Best Canon Lenses For Night Photography [2023 Review]

Night sky photography

The market today is packed with advanced, versatile, and different types of lenses meant for catering to different user needs. Different subjects require different types of lenses. For example, small subjects like insects and plants need a macro lens with a huge magnification. Similarly, for shooting good, quality images, during the night, you need particular …

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Best Canon Camera [2023 Review]

A man checking a Canon camera

Cameras are undoubtedly one of the most used devices in the present day. But not just any camera would give you the kind of image quality a DSLR would. And when it comes to DSLR cameras, we all know Canon makes some of the best. If you’re planning on investing in a DSLR, then a …

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Best 85mm Lenses For Canon [2023 Review]

black camera on a wood surface

If you are a photographer, you must have come across several lenses. However, few lenses will truly win your heart. Canon has excelled in facilitating its users and photographers for years. An 85mm, coupled with a great Canon camera, will help you take the perfect portraits. Have a careful look at the detailed reviews we …

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Best Lenses For Canon 5D Mark III [2023 Review]

black camera with ocean background

Ever thought about capturing photographic masterpieces? Have you ever wondered how these breath-taking sensations were captured in the first place? It is the lenses. The way you pick and utilize them makes a difference between a standard photo and an eye-catching masterpiece. This guide will help you identify some of the best lenses for Canon …

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Best Canon Lenses For Astrophotography [2023 Review]

black camera lens on a brown fabric cushion

No wonder, astrophotography is one of the most demanding genres in the photography field as it requires the best attributes and quality of the lenses. Nothing can be more rewarding for a photographer than capturing just the right shot of the Milky Way. In order to ace astrophotography, one of the key components is the …

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Best Lenses for Canon 7D [2023 Review]

black camera lens with cover in a white surface

Canon’s EOS 7D cameras are APS-C sensor single-lens reflex cameras. They can record 1080p videos and have 18 effective megapixel sensor. This is one of Canon’s best digital cameras, so it requires an equally effective lens to get the most out of its features. This article will review the very best lenses for Canon 7D. …

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Best Memory Cards For Canon 80D [2023 Review]

memory cards aligned in a white surface

The Canon 80D is an outstanding APS-C DSLR camera for enthusiast photographers. Characterized by versatile imaging specs, this camera is capable of producing high-resolution imagery with minimal noise and notable clarity. It avails exceptional performance throughout the camera system while providing the ability to shoot continuously at up to 7 fps.   A high-quality memory …

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Canon 75-300mm Lens [2023 Review]

canon camera

Nowadays, you will find a multitude of options when searching for a lens. However, if you are looking for the best, there is a huge possibility you will end up considering a Canon lens. Canon has remained one of the most prominent brands for cameras and camera equipment. It is a Japanese brand that was …

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Best Canon FD Lenses [2023 Review]

Photography brings an unmatched pleasure to those who love it, doesn’t it? The trick to the most satisfactory photography is to have the right tools. So, you have to put together a reliable photography kit, which includes the necessary lenses. An FD lens is a must, too, and we will discuss what makes it so …

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Canon 18-135mm Lens [2023 Review]

canon 18-135mm lens

The Canon EF-S 18-135mm is a fantastic lens with various innovative features such as fast and accurate autofocusing, easy portability, image stabilization, wide focal length range, and an attractive price. This lens is Canon’s third modification of the EF-S 18-135mm lens. The first model was released in 2009 and featured a budget-friendly DC motor while …

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Best Lenses For Canon 7D Mark II [2023 Review]

canon 7d camera

Even if you’ve found the perfect camera, it can be a struggle to pick the best lens for the best outcome. Moreover, it will make you more puzzled with too many choices present on the market than ever! Luckily, we have discovered the best lens options for you, which will be the best match for …

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Best 35mm Lenses For Canon [2023 Review]

Four Canon lenses are lined up on the table

The world of lenses is pretty vast; however, there are some that will remain all-time favorites no matter what. One such lens is the 35mm. It is beloved by many and rightfully so. It is the best option if you are just starting out with wide-angle photography. Even if you are more akin to it, …

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