Trading In Your Digital Camera

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With digital camera technology developing so rapidly, even last year’s cameras feel outdated. The latest and greatest advancements quickly become old news, leaving you to decide whether to settle for the older model or upgrade to the shiniest new digital camera.

It’s likely that you want to buy the newer – and supposedly better – camera, but cost may be a factor. There’s also the problem of getting rid of your old camera: it clearly states on the packaging that it can’t be thrown into a garbage can nor can it go into a traditional recycling bin.

Many retailers and manufacturers have a solution that satisfies both of these problems: a trading program. You can get some money for your new camera while reducing the amount of e-waste in landfills.

How It Works

Most trading programs operate online or in stores. You simply fill out a form that describes the condition of your camera along with its make and model and you’re given a “trade-in value.” You can choose to receive cash or credit towards a new camera.

Tips for Trading Up

If you want to trade in your camera, it is best to look at different websites and compare trade-in values. It only takes a few minutes and it could earn you a bundle of money. Consider the dealer and sales too. My old Nikon D100 fetches $68 on, but would get me a $94 gift card at Best Buy. If I used my $94 gift card at the store during a sale, I could save even more money.

Photographer using a Canon digital camera to take a black and white self-portrait.

Where to Trade

Best Buy

You can trade in your old camera at any Best Buy store location, or visit and receive a free, printable shipping label. Best Buy offers a cash value or a gift card option that is worth more. And if you would rather upgrade your TV or iPod, the card will help defray the cost.


For this manufacturer, you have to purchase a new Casio camera before you can log into their trading web site. They do, however, send a check within a week.


You will get a prepaid shipping label, but you have to purchase a new Kodak to complete the trade-in process. Kodak’s site offers a trade-in value estimator along with a program to help you choose a new digital camera.


Like many other manufacturers, Olympus offers prepaid labels and cash when a new Olympus camera is purchased. Check out their trade-in site.

Ritz Camera

Like Best Buy, trading can be done at store locations or online. In return for your old gear, you get a gift certificate to the store.

This online electronics store allows you to trade for more than just cameras. You can get cash or store credit at their site.


If you trade in your old electronics on the Wal-Mart Website, you don’t have to create an account until after you get your trade-in value. The rate is competitive and is mailed within a week as a Wal-Mart Visa credit card.