Best Film Schools in Oregon [2022 Review]

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From screenwriting, acting, directing, cinematography, lighting, production to editing, and much more, multiple elements are behind a successful film. 

If you are one of those who appreciate films at the cognitive and aesthetic level and want to study it as a subject or proper degree, then continue reading.

In this article, we have reviewed the top schools for filmmaking in Oregon that can help you pursue your passion for film. 

List of the Top Film Schools in Oregon

Here are details of some of the best film schools in Oregon. Have a look at what they have to offer, and one of them could be your next option.

Best Overall: University of Oregon

University of oregon logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $11,898
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4-year, BA Cinema Studies
  • Number of students: 23,634
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 16:1

Our Review of the Program

The program in this university is titled as cinema studies. This is a four-year program that starts in the fall semester. The university welcomes students into this program every year and provides numerous resources that are responsible for giving a helping hand to newcomers so that they can shape their academic path to the completion of the degree.

To complete this degree, you should have 16 credit hours of fundamental courses, 24 credit hours of core courses, eight credit hours of production, and eight credit hours of elective. In total, if you wish to hang this degree on your wall, you need 56 credit hours. A CGPA of 3.75 can help you receive honors upon graduation if you are a hardworking student.This is a fully-equipped university, and as a film student, you won’t be falling short of any technical equipment.

There are labs and studios where you can work on your dream project for hours, and issue any sort of required equipment from the equipment room. Overall, BA in Cinema Studies seems to be a promising career choice, especially from this university.

Portland State University

Portland state university logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $9,105
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4-year, BA/BS (School of Film)
  • Number of students: 27,229
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 20:1

Our Review of the Program

Portland State University offers two different types of programs: BA and BS in Film. Students can also go in another direction, which is minor in film studies. To steer students to the right path, academic counselors and advisors are present; they make sure that students complete the required criteria and graduate on time.

As most of the work for this program is done on laptops or computers, the university has a laptop policy where they share some required laptop specifications – this will help you throughout the term. In addition to this, as the semester progresses, the faculty will also share some necessary textbooks. They will also share course descriptions in the first class.

This program relies a lot on creativity, so to offer the right space to its students, there are multiple dedicated performance spaces, labs, and offices. These spaces are dispersed all over campus, so students’ creativity won’t be limited to one space.

Multiple renowned film sectors are on board with this university. Students have the option to do a couple of months’ internship at Oregon film center and even volunteer at the regional arts & culture council.Other than this, if you are interested in applying for studying abroad, you can take advantage of the study abroad program.

Portland Community College

Portland community college

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $2000 per term
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4-year, BA Multimedia, BA Video Production, 1-year, Media/Video Production (certificate) 
  • Number of students: 92,537
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 19:1

Our Review of the Program

This remarkable program provides all the required entry-level skills. With this degree, you will learn how to operate film equipment on point. This degree is your first step to becoming a film editor, editor, video editor, or graphic designer. As a student, you have two options; you can get a degree in multimedia and video production or earn a certificate.

Moreover, you will be exposed to multiple courses such as multimedia graphics and design, web page creation, audio production, and much more. All these and many others like them are scheduled to encourage students to develop these must-have skills.This university works closely with the multimedia industry of Oregon.

Outstanding students who outshine in class and actively participate in extracurricular are given the golden opportunity to work for a couple of months in a professional setting.If you still have any questions about this program, you can check it online. Moreover, you can also have a look at your potential new faculty for this program. This university has all the required tools and environment to help students guide in the right direction.

Lane Community College

Lane community college logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $4,812
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4-year, BA Film Studies
  • Number of students: 26,176
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 16:1

Our Review of the Program

If you love filmmaking, then this program will turn out very well for you. This program aims to offer adequate critical thinking and learning skills while you are watching a movie. It allows its students to take part in film history, explore women directors, and numerous film genres.

This program is designed by expert faculty and aims to enrich its students in the following ways:

– Enhancing personal ability to understand sound, editing, and images

– Use your critical skills to analyze the context in several ways

– Learn to go to a different era, style, culture while watching the film- Think and reflect deeply on thought-provoking issues mentioned in films

– Master your presentation skills

– Prepare yourself cognitively for more advanced college work- Respect and acknowledge the work of great directors

– Build a valuable relationship with other students. This university offers academic counseling to its students so that they can achieve their career goals in time. Students will be given a four-year road map where they will have a clear idea of what needs to be studied first and what course is for later. All the classes related to this program are held at its main campus.

George Fox University

George fox university logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $36,020
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4-year, BA Film, and Video Production
  • Number of students: 4,080
  • Student:Teacher ratio: 14:1

Our Review of the Program

This program aims to offer a practical and professional experience to its students in filmmaking and broadcasting. From cinematography and scriptwriting to editing, you will have a strong base in all these domains. With excellence in these departments, you will have solid ground to flourish in the field of broadcasting and filmmaking.For some professional experience, you will be asked to work on some on-going projects as this helps in the practical implication of what you have learned.

The university understands that you will need some digital equipment to carry out all these assignments and projects, so they make sure that they provide the required tools to every student. If you are a great storyteller by nature, then this program is a piece of cake for you.In case you are stuck somewhere, you will always have the guidance of experienced faculty.

They will allow you to look for your voice and will always encourage you to come up with your own creative and novel ideas. They will leave no stone unturned to help you become a great storyteller, a remarkable filmmaker, and an honest and strong human being. In these four years, your journey will be transformative. Graduates from this university are offered to work at Hollywood and Portland Film Community.

Job Outlook in Oregon After Film School

Gone are the days when only graduating in one of the STEM subjects were paid well. Now you can get a degree in any of your subjects of liking to excel. You have multiple jobs waiting for you when you are out of film school with an undergraduate degree in film studies.

Oregon students filming


You can choose from multiple options, which include actor, animator, first camera assistant, lighting designer, screenwriter, cable TV production, training coordinator, film editor, or multimedia designer. These positions are always open in Oregon. 

Oregon is quite well-known for its high-esteemed film schools. Most faculty members hire some of their promising students to work alongside them. After getting experience, most of them start running their gigs.

The job outlook for film students in Oregon is very promising. The average salary of a film editor is around $37,400 annually. Of course, this promising entry-level salary right after your graduate comes with a long list of valuable benefits. These include social security, 401K, disability, healthcare, pension, time off, etc. 

So if you, as a film enthusiast, were a bit hesitant about going into this field and had questions about financial security, then know that your chances are bright and with experience, you are only going to go up a step.

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Along with hard work and a continuous flow of creative juices, the best film schools in Oregon can give you enough tools and knowledge that will help you excel marvelously in this field. Go with the program that ignites a fire of passion inside you, and you will be able to make your dreams a reality.