TT560 Speedlite: How to Use

Black DSLR in a dark room with two external flash

The TT560 Speedlite is an external flash released by Neewer and is one of the best value external flash units on the market. It adds to the functionality of your camera. To get the most out of it, you must know how to use the TT560 Speedlite. TT560 Speedlite: How to Use Using the TT560 …

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How to Use PS4 Camera on a PC

Black laptop computer beside a controller

The PlayStation 4 comes with a dual camera that has the ability to record videos at 720p. You can use this camera on your PC too whether you have Mac OS or windows to stream games on Twitch. Before that, you need to know how to use PS4 camera on a PC. How to Use …

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How to Use a Gimbal

Man in glasses holding a black camera

A gimbal is a device that uses motors and sensors to support and stabilize your camera. It works like a tripod and looks like a selfie stick. If you want to get the most out of it, you must know how to use a gimbal first. How to Use a Gimbal Gimbals are fairly simple …

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Family Beach Portraits: What to Wear

An image of showing what to wear on family beach portraits

Even with the best camera and lens, your family beach portraits might not look fantastic and unique if you don’t know the right outfit to wear. The following family beach portraits: what to wear guide will help you choose an outfit color that blends with the beach environment. Family Beach Portraits: What to Wear One …

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How to Take Pictures in the Dark Without a Flash

An image of taking photo

Although many modern cameras come with a built-in flash, the flash can cause hard shadows and glare on the subject, making it look overexposed and unnatural. Learning how to take pictures in the dark without a flash will help you avoid these issues when shooting in low light. How to Take Pictures in the Dark …

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What Is Selective Focus?

An image of a telephoto lens

Whether you are shooting portraits or capturing closeups, one of the best ways to make the photo aesthetically appealing is to eliminate the background distractions and emphasize the main subject by blurring the image background using selective focus techniques. So, what is selective focus in photography? What Is Selective Focus? Selective focus is a technique …

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How to Turn Off Flash on a Nikon D3200

A man teaching on how to turn off flash on a Nikon D3200

Although a camera flash can be helpful when shooting in poor lighting, it can cause irredeemable overexposure or glare, especially when shooting shiny surfaces. Learning how to turn off the flash on a Nikon D3200 will help you have better control over the lighting and illumination of your subject. How to Turn off the Flash …

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What Does DSLR and SLR Stand For?

An image of DSLR

If you’re newer to the photography industry and looking for your first camera, you might have heard the terms DSLR and SLR used in reference to different cameras. So, what does DSLR and SLR stand for, and which type of camera is right for you? What Does DSLR and SLR Stand For? DSLR stands for …

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What Is a Glidecam?

Man excitedly showing off his glidecam gear

Whether going on camping trips, walking in the parking, or hiking, you might want to capture those moments to keep memories. Since a tripod might be too bulky to carry and shooting handheld results in shaky footage, you will need a simple stabilizing device. So, what is a glidecam? What Is a Glidecam? A glidecam …

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Canon T5i vs T3i

Woman holding a black DSLR camera

The Canon T5i came out in April 2013 while the Canon T3i came out in March 2011. Despite being old, these two cameras sport articulating screens. These cameras sport high megapixels and HD video recording and this Canon T5i vs T3i comparison will show which is better. Canon T5i vs T3i General Overview The Canon …

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Neewer Speedlite 750 II: How to Use

The Neewer 750 II is an external flash that can help you take your photography to the next level. The built-in flash of the camera sends an optical signal to the device which triggers an action. To get the best out of it, you need to know how to use the Neewer Speedlite 750 II. …

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How to Put a Camera on a Tripod

Woman putting a camera on a tripod

Capturing photos can be improved through the use of camera accessories. Although there are many accessories, one of the most useful is a tripod. A tripod helps keep the camera steady while capturing photos, so let’s go through how to put a camera on a tripod before using it.  How to Put a Camera on …

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