Best Film Schools in Arizona [2022 Review]

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A film school can help you realize your career ambitions if you are a creative thinker who loves to express his ideas through art, dance, or theater.

A reliable film school develops all the foundational knowledge and skills to master the cinematic and filmmaking arts. You can pursue your passion and transform it into practice.

Arizona houses a number of film schools that can polish your talent. To save you from any trouble, we have listed down some great film schools in Arizona where you can seek quality education. 

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Job Outlook in Arizona After Film School

The film industry and cinema have been continuously evolving with a huge impact on multiple fields. They are quite influential in culture, politics, motion pictures, as well as economic worlds.

Graduates of film schools have many job opportunities in Arizona. Since they have developed communication skills, critical analysis abilities, and leadership qualities, they can easily find a lucrative job and earn a good living. 

A range of media industries employ aspiring filmmakers and use their innovative ideas to create impressive content. Some of the graduates easily get paid internships under the supervision of renowned artists.

Similarly, others might work in production, post-production, and cinematography in the state and beyond. There is a huge scope for multimedia artists, animators, and those with expertise in digital film arts.

Likewise, some of them pursue their career in the film industry as an actor, director, script-writer, editor, or producer. According to a recent study, the job outlook for producers and directors has estimated to be 12 percent, which is overwhelming. 

The estimated salaries of a video producer and editor range from $48,728 to $63,347 per year. Similarly, the hourly wage of a management intern is about $14-$18. Likewise, an actor can hope to make as much as $64,000.  

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Graduates with a degree in photography are recruited in various departments as well. They can either work as studio photographers, advertising photographers or photojournalists. Similarly, there are options like a set designer and performer for graduates in visual arts.

Overall, anyone eager to contribute to the film industry can get a job that is not only financing but productive as well. 

List of the Top Film Schools in Arizona

A film school is the best place for an aspiring filmmaker. Since there are a number of options in the region, we have compiled a review of some of the top-recommendations that are worth the consideration.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall: Arizona State University

Arizona State University

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $28,336
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2-4 years, Film, Dance, and theater degree programs
  • Number of students: 71,946
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 20:1

Our Review of the Program

Whenever we talk about the best university that is dedicated to excellent education in Arizona, the first name that pops in our mind is Arizona State University. The institute is known for its unique and innovative curriculum that promotes critical thinking and troubleshooting in students. They offer various degree programs in film, dance, and theater to choose from.

Any student who is willing to achieve success goals can get quality education at this institute. During the degree, a student explores multiple dimensions of the field. The Film program covers everything from cinematic history, film production to direction as well as editing. Similarly, during the entire length of the dance and theater program, you become an expert in dance as well as a stage performance.

The most exciting thing is that education here in Arizona is different from traditional style with occasional application of theory. They believe in hands-on training that, too, under the supervision of some experienced artists. The faculty and staff are very cooperative and encourage the students to make the maximum of the opportunity.

Graduates have very tons of success stories across the industries. Most of them either go for a job or entrepreneurship. In short, this institute provides multiple opportunities for students and prepares them for real-world challenges.

Best Film School in Phoenix, AZ: Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $17,050
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2 years, BS in digital films
  • Number of students: 83,284
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 20:1

Our Review of the Program

One of the finest film schools in Phoenix, AZ, Grand Canyon University, is well-recognized for delivering its utmost services to the community. They prepare the students by bringing out their true creative potential. They offer a Bachelor’s of art degree program in digital films that promotes creativity and technical skills in students. The expertise makes the students excel in storytelling.

The whole program covers everything from film production, motion pictures, editing, post-production, audio production for cinema and television as well as script-writing. Furthermore, students learn about cinematic history, its development from both social and cultural point-of-view, and modern cinematography. Another aspect covered is the business side of the cinema.

Students are taught production essentials such as finance, budget in addition to distribution. Senior year students work on an advanced project and use their skills to present the best they can. A student needs to complete a total of 120 credit hours to get a degree. Graduates can easily pursue their careers in film production and television.

There are multiple job opportunities, including sound mixer, cinematographer, camera operator, film editor, and videographer.Moreover, they have recruited a great staff that ensures collaborative interaction to boost the students’ skills and potential.

3. The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $36,366
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4 years, Theater art programs
  • Number of students: 44,831
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 15:1

Our Review of the Program

The University of Arizona is ideally known for using a practical approach rather than the traditional theoretical one to produce top-notch artists and cinematic geniuses. They offer multiple programs in theater art that are meant to produce outstanding scholars with expertise in various fields. The programs are specially designed for the proper training and developmental growth of students.

During the program, the students are taught by internationally recognized artists and cinematic experts. All of them have great field experience and nurture technical skills. Students learn from comprehensive training in art and theater. They become experts in film production, set designing, and camera operation.

They provide a great learning environment, and students get practical experience with various internships and hands-on training. The classrooms are fully furnished and equipped with professional tools for practical training. Moreover, they are offered a range of cinematic experiences and visits to prepare them for the industry.

The faculty guides them at each step during the studies and even the employment phase. Students are continuously encouraged to go for higher studies and avail scholarships in prestigious institutes of the state. Graduates can enjoy a range of career options and get recruited by popular media industries. They work as actors, directors, script-writers, cinematographers, editors, as well as producers.

4. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $25,828
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2 years, Degree in Cinematic Studies
  • Number of students: 29,031
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 19:1

Our Review of the Program

Northern Arizona University is one of the prestigious institutes in line. They employ an innovative approach with a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training.They offer a minor degree program in cinematic studies that teaches students everything about cinema. Cinema has a great influence on the social and cultural aspects.

During the program, the students are prepared to tackle the challenges of practical life.The whole program is designed to provide a professional experience along with developmental growth. Students become experts in the organization of film series, production, editing, and much more. They are provided with a great learning environment that helps them sharpen their skills.

Students get to arrange multiple film festivals and attend cinema workshops to have an insight into the field. You must complete your minor with at least 12 unique subjects and 2.0 cgpa to get your degree. The university has one of the best teaching staff with extensive field experience. They ensure cooperation and encourage students to avail of all the best opportunities in their careers.

You can always seek their guidance even after your graduation.There are multiple job opportunities for students, including film producer, director, editor, as well as script-writer. All in all, this is the right place you need to be.

5. Pima Community College

Pima Community College

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $7,458
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2-4 years, Associate degree in Digital film arts & animation
  • Number of students: 24,347
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 26:1

Our Review of the Program

Another great film school in the region, Pima Community College, promises to deliver its finest services to serve the community. They have designed a great curriculum to ensure high-end training as well as theoretical education. They offer an associate degree program in digital film arts and animation that is meant to boost creative analysis and critical thinking.

In this program, the students are taught about digital film arts, motion pictures, audio production, lighting, graphics production, and animations.Students become experts in 2D and 3D animation with technical skills. Similarly, they get to learn all about the cinematic history and modern cinematography.

All the training is conducted under the supervision of cinema experts from internationally recognized schools. You need to complete 60-64 credit hours with at least a C grade in order to pass the degree. After graduation, you can easily find a job in a range of fields. You can work in some of the popular media industries and further gain practical experience.

Similarly, some of the students are even eager to seek higher education and enroll in some well-known institutes of the state.They ensure a great learning environment with collaborative interaction between students and teachers. Students are even encouraged to work in a team to promote teamwork.

6. Scottsdale Community College

Scottsdale Community College

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $7,854
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2-years, Degree in visual and performing arts
  • Number of students: 3,748
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 19:1

Our Review of the Program

Scottsdale Community College has developed its reputation for being a one-of-a-kind college for film and theater. It is a great place to get an education in cinema and performing arts.The institute offers a two-year degree program that nurtures technical skills and developmental growth in the students. They focus on every aspect of film, from script-writing to emerging technologies.

During the program, the students are taught film production, script-writing, direction, editing through theoretical education as well as hands-on training. They mainly focus on the technical skills and critical analysis that are necessary to excel in your career.

This helps make the students experts in numerous fields, including studio art, stage designing, theater production, audio, and video production, instrumental performance, and interior design.The cooperative staff and an exceptional learning environment offer all opportunities to reach your maximum potential.

You can seek guidance at each step and even after graduation to achieve your goals in practical life.Graduates are recruited in various industries and earn a good living. With proper skills and critical thinking, they mark their own position in the workplace.Overall, the knowledge and skills acquired through education help students ace the lifelong journey of creativity and wisdom.

7. Southwest University of Visual Arts

Southwest University of Visual Arts

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $23,069
  • Number of years for degree}, {Type of degree}: 4 years, Degree programs in photography, animations, graphic design, and studio arts
  • Number of students: 6,476
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 11:1

Our Review of the Program

Last but not least, Southwest University of Visual arts makes its way to our list of great film schools in Arizona for providing an excellent education with practical training. They offer various degree programs that combine creative thinking with critical analysis to serve as a foundation for your successful career.The degree program in photography takes four years to complete.

You have to complete a total of 132 credits hours for graduation. During the program, the students learn to capture and preserve images that express creativity and unique ideas. The teachers nurture creativity through traditional methods along with the commercial application.Students get to learn all about composition, design as well as white film development.

Similarly, students enrolled in studio art programs gain all the necessary skills and experience that could help them pursue a successful career. Teachers mainly focus on bringing out the true potential of the students using their great field experience. The faculty prepares graduates for various fields, including gallery exhibitions, grants, scholarships, and fellowships.

Similarly, photography students are encouraged to avail paid internships in studios to further expand their practical experience.One of the best things is that the university even offers multiple summer programs to help those with busy schedules.

Best Film Schools in Arizona Comparison Table

Cinema and film production has been a thriving industry. It’s a great time to get admission to a great film school where you can learn to use your creativity and leave an impression on the screen. So if you intend to become a successful filmmaker, go through the quick comparison of some of the prestigious film schools in Arizona.

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For those with a passion for film production and creating digital media beyond imagination, a film school is a place to turn the dream into reality. Here, you will develop communication skills with cultural awareness and critical thinking, which is central to the film industry. 

Although there is no shortage of film schools in Arizona, you need to make an educated decision. You can always go for one of the recommended schools to amaze the world with your innovative ideas.