Superzoom vs DSLR

A man taking photos of the trees using a DSLR camera

When photography starts to become a hobby and you’re stepping up to a more serious camera than your $150 compact, you’ll likely find yourself at a crossroads: do you buy a superzoom or a DSLR? Do you save money and go for extra zoom and out-of-the-box versatility, or do you spend a little more and …

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Best DSLR Shoulder Rigs [2024 Review]

man holding camera and rigs

Stability is one of the most crucial factors when filming videos professionally and especially in cinematography.  A shoulder rig is a piece of equipment onto which you mount your DSLR for better stability when shooting videos. A tripod is also a great choice for the very reason, but if you want to move around or …

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Best Superzoom Cameras For Birding [2024 Review]

superzoom camera on a brown surface

Birding is one of the most common types of citizen science. Citizen science involves non-professional enthusiasts monitoring, researching, and collecting data regarding the natural world. In this particular instance, the data is regarding birds. This activity has been around for centuries in one form or another. Collectors not only used to observe but also hunt …

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Best Cameras For Astrophotography [2024 Review]

black camera in a backyard

Do you want to shoot the stars? Well, you will need something more capable than a point and shoot camera or your smartphone. Astrophotography requires the use of advanced equipment. Taking photos of the sky at night is already very complex due to the lack of light entering your camera. So when you try to …

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The Worst Digital Cameras Ever

holding a digital camera infront of a yellow bag

One of the perks of being the editor of a site like Digital Camera HQ is getting to read all the reviews submitted by our readers. Sometimes, they’re pleasing, when it’s clear that a person has found the perfect camera for them, and is happy enough to contribute a five-star review and recommend it to …

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