Best Lightroom Presets For Instagram [2024 Review]

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The pictures we take tell a million stories. They capture love and laughter, joy and sorrows, and above all memories that will last us a lifetime. On Instagram, we share these stories for the rest of the world to see, and so we must do justice to these stories and tell them as authentically as possible.

A picture can be good, but it is the editing that makes it great. With Lightroom presets, editing has never been easier. With a few clicks of a button, you can turn simple images into works of art. In this article, we have curated some of our absolute favorite Lightroom presets for Instagram that will get you the results you have been looking for.

What Makes a Lightroom Preset Great For Instagram? 

Lightroom Presets are a pre-made configuration of settings within Adobe Lightroom that allow you to customize effects and adjustments instantly. From food to fashion, these presets are the perfect editing tool for all your social media ventures, and here is why-

Easy Editing

Editing is a delicate art. While quick-fix filters don’t always give us the results that we want, manual edits require diligence, care, and a whole lot of time, which most of us don’t really have to spare. With the best results in the least amount of time, Lightroom presets give us the best of both worlds.

No longer do you have to spend hours hunched before a screen. Using presets, you can recreate the soft highlights, vintage vibe, and subtle vignettes of Instagram filters in easier and more customizable ways, without compromising on quality. 

With quick and controlled edits, you replace the tedious trial and error editing process with a single click. From professionals with years of experience to mere amateurs with a love for photography, these presets are simple, adaptable, and made for everyone. 

girl wearing a white polka dots with pink flower on the ground

Soda Pop Travel Lightroom Presets

Picture Perfect Feed

Your Instagram feed is like the cover of a book and though the general advice is to hold back the judgment, as humans we cannot help ourselves. Aesthetics matter, and a uniform, consistent feed can help turn the random viewers who happen upon your page into steadfast followers. Lightroom presets allow you to create that perfectly pleasing Instagram aesthetic with complete ease. 

Whether you are a big-time brand or a small-time influencer trying to make their mark, a clean and cohesive feed can do wonders for your follower count. All you need to do is pick an aesthetic, be it gritty and grunge or pretty in pink, and a preset to go with it. With just a few clicks, create a beautifully cohesive feed and get your ‘gram game’ on!

Are All Lightroom Presets For Instagram The Same? 

Art is always subjective and unique. In photography, no two photographs are the same (unless you double click of course!) and the same applies to editing, too. When it comes to Lightroom presets, there are no two of a kind.

The beauty of these presets is that each one works to create its own unique look. While some presets may give your photos a more intense, dramatic feel, others imbue them with the tranquillity of the gorgeous blue tone. 

Each preset is designed to be distinct from the other and to suit a certain style of photography. While a preset like The Illuminate Lightroom Preset, creates a soft and glowy aura around photos,  a more vibrant Preset, may bring out a more punchy and lively side of your photos. Though both make for gorgeous Instagram aesthetics, each preset will create a feel significantly different from the other.

Characteristics of Our Favorite Lightroom Presets

Value for Money

When purchasing Lightroom presets, it is important to ensure that these products are well worth their price. Reading through the product descriptions and customer reviews helps to give you an understanding of how these presets can be used, their quality, and much more. 

Our top picks fit the bill for a good quality product at a reasonable price. They are great for photographers at any level on the experience scale and are a great learning tool for those looking to grow their skills. These presets are both affordable and have much to offer, which is exactly what makes them so worthwhile.

Aesthetic Appeal

From throwbacks to the famed vintage VSCO to a soft, summer color palette, every preset caters to a different aesthetic and different editing style. All our favorite Instagram presets have their own unique look that will stand out from even a mile away. These presets are simple, yet powerful. They are incredibly versatile, inspiring, and so fun to explore that you cannot help but fall in love with them.

Streamlined Workflow

One of the simplest tells of a good Lightroom preset is how easy the preset is to use and navigate. These presets not only make editing easy but also make it efficient. With user-friendly instructions and easy to operate functions, they can save you a ton of time by significantly streamlining your workflow. 

Furthermore, presets that are compatible with Lightroom Mobile are an added bonus as you can edit your photos from anywhere. This makes it perfect for social media junkies who are constantly on the move. Simple, functional, and comprehensive- these presets are an amazing tool.

Reviews of the Best Lightroom Presets For Instagram

The options are limitless, and with such a vast range of presets to choose from, making a decision can pose quite the conundrum.  So, here are some of our favorite Lightroom presets for Instagram that will make your feed the envy of all.

Best Overall: Pink Rose Lightroom Presets

Pink Rose Lightroom Presets


  • Works beautifully in natural light
  • Easy to achieve uniformity in images
  • Extremely affordable and easy to use
  • Great for lifestyle bloggers, and fashion and beauty influencers
  • Perfectly complements all skin tones and colors to enhance photos


  • Might be limited in flexibility and variety

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Rose Pink Lightroom Presets shine a gorgeous glow on the pictures that you take. Designed for social media, these ten charming, pretty-in-pink presets will make your photos look almost dream-like. 

With the delicate tones, it is easy to create a consistent vibe for your feed using these presets. 

Every picture tells a story and what better way to captivate audiences of a lifestyle blogger or a beauty guru than the pink halo of the Rose Pink presets. With a light, airy vibe, these presets are perfect for all the IG influencers out there looking for the soft, fairy-like aesthetic. 

Runner-up: Instagram Presets for Lightroom

Instagram Presets for Lightroom


  • 100% non-destructive
  • Works with both MAC and PC
  • Extremely affordable and easy to use
  • Works on RAW, TIFF and JPEG images
  • Includes instructions on how to install and downloads instantly


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

Bring Instagram’s quintessential and endearing vibe to just about any photo with the Instagram Presets for Lightroom Collection by Lightgram. From the punchy Mayfair to the Inkwell greys, these dynamic presets perfectly emulate the look and feel of Instagram filters.

The collection is flexible and easily adaptable to photographers at all skill levels. The presets are also completely non-destructive which means that they can be reset to their original. Well suited to all styles and kinds of photography, these presets are simple, fun, and super easy to use. 

Best for the Money: Soda Pop Travel Lightroom Presets

Soda Pop Travel Lightroom Presets


  • Works with Mac and PC
  • Great for travel and outdoor shots
  • Highly reviewed and recommended
  • Suits and enhances a wide range of skin tones
  • List Element


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

Designed for all the IG baddies and globe trotters of the world, the Travel Lightroom Presets by Soda Pop, comprises a range of vibrant and versatile presets that were made for the outdoors. Great for beginners and professionals alike, these presets are easy to navigate, and are compatible with Lightroom Mobile which allows you to make your edits on the go. 

With 10 gorgeous presets, this collection delivers professional-looking images in crisp clarity. They go well with all skin tones giving them a radiant glow. From the warm olive-colored shadows to cool mint highlights, these presets will give your images a soft, dreamy feel that leaves you wanting more.

Whether it is sunkissed and sea breeze or snow days and ski trips; whether it is on vacation or at work, this collection equips you with everything you need to make your memories come alive.

4. Illuminate Lightroom Presets

Illuminate Lightroom Presets


  • Works with both Mac and PC
  • Works beautifully with natural light
  • A very well-priced product that is easy to use
  • Great customer reviews and recommendations
  • Can be stacked on top of other presets as the perfect finishing touch


  • Might be a bit limited as a standalone product

Why it Stands Out to Us

Thomas Edison said, ‘Let there be light,’ and the Illuminate Lightroom Presets by mcpActions took it to heart. From the rosy rays of a setting sun to a burst of sunbeams on a perfect summer morning, this collection does exactly as the name suggests, and illuminates every image with light and life.

Become a master of light, with over 150 preset options. Brighten up your gloomy days and cut through the chill with a burst of warm luminance, as and when you please. From the Light Wash presets to the gorgeous Gradient Brushes, you can change and control the direction, shape, and even the hue of light. 

From the people that you meet to the lands you traverse, bathe your memories in this almost angelic aura, and make your pictures come alive!

5. Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets

Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets


  • Streamlined workflow
  • Provides .lrtemplate, .xmp, and .dng files
  • Vibrant presets that work great in outdoor settings
  • Affordable and has instant and unlimited downloads
  • Easy to install and use, and includes an installation guide


  • Might be a little limited in term of variety

Why it Stands Out to Us

An Instagram aesthetic quick-fix, this Travel Blogger Lightroom Presets Collection by Lightgram, has 5 simple yet stunning presets that can transform any picture from good to great. 

With rich, striking colors, these presets can create fabulous results in a matter of minutes. These presets are super easy to use and are compatible with Lightroom mobile, too. They are an extremely convenient editing tool for photography amateurs looking to learn, as well as influencers with no time to spare. 

From documenting your adventures around the world to capturing your fierce fashion moments, this collection has what it takes to elevate and enhance absolutely any image. So, grab that visual wanderlust and let your pictures speak a thousand words.

Benefits of Getting a New Lightroom Preset For Instagram 

Instagram is the home of a million aesthetics. From the neon, retro vaporwave to the pretty pinks and pastels, there are a myriad of beautiful vibes and color palettes to choose from. So, why on earth would you want to stick with just one?

Getting a new Lightroom preset is the perfect opportunity to push your skills, as both a photographer and an editor, further than before. Try and experiment with new styles, because you never know what you may discover.

Most presets have been designed by other professional photographers, making them a wonderful and hands-on learning tool for anybody with an interest. Take these opportunities to learn from other, more experienced Lightroom users, and in the process find your own unique voice and style.

From warm, coffee browns to dark and moody grunge, the possibilities are endless. So, be sure to take them all!

wedding pictorial on a floating bridge

People Also Ask

Lightroom is a powerful and dynamic software, and if you are just getting started, you probably have a few questions. In hopes of easing the learning curve a little, we have attempted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Lightroom and Lightroom Presets.

How Can I Get Free Presets on Instagram?

Though a majority of Lightroom Presets are sold commercially, there are quite a few that you can use on your photos, completely free of cost. Once you find one that you like, all you have to do is download it.

What Are Presets on Instagram?

Presets refer to a specific configuration of editing settings within Lightroom that allow you to apply certain edits and effects to your photos with just a few clicks. These presets offer much more control than the filters on Instagram and can be used to edit images and keep your feed poppin’.

Are Presets Worth it?

The answer to this question is, quite honestly, based on individual preferences. Lightroom Presets can be an invaluable asset to a photographer. They can save time and also help hone skills. However, if used the wrong way – as a crutch rather than an accompaniment -they may prove to be a waste.

Are Presets the Same as Filters?

No, there is a difference between presets and filters. Very generally, a filter refers to a piece of software that allows you to change the look of an image by adjusting various effects and parameters. On the other hand, a preset is more like a series of defined settings for each of these parameters.

A preset will, therefore, offer more control over editing and thus, a more consistent look to pictures, as opposed to a filter, for which every picture means starting off with vastly different degrees of exposure and quality.

Is it Worth Buying Lightroom?

Lightroom has an extremely simple and well-structured interface that is both easy to use and intuitive. From trained professionals to beginners with absolutely no experience, Lightroom is a great software for all kinds of photographers.

As Lightroom is now available on a subscription-basis, some may find it a more expensive software. The answer to this question, however, is solely based on the user, their preferences, and their needs.

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On Instagram, be it a business, a baddie, or just an ordinary person, we share a part of our little corner of the world with over a billion people. And so, as you put forth your images, be sure that they represent your vision of the world.

Our top Lightroom presets for Instagram are versatile and simple, with a whole lot of personality. With their own unique charm, these presets will set your images apart from the crowd and give your stories the voice they deserve.