Best Film Schools in New York [2023 Review]

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A film school is where creativity gets down to business.  

The continuously evolving and thriving film industry demands cinematic geniuses. Film schools provide you the platform to integrate your creativity and vision with a purpose. 

New York is the hub of media and film and, therefore, houses a number of popular film schools. Here is a detailed review of some of the best film schools in the region that offer facilities to become the best filmmaker you can be. 

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Job Outlook in New York After Film School

Filmmaking is blooming in New York City. There are tons of job opportunities for graduates right after graduation across multiple industries.

Graduates get multiple scholarships and even paid internships under the supervision of established media artists. This helps them to manage commercial work in films and digital media. With the right skills and experience, you have a chance of recruitment into popular industries. You can easily find either full-time or part-time jobs according to your schedule.

A film school graduate can work as an editor, program officer, set designer, multimedia storyteller, supervising editor, and growth marketing manager. There is a trend of producing short films that are not only good for your connections but also help you gain experience.

Similarly, you can opt for entrepreneurship and work as a producer, writer, chief editor, and much more.

You can either be an actor, cinematographer, director, or editor to show off your talent when it comes to films. Not to forget, there is a huge scope in the marketing industry as well. You can use your skills and innovative ideas to serve the industry.

A director can earn up to $65,000 while a producer can make as much as $70,000. Similarly, the average salary of a set designer or a film editor ranges from $40k to $50k.

All you need is knowledge and experience in the respective field. In short, anyone who is looking to contribute to the cinema can find a job in the region.

List of the Top Film Schools in New York

Nothing can be a better place than a film school for an aspiring filmmaker. However, choosing the right school is extremely crucial to achieving your career goals in the future. Read on to have a detailed review of some of our top recommendations.

Best Overall: New York University

new york university logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $51,828
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 3-4 years, Masters of fine arts
  • Number of students: 51,123
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 9:1

Our Review of the Program

Whenever you think of enrolling in the best institute for pursuing your filmmaking career, the first name that pops in your mind is New York University. This university has a reputation for producing brilliant filmmakers.

The curriculum is designed for developing a sense of research and professional spark in students. They offer multiple programs, including undergraduate in fine arts. You can either go for a major or a minor in the field of your choice. During the entire length of the various performing arts programs, you get to learn all about fine arts, dance, drama writing, performance, and theater writing.

Similarly, film & television covers everything from cinematic history, its development, drama writing, and much more.

The university also offers various programs to familiarize you with the emerging technologies in photography and imaging. You are provided with the best learning environment and the supervision of experienced teachers. All of them are experts in their relevant fields and support students to reach their maximum skills.

Graduates get hired by renowned industries right after their graduation. They work as activists, educators, editors, filmmakers, and cultural innovators. Students are even encouraged to avail of multiple scholarships to further pursue their dream.

Best Film School in Long Island NY: LaGuardia Community College

LaGuardia Community College

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $8,098
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-4 years, Major in Liberal Arts
  • Number of students: 17,569
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 24:1

Our Review of the Program

One of the finest schools in the premises of Long Island New York that is devoted to the betterment of the community is LaGuardia Community College. This college offers major and undergraduate degrees in a range of programs. All the programs are well designed to polish the skills of aspiring filmmakers.

The college offers a liberal arts program that includes almost everything in film and television. Students are taught all about cinematic history, storytelling, editing, composition, stage design, and lighting. Similarly, a student gets to know about media production, cinematography, broadcast operations, graphics, and multiple effects

.All the areas are explored under the supervision of some of the finest scholars and teachers. They have an experienced staff that is extremely cooperative as well. Students are helped at each phase and even encouraged to pursue higher studies as well in renowned institutes.

The college arranges multiple film and media workshops on the campus to help students get in touch with the practical field. Similarly, there are multiple field trips and visits from the media industry’s professionals. Graduates are recruited by high-end industries and earn a good living. Some of the students also go for entrepreneurship and get success as an editor, producer, and filmmaker.

3. Syracuse University

syracuse logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $51,853
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-4 years, Undergraduates major and minor in Film
  • Number of students: 22,484
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 15:1

Our Review of the Program

Syracuse University is the best place for you if you are looking for a reliable school to learn all about films and emerging technologies. The university is known for supporting a creative process and professional growth.

They offer major and minor in Film to aspiring students. The program is comprehensive yet challenging. They use a practical approach in addition to theoretical knowledge for a better understanding of students. Students are provided with a great learning environment in fully furnished classes. Moreover, the college has all professional tools for students’ practical training.

The program covers everything from scriptwriting, pre-production, post-production techniques, to arts, drama, and design. The courses include sound/image, story-telling, cinematic modes of production, cinematic acting as well as directing. Students are also taught techniques to tackle the problems in the production field.

There is an annual international film festival for giving students an insight into practical life. Similarly, students need to submit multiple short films during their semester abroad. They are guided at each level by teachers to excel further in the field.

After graduation, you can either work as an actor, video editor, filmmaker, set designer, film technician, director, or a writer.

4. University at Buffalo SUNY

University at Buffalo SUNY logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $27,769
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-4 years, Graduate and Undergraduate degrees in Film and video
  • Number of students: 29,850
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 14:1

Our Review of the Program

University at Buffalo SUNY is another great film school. The university offers a film production program that is specially designed to promote creativity and innovation. It is known for providing education under established filmmakers, scholars, and media artists with a huge experience in cinema.

During the program, the students take multiple courses that sharpen their filmmaking skills. They prepare the students to easily tackle the extreme challenges in the field. Apart from troubleshooting, they focus on critical thinking, which is central to filmmaking.

With theoretical knowledge and information about a range of screen-based practices, students can explore new ways to express their creativity and vision. They are taught in fully furnished classes with professional tools that can help make them an expert in film and digital media.

The staff is very cooperative and enthusiastic and continually encourages the students to make the most of the opportunities. Graduates get paid internships in well-known media industries. Similarly, you can also become a director, filmmaker, editor, writer, or a set designer after the completion of the program.

Most of the graduates even pursue their higher studies in prestigious institutes of New York City. The best thing is that you can even apply for financial aid and scholarship for your film studies at this university.

5. Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $42,345
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 4 years, Degree in film and animation
  • Number of students: 18,632
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 13:1

Our Review of the Program

Another A-grade film school on the list is the Rochester Institute of Technology. This institute is known for its mind-blowing educational approach that combines timeless art with emerging technology. They offer an undergraduate program in film and animation and at a very reasonable range.

The program is comprehensive and covers everything about motion films and production. The students get experience under the supervision of brilliant teachers that include filmmakers and established editors.

Students get an education in story-telling, scriptwriting, live-action production, and animations to excel in their careers. The school offers multiple facilitates in a 25,000 square feet campus that creates a great learning environment for students. They have all the latest professional tools for hands-on training as well.

The key focus of the curriculum is to discover the unique potential of students and their innovative ideas. Teachers are very encouraging and fully support their students to reach their maximum potential. They are guided at each step in order to help them pursue a successful career in motion-picture, television, and even non-broadcast

.Graduates get hired across a wide spectrum of industries and mark their individual position in the workplace due to the marvelous execution of their work.

6. Binghamton University

Binghamton University logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $24,660
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-years, Degree in Cinema
  • Number of students: 16,896
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 19:1

Our Review of the Program

Binghamton University has earned its reputation for bringing out the true potential of its students. They offer an undergraduate program in cinema that is specially designed to make students experts in the field. During the entire program, the students learn about cinematic history, its development, how it works, and the mechanics of a moving picture.

The university employs a practical approach in combination with a theoretical one for artistic discovery and expression. There are multiple courses in the program that make the students proficient in the technical field and electronic media. This prepares students for troubleshooting and exhibiting their unique ideas across a broad spectrum.

Students are taught by established writers, editors, and cinematic artists that fully encourage them to excel in their careers. They guide the students to develop creativity and critical thinking to make their work stand out. One of the best things is the learning environment that provides a great educational experience and helps in the students’ development.

Graduates get to work in popular industries to further enhance their skills and gain experience. To put in a nutshell, Binghamton University is doing its best to create the next wave of cinematic geniuses.

7. Pace University

Pace University logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $45,280
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 4-years, BS in Digital Cinema and Filmmaking
  • Number of students: 12,843
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 14:1

Our Review of the Program

One of the finest film schools in New York, Pace University, is known for delivering its utmost services when it comes to training students in filmmaking. They offer a degree in Digital media and Filmmaking.

This program is specially designed to promote creativity and brings out the true potential of aspiring filmmakers. The focus is to prepare the students for the challenging world outside and to enable them to tackle whatever the world throws at them.

During the program, the students are taught everything about television, cinematic history from a social and cultural point of view, international drama production, and the professional world of cinema in addition to digital media. Furthermore, there are a number of courses covering cinematography, HD lighting, editing, screen-writing, and range of on-set procedures.

They have one of the best staff in town that focuses on students’ fundamental growth and works on critical thinking, research skills, and information management. This helps graduates excel in their careers. There are tons of options for graduates right after graduation. They get hired by popular industries that use their innovative ideas for the production of defined media.

In fact, most of the students develop well-established connections throughout the media industry, even during the program.

8. Hunter College

Hunter College logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $14,852
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-4years, Degree in Film 
  • Number of students: 23,018
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 13:1

Our Review of the Program

Hunter College provides the utmost services for the progress of the film community. They offer a comprehensive yet challenging degree in Film. Students can either go for a major or a minor in this program.

The students need to complete at least 101 credit hours for the degree. They can also choose additional courses to get further expertise in the field. The curriculum brilliantly covers everything from theoretical knowledge to practical education for the developmental growth of students.

The college ensures hands-on training to help students have familiarity with emerging technologies. There is a phenomenal learning environment with all professional tools that promote troubleshooting and critical thinking.

Students are trained by professional artists and media scholars who continuously encourage them to make the most of the opportunities. Students are even guided during their employment phase to help them stand out.

After graduation, graduates either work as editors, filmmakers, scriptwriters, producers, or set designers. They brilliantly exhibit their work and use innovative ideas to mark their position in the field. Some of them even go for higher education in renowned graduate schools of the region.

Overall, Hunter College is a reliable place to get professional training in filmmaking.

9. Ithaca College

Ithaca College logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $43,978
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 4 year, BFA degree
  • Number of students: 6,769
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 11:1

Our Review of the Program

Ithaca houses a great BFA program that helps students learn all about media and film. This program is specially designed for those willing to get expertise in a range of photography, video, and fine arts.

The students learn everything from digital media to scriptwriting during the entire length of the program. Digital media is an extremely thriving industry. It requires you to master multiple skills to have a successful career. The start of the first year engages the students in photography, film production, and has various video production classes as well.

The curriculum mainly focuses on the developmental growth of the students. You are prepared for critical thinking and manage tight deadlines with creative ideas. The most exciting thing is that a student gets to travel across the globe to have practical experience. This is helpful in expressing your creative vision and bringing out the true potential in digital media.

Moreover, students who take a photography course get the chance to visit Italy in the summer for hands-on experience. The graduates get jobs in several popular media industries. They mostly work as an editor, media directors, and in the fields of art and production.

Overall, this institute is there to help you achieve your goals.

10. The Fashion Institute of Technology

10. The Fashion Institute of Technology logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $15,520
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 4 years, Degree in Film and Media
  • Number of students: 8,846
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 16:1

Our Review of the Program

Fashion Institute of Technology, or commonly known as FIT, is ideally known for arts, communication, film, and design. They offer a Film and media program that blends theoretical knowledge with hands-on training.

You get to study in the capital of film and media and that too, under expert scholars and established designers. During the program, you learn about cinematic history, media production, and motion films.

The campus hosts multiple festivals, workshops, and training sessions to give students an insight into practical life. Similarly, there are multiple visits of renowned personalities from the media industry that encourages students to reach their maximum potential.

They have a cooperative staff with expertise in their field. All of them truly support the students to master media and film production. Final year students have to submit a film that is screened at the FIT annual film festival.

The graduates of this institute are well-prepared in a broad range of fields like technical skills, creativity, critical thinking, cinematography, and sound design. One of the best things about FIT is affordable education. Graduates get lucrative jobs in multiple industries where they get a number of opportunities.

Overall, here, you can get an excellent education without spending a lot of money.

Best Film Schools in New York Comparison Table

Since there is no shortage of film schools out there, it might become confusing for some of you to choose the right one for you. Therefore, in this section, we have drawn a brief comparison of some of the finest film schools in New York City that promise to deliver phenomenal services in this field. 

Let’s have a look!

image of a university building in new york


People Also Ask

Film school is just the right place to transform your passion into practice. You can learn everything from the art & craft of filmmaking to digital production. Moving on, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked queries of people to help them make an informed decision.

Is New York Film Academy Legit?

According to a new lawsuit, New York Film Academy lies about its connection with Hollywood and is, therefore, considered a fraud. On the other hand, most of the graduates state that it is a great place for anyone who has a love for cinema. However, the overall opinion is still not to go for this institute for any longer program.

What Qualifications Do I Need to Get Into Film School?

In order to get into a film school, an applicant must have a bachelor’s degree with honors, an equivalent higher education, or an equivalent professional qualification. The applicant must know English and needs to provide proof of proficiency in English. Apart from this, he must have a zeal for film, art, and media production.

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Those eager to master the cinematic and filmmaking arts should consider getting admission into a reliable film school. It offers a learning community and encourages students to turn their filmmaking dream into reality.  

However, you have to think with an open mind before choosing a school. All of the above-reviewed institutes ensure quality education to explore your creative potential.