D610 vs D7200

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The higher priced Nikon D7200 was released for the more professional photographers, while the Nikon D610 is more of an entry level camera. This D610 vs D7200 comparison will show how these two compare against one another even though it has been almost 7 years since their release.

D610 vs D7200 General Overview

Although both cameras were released by Nikon, these cameras are very different. The Nikon D7200 has superior features including higher image resolution,  larger sensor, etc. Still, the Nikon D610 is a camera that captures high-quality images despite its lower price tag.

Black nikon camera on a white surface

Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 came out in 2013. Made with a magnesium alloy body, this camera has it all. A 100% viewfinder coverage and 24 Megapixels, the Nikon D610 allows you to take the best quality pictures.

It comes with a weather shield along with being water-resistant and dustproof as well hence, it is truly an all-weather camera. Boosting a frame rate of 6 pictures per second, the camera has your back all the time.

Nikon D7200 Overview

The more technologically advanced camera, the Nikon D7200 was released in 2015. Its features are countless and unparalleled in its range. It has a full sized sensor and the EXPEED 4 image processor gives it a more dynamic range and better quality.

Sporting a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body, the Nikon D7200 has a range of features that put its competitors to shame. A battery that lasts 1110 shots, a maximum video resolution of 1080 x 60fps, and an image resolution of 24 MP, this camera can capture detailed pictures and videos for a long time.

Its NFC compatibility and WIFI support allow you to be connected all the time. A lightning-fast shutter speed, ISO levels that go up to 25600, this camera can be used anywhere you want.

D610 vs D7200: Comparison

The Nikon D610 and Nikon D7200 have a difference in their price points and the consumers they are targeting, thus they have a lot of differences. However, they are both released by Nikon so have some similarities too.


The Nikon D610 and D7200 are entry level cameras and have several similarities which include their image resolutions, screens and much more. Other similarities are as follows:

  •  Both these cameras sport a 3.2 inches fixed LCD screen. The larger-sized LCD allows    users to navigate easily.
  • Their image resolution is around 24 megapixels too. This refers to the size of image a camera can produce. They both can thus capture highly detailed images.
  • These cameras contain two memory slots both of which can support SDHc and SD memory cards.
  • These cameras contain built-in autofocus meters which allow you to take clearer pictures. These cameras also have a hot shoe that allows you to connect external devices.
  • These two cameras come with weather shields that protect them from harsh weather conditions.
  • The pictures in both cameras are recorded in either JPEG or RAW format. Similarly, videos are recorded in MOV format in both.
  • These cameras have images per second rate of 6. This refers to how many images can be captured per second. This is very useful if someone is considering capturing sports or nature photography.
  •  Both the cameras have a viewfinder coverage of 100%. This means that the viewfinder shows exactly what the image is going to be like and hence allows you to take better pictures.
  • These cameras have great video recording features. They come with a dedicated cinema app as well as time-lapse functions using which you can capture amazing videos.
A close-up image of Nikon D7200


The Nikon D610 and D7200 have some technological differences. Some of these differences which include image processors and sensors. These differences show how the Nikon D7200 out performs the former camera.

ISO Levels

These cameras’ ISO levels are different. The Nikon D7200 has a maximum ISO setting of 25600 whereas the Nikon D610 sports a maximum ISO setting of a mere 6400.

ISO measures a camera’s sensitivity towards light. In this case, the D7200 is better suited for low-light photography due to its high ISO levels. These also complement its high shutter speed as mentioned below.

Shutter Speeds

Shutter speeds determine how fast a shutter of a camera closes.  The Nikon D7200 comes with a maximum shutter speed of 1/8000s compared to the Nikon D610’s 1/4000s.

This allows the Nikon D7200 to perform much better in capturing fast-moving objects and avoid motion blur as compared to the Nikon D610.

Video and Screen Resolution

The Nikon D7200 has a maximum video resolution of 1080 x60 fps. On the contrary, the Nikon D610 has one of 1080 x 30 fps. This means that the D7200 has the ability to capture higher-resolution videos.

When it comes to screen resolution, the Nikon D7200 is the better performer here too. Sporting a screen of 1228k dots compared to the D610’s 921k dots, the D7200 makes it easier for a user to view their images.


When it comes to connectivity with external devices, the Nikon D7200 has the clear upper hand. It has a built in Wi-Fi connection which allows you to transfer images easily.

Besides that, the Nikon D7200 also has NFC compatibility which allows you to connect with other similar devices. Also, if you are looking to connect to a smartphone remotely, the D7200 allows you to do that too! On the contrary, the D610 cannot do this.

Focus Points and Battery

Here too, the Nikon D7200 outperforms the Nikon D610 by having a longer-lasting battery. Its battery lasts approximately 1110 shots whereas the D610’s battery last only 900 shots.

When it comes to focus points, the Nikon D7200 has 51 focus points compared to the Nikon D620’s 39 focus points. Focus points determine what your camera is focusing on. Thus the more the focus point, the more flexibility you have while focusing and getting a better picture.

The Most Distinguishing Feature

Sensors are one of the most important parts of cameras and determine image quality. The larger the sensor, the more light it can capture. Hence, larger sensors make for better low light performers, have a more dynamic range and better color depth.

The Nikon D7200 has a full-format sensor, whereas the Nikon D610 sports an APS-C sensor. The full format sensor is larger in size and thus the better performer in the aspects mentioned above.

If compared on the basis of technology, the D7200 has a more advanced technology (EXPEED 4) compared to the Nikon D610’s EXPEED 3. This allows the Nikon D7200 to capture better-quality images and have better color dynamics. Thus the sensor is most distinguishing feature in these cameras.

When to Use the Nikon D610

The lower priced option between the two, the Nikon D610 should be your first choice if you have a tight budget. However, do not be misled by the lower price, the Nikon D610 comes with tons of features such as a high camera resolution of 24 MP and high frame rates.

AN image of Nikon D7200

When to Use the Nikon D7200

If you plan to capture pictures in low light such as indoors or during the night, then the Nikon D7200 should be your go-to camera. With high ISO levels and bigger sensors, it can allow more light to enter the camera and thus take great pictures in low-light settings.

The Nikon D7200 has a slight edge with its video resolution. A video resolution of 1080 x 60 fps allows you to capture the highest quality videos. The time-lapse feature and dedicated cinema tool are just cherries on top!

If you love capturing animals in their habitat then the Nikon D7200 should be your choice. Its fast shutter speed and weather shields allow you to capture every moment while keeping your camera protected. The long-lasting battery just adds to the fun.

Which Camera Is Better?

If you look at features alone then the Nikon D7200 is the better camera by a long shot. It has higher battery capabilities, better video resolutions, fast shutter speeds and what nots. It is more technologically advanced than the other.

However, if you are looking to get a camera with decent features while remaining within your budget, then and only then should you go for the Nikon D610. It has comparable image resolution, viewfinder coverage etc. after all.

Hence, it mostly comes down to budget. If you have extra dollars to spare, go for the Nikon D7200. You would surely not be disappointed. If not, the Nikon D610 is an excellent choice too.


In the Nikon D610 vs D7200 debate, the Nikon D7200 comes out on top. It excels the former in almost every feature including image resolution and shutter speed. You can use this camera in low light, for making videos as well as animal photography!