How to Remove Sunlight From a Face in Lightroom

Sunlight visible in a photo of a woman outdoors

Regardless of your photography skills and the type of camera, it can be challenging to shoot portraits in broad daylight without having some sunlight glare on the face. Knowing how to remove sunlight from the face in Lightroom will help make your photos correctly exposed and aesthetically pleasing.  How to Remove Sunlight From a Face …

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How to Sync Settings in Lightroom

Images using the Auto-sync function

Photo-editing in Lightroom can allow you to improve the image’s appearance and stylize it in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a camera. Learning how to sync settings in Lightroom will help you edit one photo and apply the same changes to other photos with a mouse click. How to Sync Settings in Lightroom Syncing …

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Is it Time to Take Your Photography Storage Online?

cloud storage

From rolls of film to tiny SD cards housing thousands of files, photography storage has always been physical, something touchable. But, while an SD card may take up much less space than a box of 2,000 prints, physical storage is still finite and it can still be lost, damaged, or stolen — not to mention …

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