How Far Can a 18 55mm Lens Shoot?

An 85mm lens

Lenses with a flexible focal length or zoom lenses allow you to zoom in and out of scenes. They have a certain range within which you can shoot, and one of these lenses in an 18-55mm lens. So how far can a 18-55mm lens shoot? How Far Can a 18-55mm Lens Shoot? With a maximum …

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What Are 50mm Lenses Good For?

Black camera lens on a white surface

A 50mm lens is an interesting piece of photography gear. This lens is known for being powerful, beautiful, and super easy to use. Additionally, 50mm lenses are the most commonly-used lenses on the market, so it is important to know: what are 50mm lenses good for. What Are 50mm Lenses Good For? The 50mm lenses …

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Is 35mm Good for Landscape?

Is 35mm good for landscape

If you are an ambitious landscape photographer who wants to take his or her skill to the next level, you will need to evaluate your photographic equipment. When shopping for a lens, one of the most common question; is a 35mm good for landscape? Is a 35mm Good for Landscape? A 35mm lens is good …

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When Would You Use a 70-300mm Lens?

A 70-300mm lens

If you have been capturing photos for a while, you should look into more professional lenses on the market. One of these is a telephoto lens with a range of 70-300mm. Before you make the purchase, you might wonder, when would you use a 70-300mm lens? When Would You Use a 70-300mm Lens? You would …

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Canon 10-18 vs 10-22

A close-up image of 10-18mm lens

Wide-angle lenses can show more of the subject or landscape, keeping everything in sharp focus. As Canon releases lenses with varying focal ranges, which one can hone your craft? We’re comparing Canon 10-18mm vs 10-22mm to know the best time to use them. Canon 10-18mm vs 10-22mm General Overview Both the Canon 10-22mm and 10-18mm …

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Is 50mm Lens Good for Night Photography?

Scenery of city building at night

If you are in the market for a new lens for your night photography, you may be looking at the 50mm. The 50mm lens is popular right now, and almost every professional photographer has one in their bag. That being said, is a 50mm lens good for night photography? Is a 50mm Lens Good for …

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When Would You Use a 16-35mm Lens?

A close-up image of 16-35mm lens.

If you love photography, you should have a range of lenses in stock for different needs. While there are many options on the market, one of the most versatile lenses is a 16-35mm lens. Before you get it though, you need to know when would you use a 16-35mm lens. When Would You Use a …

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Is a 55-250mm Lens Good for Portraits?

An image of 55-250mm lens

The 55-250mm lens is a telephoto lens that can be used for a wide range of events such as wildlife, sports, and macro photography. However, sometimes you might want to use this for portraits too. Therefore, you should find out, is the 55-250mm lens good for portraits? Is a 55-250mm Lens Good for Portraits? A …

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What Is a 35-80mm Lens Used For?

What is a 35-80mm lens used for

When you look through the lens, it can be a bit confusing to determine if this is the right one for your needs or not. So you are probably asking yourself: what is a 35-80mm lens used for? What Is a 35-80mm Lens Used For? The 35-80mm lens is often used for portraiture, landscapes, or …

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Is 35mm or 50mm Better for Portraits?

Person holding a black camera lens

While you can use either lens to take beautiful photos, there is often much debate about which lens is the best for portraiture. And as with any genre, having the right equipment can make you a better portrait photographer. So, is the 35mm or 50mm better for portraits? Is the 35mm or 50mm Lens Better …

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Can You Zoom With 50mm Lens?

An image of 50mm lens

On many occasions being able to zoom in or out while taking a picture is crucial, and owning a lens that lets you do this without any hassle is worthwhile. However, can you zoom in with a 50mm lens so that you don’t have to move closer to your subject? Can You Zoom With 50mm …

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Should I Buy a 70-300mm Lens?

A close-up image of 70-300mm lens

Although lenses vary in aperture and build quality, the focal length is the main feature that sets a lens apart in terms of field of view and zoom capability. Usually, the best focal length to go for primarily depends on your photography style and application. So, should I buy a 70-300mm lens? Should I Buy …

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