Best Canon FD Lenses [2022 Review]

Photography brings an unmatched pleasure to those who love it, doesn’t it? The trick to the most satisfactory photography is to have the right tools. So, you have to put together a reliable photography kit, which includes the necessary lenses. An FD lens is a must, too, and we will discuss what makes it so …

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Canon 18-135mm Lens [2022 Review]

canon 18-135mm lens

The Canon EF-S 18-135mm is a fantastic lens with various innovative features such as fast and accurate autofocusing, easy portability, image stabilization, wide focal length range, and an attractive price. This lens is Canon’s third modification of the EF-S 18-135mm lens. The first model was released in 2009 and featured a budget-friendly DC motor while …

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Best Lenses For Canon 7D Mark II [2022 Review]

canon 7d camera

Even if you’ve found the perfect camera, it can be a struggle to pick the best lens for the best outcome. Moreover, it will make you more puzzled with too many choices present on the market than ever! Luckily, we have discovered the best lens options for you, which will be the best match for …

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Best 35mm Lenses For Canon [2022 Review]

Four Canon lenses are lined up on the table

The world of lenses is pretty vast; however, there are some that will remain all-time favorites no matter what. One such lens is the 35mm. It is beloved by many and rightfully so. It is the best option if you are just starting out with wide-angle photography. Even if you are more akin to it, …

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Best Lenses For Canon 5D Mark II [2022 Review]

Canon 50mm lens placed on a blanket

Canon 5D Mark II, being an amazing visual camera, is still in use by a great number of DSLR fans. It excels against other competitors in terms of image quality, sharpness, and affordability, which is why it stays firm at its position on the market even today. An interest in Mark II might lead you …

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