a tilting touch LCD screen
  • Comes with an 8.8 fps burst shooting
  • Has a solid design that is very elegant
  • Captures images in JPG and raw format
  • Compact size lets you travel with it easily


  • Has no NFC or Bluetooth
  • 4K video is not accessible easily

What Recent Buyers Report

This Olympus camera is incredibly good in terms of performance and matches the vibe of high-end brand products due to the in-body image stabilization. Since it can take indoor shots without worrying about any image distortion, it is ideal for photography. This camera is easy to handle and carry around with, and shows you clearer images.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This camera stands out due to the features it offers to buyers. It is an inexpensive model that is lightweight and provides high-resolution pictures with no distortion, even in low light. It has quick capturing ability and acts as a good traveling partner for your future memories.

Who Will Use This Most

Since it is easy to use and simple, it is good for enthusiasts and amateurs. Its focus system lags slightly behind, which is why it is not advised for professionals. The larger control dials, good handgrip, and labeled buttons and dials ensure that beginners have fun using it.

Bottom Line

This mirrorless Olympus camera does not provide users with a lot of tech upgrades but gives them the basic features ideal for beginner photography. It focuses on making the photography experience for beginners easy and fun, and is ideal as a gift to someone entering the world of photography.

Best Olympus OM Camera:
 Olympus OM-D E-M10

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Black)- Body only


  • Built-in flash and EVF
  • Has a tilting screen display
  • Has a good quality at high ISO
  • No blurriness due to in-body stabilization
  • Quickly focuses on the subject and allows burst shooting


  • Not weather-sealed
  • Has no mic input present

What Recent Buyers Report

This camera is loved by recent buyers due to the exceptional picture quality it provides. It is jam-packed with features, and since it is lightweight and easy to use and travel around with, it is worth investing in.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This camera has a removable handgrip and a long-lasting battery. Its three-axis stabilization system ensures no blurriness and allows you to take pictures even when moving. Plus, the pop-up flash present allows you to take pictures even when the light is low.

Who Will Use This Most

Simple, easy to use, and jam-packed with features perfectly describes this Olympus model. It is ideal for use by beginners and even professionals because of these features and the handy grip it provides.

Bottom Line

This is an entry-level mirrorless Olympus camera that is a winner in the OM-D series. It has exceptional image quality with very fast performance. Since it features a built-in flash, EVF, and a touchscreen display, it is easy to use and focus on subjects. This is a great camera for both traveling and professional use.

Types of Olympus Cameras

Olympus cameras are very good due to their excellent features and quality. They have a retro and chic feel that people love, and since they have different types, you can easily find one suited for you.

Some different types of Olympus cameras are as following:

Olympus Wide

This camera is designed especially for wide-angle photography, as it has a wide fitted lens. It also comes with a natural light bright frame finder for taking pictures in the dark.

Olympus Pen

The Pen by Olympus is one of the most famous models present. This is a half-frame film type that makes use of 35mm film and is a vintage camera. It features a retro look that makes it stylish, and it promises exceptional photo quality.

Olympus Pen F

The Pen F is the world’s first and the only half-frame system with a single-lens reflex camera. It comes with a Porro-prism finder and has a titanium shutter, as well. This camera is very versatile and can be used with twenty exchangeable lenses to change and control manually.

Perks of Getting a New Olympus Camera

A camera should always be brought in brand new condition, as this ensures that it takes exceptional pictures and doesn’t lag behind. There are other advantages of investing in a new Olympus camera, as well, such as:

Getting Money’s Worth

When spending on a good camera, you must not think about the price point because saving a couple of bucks to settle for a used camera can be the worst decision you can make. Camera and other technology devices tend to lag overtime as their usage increases. In order to get the proper value for your money, it is a good idea to buy a new one.

Good Working Buttons

Cameras have buttons that are used frequently, and when you buy an old camera, the buttons tend to get rusty, which makes it difficult for you to take pictures and use it easily. With a new camera, the buttons work very well, and it makes it easier to point and shoot.

No Scratches On Lens

The lens is very delicate, and usage over time can fill it with scratches, which lowers the image quality. It is a good idea to get a brand new camera if you are not willing to invest in an additional lens.


Finding the best Olympus camera is a tough decision to make, as it requires extensive research and is very time-consuming and tiring. To make this decision easier, our list of the best Olympus cameras in the market with their pros and cons will come in handy. Make use of this guide and the buying features to find the best camera for yourself.

People Also Ask

Even with all the information present above, there are some questions left unanswered. We have answered some common questions for you down below.

Is Olympus Pen a Good Camera?

Olympus has updated its stylish beginner-level mirrorless camera to the Olympus PEN, which captures sharp and very well-exposed images. These models can be traveled with easily and are not too large or heavy.

Where Are Olympus Cameras Made?

Olympus cameras are assembled in Vietnam, Japan, and China.

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