What Battery Does the Canon M50 Use?

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The Canon M50 is an entry-level camera mirrorless camera that came out in 2018. Its battery does not last long which is why you might have to carry a spare one. For that to happen, you need to know: what battery does the Canon M50 use?

What Battery Does the Canon M50 Use? 

The Canon M50 uses an LP-E12 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With this battery the camera can capture approximately 235 shots in one charge, assuming it is operating at 73.4 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Canon M50

Battery Specifications

The LP-E12 has a voltage of 7.2V and a battery capacity of 875mAh. The battery can power the camera to capture 235 shots with a viewfinder and approximately 305 shots in live view. If you are planning to capture a 4K movie, it can run for 95 minutes.

Also, if you are capturing full HD movies the battery can support you for approximately 130 minutes. The Canon M50 has an ECO mode which allows you to use the battery for 370 shots. However, the ECO darkens the LCD as soon as you capture the shot or get focus.

Moreover, if you are playing back a slideshow of still images, the battery works for around 4 hours. The battery can be recharged using the compact power adapter CA-PS700 that comes with the camera. 

Prolonging the Canon M50 Battery Life 

Although the battery has a very low capacity, you can get a lot out of it in several ways. The first option is to use the battery in ECO mode. This allows you to get a lot more shots than normal EVF mode. However, this solution only works for taking photos

If you want to record videos with your camera, running in ECO mode is not an option. Another option is to purchase an AC adapter kit. This AC adapter kit should be able to be charged by a power bank or an external power source. 

To enable this, you will first have to remove the old battery and attach a DC coupler in its place. After this, you will have to plug the cable into the coupler, and you will be able to use the camera for as long as you want. However, the cable might come in the way of your photography.

Alternative Batteries to the Canon M50’s Battery 

The Canon LP-E12 is compatible with these Canon cameras: Rebel SL1, M100, M2, and M10. Besides the Canon LP-E12, there are several other notable batteries on the market that can be used instead of LP-E12. These batteries provide a longer battery life, have better recharging options, and are compatible with more devices. 

Canon LP-E6N

The Canon LP-E6N is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2130 mAh. It has an output voltage of 7.2 V. It has the ability to support in-camera USB charging. This battery is compatible with Canon EOS R, 7D, 60D, and 80D, to name a few.

Canon M50

Canon LP-E17 

This is another lithium-ion battery that is made for DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras. It has a battery capacity of 1040 mAh. This battery has an output voltage of 7.2V and is normally used as a replacement. It is compatible with a lot of cameras including Canon EOS 760D, 77D, and T7i

Related Questions

Is the Canon M50 Better Than the iPhone?

The Canon M50 is not better than the iPhone. The iPhone 11’s camera blows the Canon M50 out of proportion, however, there are some areas where the latter performs better. The Canon M50’s articulating screen allows the user to take pictures from complicated angles.

Also, you can enter a large-sized SD card in the camera which can allow you to transfer pictures faster than Airdrop in an iPhone. Also, the iPhone’s videos take up a lot of space and you can run out of space very quickly. On the contrary, you can simply change the SD card in the camera.

However, the iPhone has better autofocus in 4K video while also giving you a better dynamic and stabilization range. The Canon M50 has poor battery life while the iPhone has a much better battery life, allowing you to capture photos for much longer. Hence, overall, the iPhone is better than the camera.

Can I Charge My Canon M50 Camera With a USB?

You can charge your Canon M50 camera using a USB by fixing a DC coupler in place of the LP-E12 lithium-ion battery. This DC coupler is in turn connected to a USB charger which you can connect to a wall outlet or a power bank.

This allows you to run the camera for longer than you normally can. A good idea might be to use tape to fix the DC coupler to ensure that the wiring stays intact. You can thus charge your camera while commuting or a USB adapter or even your laptops.


The Canon M50 has an LP-E12 lithium-ion battery which can shoot around 235 images on one charge. This is lower than normal cameras, however, you can prolong its use using ECO mode and AC adapters.