Best Film Schools in Maryland [2022 Review]

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The entertainment industry is evolving all the time with social, cultural, and technological change. 

For those who are passionate about media and cinema, a film school is a place where you can learn the art & craft of filmmaking and digital media production. 

While there is no shortage of film schools out there, it is better to consider several options for an educated decision. Here is a round-up of some of the finest film schools in Maryland that work enthusiastically for the next generation of cinematic geniuses.

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List of the Top Film Schools in Maryland

Choosing the right film school is crucial for any aspiring filmmaker. It is extremely important to think with an open mind before making any final decision. Therefore, we have drawn a detailed review of some of the popular film schools in Maryland that are worth consideration.

Let’s get started!

Best Overall: University of Maryland College Park

University of Maryland Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $35,216
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4 years, undergraduate major in Film Studies
  • Number of students: 20
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 18:1

Our Review of the Program

One of the finest institutes in Maryland, University of Maryland College Park, has developed its reputation for delivering top-notch services when it comes to training students in filmmaking. They offer an undergraduate degree in Filmmaking that takes four years to complete. During the program, the student gets to choose from four courses according to their choice. The major subject areas include Film theory, genre and auteur cinema, national & international cinema, documentary, animation, and experimental cinema.

The school has recruited trained staff that has years of experience to encourage their students in the field. Moreover, the institute is known for regularly arranging multiple sponsored events on the campus to give their students a preview of the field life. The university has planned a detailed course with a blend of theoretical and practical education for a better understanding of students.

The teachers focus on the fundamental growth of students and work on honing critical thinking, research, and information management skills in students. This helps graduates to excel in their practical life. You are provided with a great learning environment in fully furnished classes. The whole program costs you around $8152. All in all, this is the best place to turn your dreams into reality.

Morgan State University

Morgan State University Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $24,101
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4 years, Major in Film and Digital Storytelling, Screenwriting, and Cinematic Studies
  • Number of students: 20 students
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 13:1

Our Review of the Program

Another great school in Maryland, Morgan State University, is all set to train students in filmmaking. Here you can major in film and digital storytelling, screenwriting, and cinematic studies. You can either go for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting and Animation, commonly known as SWAN. During the program, you learn about computer animation, film and television writing, and integrated media writing.

The students need to complete 61 credit hours in order to get their degree. A BA student must complete six credit hours in a foreign language. On the other hand, the BFA students can go for any alternate practical studio course of six credit hours.Both of these programs are specially designed to deliver all information about TV content production, film writing, and cinematic expression.

By the end of the degree, the students become experts in building portfolios and even choose entrepreneurship in multiple segments. The students are trained in a learning environment under the supervision of experienced teachers. They encourage their students to learn all the skills and get enough knowledge to excel in the evolving profession. In short, the institute is determined to prepare its students for critical thinking as well as troubleshooting.

Johns Hopkins University Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

Johns Hopkins University Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts & Sciences Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $55,350
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree16 to 24 months, Program in Film and Media Studies
  • Total Number of students: 15
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 13:1

Our Review of the Program

John Hopkins is known for providing the utmost services in the progress of the community. This institute offers a program in film and media studies. Students can either go for a major or minor degree, but they need to complete the major’s basic requirements to get a degree. Furthermore, students are encouraged to choose additional courses to reach their maximum potential.This program brilliantly covers everything from theory to practical training in order to fully prepare students for field life.

At John Hopkins, you are trained under the supervision of talented and experienced teachers. They have some of the finest staff members that include screenwriters, animators, sound designers, and even award-winning filmmakers. The institute provides a great learning environment in 20,000 square foot capacity that is equipped with professional tools to sharpen the skills of the students.

Here, the teachers are known for creating a collaborative and nurturing environment within the university’s premises. Graduates are strongly encouraged to pursue further studies in graduate schools or even work in film industries. One of the best things is the growing network of alumni that help fresh graduates in seizing new opportunities in the market. Additionally, the undergraduates are fully supported so that they can get multiple filmmaking grants from multiple resources.

Stevenson University

Stevenson University logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $36,242
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 4 years, Film and Moving Image
  • Number of students: 20
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 14:1

Our Review of the Program

Stevenson University offers a Bachelor’s and a Masters in Film and Moving Image. This program is designed to teach students how to tell stories by using moving images. This institute is extremely popular in the region for providing a comprehensive yet phenomenal program that covers everything. The students are taught all about the cinematography and editing track during the entire length of the program.

From the beautiful campus to some brilliant and experienced teachers, the university is eager to provide its students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge to learn all the essential skills. Multiple modern and professional tools help students in reaching their maximum potential.During the program, students are trained to create multiple films using moving images and emerging technologies. Apart from making the students capable of writing proposals and screenplays, they are prepared for critical thinking.

By the end of the second year, students get to choose their area of interest and start their education in the specialized field. Moreover, a senior year project integrates your technical training with your vision under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Another great thing is the support of teachers to graduates during job employment. They are guided at each level to mark their position in the workplace. Most of the graduates find lucrative jobs such as film video editor, runner, and program researcher.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland

St. Mary's College of Maryland Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $30,568
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree4 years, THEATER, FILM, AND MEDIA STUDIES
  • Number of students: 20
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 10:1

Our Review of the Program

St. Mary’s College houses a great program that helps students to learn and practice art and theater. They offer a theater, film, and media studies program, commonly known as TFMS, that combines study in history, theory, and practical training.Students can go for either major or minor in the program according to their choice. The curriculum is designed to combine the creativity and intellectual work of students to polish their skills.

For the major in this field, students need to complete 48 credit hours of coursework and a senior year project with above C- grade. Similarly, the minor in dance/movement requires the student to complete 20 credit hours of coursework. Both the degrees focus on theater history, modern cinema, acting as well as dance. The shared subjects include performance studies, writing, directing, visual culture, and designing.

The staff is extremely cooperative and always encourages the students to excel in their careers. They provide a great learning environment along with hands-on training to the students. Graduates are totally supported during job hunting, even in this economy.Moreover, graduates can either go for jobs or entrepreneurship after proper training. Most of them easily find a job in the film industry either on stage or on the screen.

Maryland Institute College of Art

Maryland Institute College of Art Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $50,330
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2 years, Filmmaking (MFA)
  • Number of students: 20 students
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 9:1

Our Review of the Program

Maryland Institute College of Art is surely a great place that offers an undergraduate program in filmmaking. The program is developed to produce brilliant narrative and documentary filmmakers in the community.The institute uses a practical approach in addition to theoretical learning to ensure a sustainable career for students in the field. Students learn all about cinematic history, production writing, and post-production during the program.

All the students are strongly encouraged to think of innovative ideas and go for technical experience. First-year students need to work on a short film. On the other hand, a thesis film is a must for second-year students to get their degrees. Here, you will find one of the most experienced and cooperative staff that facilitates the students in every way possible. They work for the students’ developmental growth by allowing hands-on experiences that are combined with sponsored workshops. Students get to learn about the cinematic process and art by visiting filmmakers’ talks and discussions.

Graduates can always seek guidance from teachers during their employment phase. They have tremendous career opportunities in traditional film and media industries. So, if you are looking for a reliable institute to pursue your filmmaking dream, Maryland Institute College of Art is just the right place for you.

McDaniel College

McDaniel College Logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $43,260
  • Number of years for degree, Type of degree: 2-4 years, Masters in Cinema
  • Number of students: 20 students
  • Student: Teacher ratio: 11:1

Our Review of the Program

McDaniel College is a popular name in Maryland when it comes to studying cinema. They offer a degree in cinema that fully prepares the students to work in the film industry right after their graduation.The program focuses on cinema history in addition to theoretical and practical experience. The major goal is to make students capable of working with emerging technologies and use them efficiently in creating new content.

The major areas of the program include writing, critical analysis, and production. During the entire length of the program, a student gets familiar with the broader context of cinema and genres and becomes a master of formatting brilliant film stories. Similarly, students are taught how to easily handle a major project on their own, from casting to shooting or even editing. To prepare the next wave of creative filmmakers, this institute has recruited experienced and brilliant teachers.

They tend to use their expertise to make the students experts in all aspects of the media industry. Students are encouraged to avail internships in renowned institutes of the region. Similarly, graduates are hired by popular industries where they make the most of the opportunity. To put in a nutshell, McDaniel College is a place where you can climb higher to reach your goals.

Job Outlook in Maryland After Film School

There is an ample amount of jobs available for film school graduates in Maryland. The industry has always been progressive in the region, providing tons of opportunities for filmmakers. If you have the right skills and a creative vision, you accomplish much success in your career.

Most of the fresh graduates get paid internships in renowned industries where they learn to manage commercial work in films. You can either work as a programming intern, video production intern, or design assistant. During the internship period, you get not only hands-on experience in the production department but also earn a sufficient amount for a good living.

Similarly, you can find multiple entry-level jobs, including Jr. Graphic designer, production assistant, administrative assistant, communications manager, and production coordinator.

Furthermore, you can go for entrepreneurship and start your own work in television, video, and film production. There is a lot of scope in the marketing industry as well, where you can use your creativity and visual art skills to mark your position. 

With a professional degree and, of course, talent, you can start working in films as an actor, editor, or even a cinematographer. All you need is to have a better understanding of where you want to be. 

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Anyone interested in cinema, arts, music production, or entertainment business must consider getting admission into a film school. Mastering the cinematic and filmmaking arts would help you excel in your career. While looking for a film school, it is essential to consider multiple factors like quality, environment, faculty as well as the facilities. In case you are still confused, you can choose from one of our recommended film schools and work on achieving your dreams.