Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Digital Camera Errors

Canon lens troubleshooting

Nothing is more frustrating in photography than missing the perfect shot because the camera that worked perfectly yesterday suddenly malfunctions. Maybe the camera had a mishap with gravity or water, or maybe the camera came out of it’s nice protected case with an unusual error. Digital camera repair is often costly—and in the case of …

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Night Photography: How To Take Pictures in The Dark

Silhouette of pine trees and a cliff under a starry night sky.

Most casual photographers tuck their cameras into their bags after sunset — but one of the best times to create stunning images is after dark. From the light of the stars to city skylines and light painting, night photography opens up a wealth of possibilities — and it’s particularly excellent for getting out of a …

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Panoramic Photography: 7 Panorama Tips For Simple Yet Breathtaking Photos

Nikon D3200 displaying recent captured image in the studio

Creating panoramas used to involve hours in the darkroom, and even early in the digital photography revolution, an elaborate stitching process inside image programs. Now, most cameras are capable of taking panoramas, even wide 180 degree and even 360 degree images—in-camera, with just a few clicks. But, like any automated camera mode, the panorama feature …

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What is Shutter Speed?

sample of a shutter speed picture

One of three elements that affect a photograph’s exposure (along with ISO and aperture), shutter speed determines the amount of time that passes while a single image is being taken, or the amount of time that passes while the shutter is open. When the shutter is open, a picture is being taken, when it closes, …

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Camera Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts Of Digital Photography

woman smiling at camera

DO respect the signage. If a sign says, “No Photography,” then put your camera away. If a sign says, “No Flash Photography,” then turn off the flash! It’s pretty straightforward, and those signs are there for a reason. If you want a photo of that Monet, go to the museum store for a print. It …

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How to Use Fill Flash

man holding a camera with flash

Lighting a dark place is the primary and most obvious use for a camera flash, but it is certainly not the only one. Fill flash is a quick and easy tool to drastically improve backlit or harsh lighting conditions. It’s a boon for outdoor portraits, where the sun doesn’t always cooperate. What is Fill Flash? …

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How to Use Manual Modes

holding a black camera

A camera’s auto and scene settings often result in great shots—but not always. There’s that sports photo that was still too blurred, that portrait that was too dark, and that indoor action shot that was both blurred and dark. Ultimately, for the most image control, you’ll have to leave auto and scene modes behind in …

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How To Take Good Pictures

woman holding a DSLR camera

Choosing a camera is an important part of taking good pictures—but here’s the thing: Learning how to take good pictures will significantly boost your photos whether you are shooting with a point-and-shoot or a DSLR. The camera (and lens) will determine things like resolution and versatility, but it’s the photographer that determines many of the …

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What is ISO?

black camera with ISO 200

Cameras capture moments through light—ISO determines just how light-sensitive a camera is. In the film, the ISO isn’t a camera setting, but rather the film speed. But what happens when you swap out the film for a sensor? What is ISO on a digital camera? The ISO setting on a digital camera (or camcorder) indicates …

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How to Photograph Fireworks: A Beginner’s Guide For DSLR Users

image of fireworks at night

Nothing is quite as majestic as sparks dancing across the sky — or quite as hard to photograph. Shooting fireworks combines several difficult aspects of photography, shooting in the dark, shooting motion, and shooting unpredictable subjects. While photographing fireworks may take some trial and error, with the right gear and tricks, you can shoot an …

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Tutorial: A Guide to Focus Stacking

white and brown flower bud in close up photography

Focus stacking is a technique used to increase the shallow depth-of-field effect (sharp foreground, soft background) in a photograph. At normal shooting distances and magnifications, a shallow depth of field can be achieved by simply taking the lens down a few stops. But for macro photography, where objects appear larger than they do in real …

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Best Rolling Camera Bags [2023 Review]

Camera and accessories compartmentalize by pads inside the camera bag.

With many solutions on the market to help keep your camera gear safe while traveling or moving around town, camera owners can find it hard to identify the best rolling camera bag for their needs. Although a roller camera bag may be heavy, they offer spacious room for the safekeeping of multiple cameras, flashes, lenses, …

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