Best Bokeh Lenses [2022 Review]

Sigma 35mm bokeh lens

Don’t you just love the professional look of a creamy, dreamy, blurred background with a perfectly focused picture? If you want to procure the perfect bokeh effect in your photographs but are not sure how to go about it, then read on as this article will guide you to get the best bokeh lens. You …

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Best Macro Lenses For Video [2022 Review]

Canon macro lenses

There is much more you can do with a macro lens than just getting some flawless detailed shots of small subjects.  Macro lenses are now being used for shooting exceptional videos as well. If you are looking for an ideal lens suitable for videography, then you have landed just in the right place. This article …

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Best 24-70mm Lenses [2022 Reviews]

black camera with black background

When it comes to photography as a passion or hobby, the 24-70mm lenses are like the epitome of perfection. They are what every photographer starts with. Once you experience the ease and picture quality of a 24-70mm lens, you will fall in love. As the market is saturated with brands producing, what they claim to …

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Best Vintage Lenses [2022 Review]

A photo showing a collection of vintage cameras

Vintage lenses can be hard to come by. They give our pictures a quirky and nostalgic look. Lenses these days are made to give extra-sharp, extra-clear, and extra-perfect images. This can end up making the pictures boring. The subtle vignette, controlled flare, and different colors make a picture stand out among others.  Here, we have …

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Best Lenses For Low Light [2022 Review]

Man taking photo in low light

Taking a good picture in horrible lighting conditions is probably the most difficult and annoying thing. You have to increase the ISO, which ends up adding noise to the picture. The other thing that happens is the use of flash to add some artificial lighting to the scene. Flash makes the picture look unnatural, especially …

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