Best Film Schools in North Carolina [2023 Review]

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If you appreciate films to their core, have an aesthetic sense, and wish to showcase your talent and share your story, you are at the right place. 

And if you are looking to get a professional degree from film school, continue reading. 

North Carolina has some recognized film schools; if you’re not sure which one to go for, have a look at our top picks. 

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Job Outlook in North Carolina After Film School

North Carolina is a beautiful state in the southeastern region of the United States. This American state has many extraordinary film schools with outstanding, qualified faculty, and are second homes to national and some international students.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs offered in film schools train students in screenwriting, direction, acting, use of camera and technology, and multiple other domains. Most of the students even end up doing internships.

After this extensive training, the job market welcomes film students with wide arms, and North Carolina’s job market is no different. These creative students have jobs such as photographer, editor, lead producer, co-host, multimedia specialist, videographer, assistant technical director, creative director, creative services director, multimedia training associate, media coordinator, technical writer, etc.

The pay scale of this job depends on the skills and experience of the potential students; the sharper the skills and the more the experience, the higher will be their pay. If they are freelancing, they would have an hourly rate.

Often, film students are paid depending on the intensity of the project, while some of them are also paid monthly. The average entry-level salary in North Carolina is $27,540, and the average experienced-worker annual salary is $96,140.

List of the Top Film Schools in North Carolina

Here we have compiled a shortlist of promising film schools in North Carolina. Have a look at what they have to offer to determine which one is the right fit for you. 

Best Overall: Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $7,302
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 4-year, BA Film Studies
  • Number of students: 39
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 16:1

Our Review of the Program

This program is taught in English and under the supervision of some highly qualified faculty. As it is all English-based, students passing with this degree excel in various domains. For instance, they do remarkably well even in the field of law and broadcasting journalism, along with entertainment domains.

This program allows students to develop fundamental skills in film studies. It also enriches its student body to excel in other necessary skills, such as oral and written communication in English, qualitative and quantitative skills, active listening, and critical thinking. These skills help them tackle other challenges that are thrown their way as well.

To complete this degree, students are required to choose one minor from the field of social sciences and humanities. There are no set criteria for admission. This program attracts students from multiple cultures and ethnicities, which enables them to come up with thought-provoking ideas. Moreover, multiple clubs and societies are present, which encourage special events, seminars, and activities.

North Carolina comes in the top ten local destinations for the production of films and television. Right after they get an education from this institute, they have entry-level jobs lined up for them. Overall, this film school is the best in every category.

Best Film School in Charlotte, NC: University of North Carolina, Charlotte

University of North Carolina, Charlotte logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $6,853
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 19 credits, Film Studies Minor
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 19:1

Our Review of the Program

University of North Carolina Charlotte does not offer a complete degree in film studies; instead, they only offer a minor in film studies that is open to students pursuing an undergraduate degree in African Studies, American Studies, Art, Communication, etc.

With these subjects in more concentration, a minor in film studies is designed for students who wish to understand the crux of the film and appreciate it on a higher level – as a form of art. Students can benefit from this minor in their fall and spring semester.

Students who wish to familiarize themselves with film studies, but don’t have enough funds can apply for an award. The university gives out an award worth five hundred dollars to deserving students. The eligibility criteria for this award is that students must have nine credits out of a total of 19.

In addition to this, students have to submit an essay highlighting their interest in film studies. If you think you have a knack for this, you must consider this as a minor. For more details about this program, you can contact Dr. Robert Reimer and get proper advice regarding this film studies minor.

Best Film School in Raleigh, NC: Living Arts College

Living Arts College

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $16,600 annually
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 3-year, BA
  • Number of students: 400
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 10:1

Our Review of the Program

If you are filled with creative talent and are looking for a professional degree to steer you in the right direction, then the film studies program of this university is a perfect pick for you. This university claims that it has been preparing and nurturing moviemakers for the last thirty years, and they have excelled in whatever projects that are thrown their way.

It provides its students with the right tools to discover, develop, and create something novel and something that inspires them. You can major with a concentration in cinematography and VFX, Classroom vs. Studio Reality, and many more. Not only will you have full command over film-related areas, but you will also be taught the know-how of digital media and marketing.

From photography to the filmmaking business, you will be enriched with the right tools to excel in this outstanding field.If you wish to study more, then after getting a diploma, you also have the opportunity to get a Ph.D.

This campus is home to both national and international students. If this is where your talent lies, then you should start preparing the required documents. Usually, it includes a high school diploma, application fee, and personal statement.

4. Cape Fear Community College

Cape Fear Community College ;pgo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $2,748 (local)
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 2-year, Film, and Video Production (Diploma and certificate)
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 21:1

Our Review of the Program

If your dream is to work in television and film, then this is the program for you. The film and video production technology program prepare its students for entry-level and intermediate jobs. After getting a couple of months or years experience in associate media production, you will easily climb up the ladder and land a high-paying professional job.

This program is for two years: in the first year, the students are exposed to esteemed professionals in this job to get extensive hands-on experience. When students move in the second year, they are exposed to professional experience.

They have to act out a couple of professional jobs and excel in that year.If this film program interests you, then you should go to their online website and submit a high school transcript and fill out other necessary details.

Once your official transcript and other required documents are accepted by this college, you will receive an email and a list of other necessary documents for enrollment in five to seven days. For all the aspiring artists out there, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to excel in the film industry and to learn and grow with well-known professionals.

5. Forsyth Technical Community College

Forsyth Technical Community College logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $2,199
  • Number of years for degree, type of degree: 1-year, Digital Effects, and Animation Technology and Gaming Design (Certificate)
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 11:1

Our Review of the Program

If you are more inclined toward animation, then this school is the right pick for you. This program enables you to create outstanding images that can move. You will be able to create a long series of pictures on the computer, and you will be able to move them in a sequence.

This program is further divided into two different programs; one is Digital Effects and Animation Technology, and the other is a certification of the same thing. Once you have completed this course, you have multiple horizons open for yourself, such as jobs in television, video makers, and advertising firms, and you will be given the opportunity to work on various advertisement gigs.

Other than this, various multimedia jobs will open for you as well. The entry-level salary after doing this course is $30,000 to $50,000 per year. After getting a professional degree in this course, students will have enough skills to complete detailed projects with extraordinary analytical and computer skills

In case you are looking for ways to strengthen your position in this field, some extra skills such as strong drawing and sketching skills would come in handy.

Best Film Schools in North Carolina Comparison Table

Narrowing down a list of the best film schools in North Carolina can be challenging for some aspiring students. Therefore, to make this search easy for them, we have compared the important features of those film schools. Continue reading, and you will land upon a school that can harness your potential and creative skills impeccably.

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Watching and creating films is art, and with these well-known film schools as your options, you are a step closer to making a huge contribution to this industry. Choose the film school that satisfies you the most with its pleasant ambiance, outstanding programs, and highly educated faculty.