How to Check Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark II

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All DSLRs come with a limited shutter count, this normally ranges between 150,000 and 300,000 shutters. You must know about the shutter count because it indicates the remaining life of your camera. This article will give you tips on how to check shutter count on Canon 5D Mark II. 

How to Check Shutter Count on Canon 5D Mark II

There are various ways through which you can check the shutter count on your Canon 5D Mark II. Some involve uploading your image onto your computer while others simply show the data on your camera. Some of the tips are shown below.

Canon 5d Mark II

Adobe Photoshop

We all have used Adobe Photoshop for editing our pictures. Aside from being an online photo editor, another way you can use Adobe Photoshop is to view the EXIF data of your image through it. Follow these steps to check the shutter count:

  1. You have to upload your image onto Adobe photoshop after shooting it from your Canon 5D Mark II. 
  2. Go to File and click on file info. 
  3. On the second tab (Camera Data) you will be able to see the EXIF data and the shutter count of your camera.


Flickr not only helps you share your photos and organize them but it is another way to see your camera’s shutter count too. You need to follow these steps to see your camera’s shutter count: 

  1. Take a photo with your Canon 5D Mark II and upload it onto Flickr. 
  2. Below the photo, you would see an option for show/ hide EXIF data. Choose ‘show’ and in that EXIF data. 
  3. You will find the shutter count for your camera too.

ShutterCheck for Mac

If you own a MacBook, then the process is quite simple. Follow these steps to find out the shutter count of your Canon 5D Mark II:

  1. Download the ShutterCheck app, you can either use the Demo version or purchase the advanced version. 
  2. Connect your MacBook to your camera via a USB cable and it will instantly show your camera information including the shutter count. Do not worry, this app supports the Canon 5D Mark II and many other models. 

Magic Lantern

If you do not want to go through the process of uploading your image to your computer or even connect your computer to a camera then this application is for you.

Magic Lantern, in essence, is free software that you can add to your Canon 5D Mark II through the memory card. It adds a lot of features to your camera which were not there before. Follow these steps to use Magic Lantern:

  1. Enter the SD card.
  2. Install the developer tools and it will show you the shutter count among a host of other information. 
Close up of shutter speed control settings of a camera

EOS Info

There are sometimes when the EXIF information on your Canon 5D Mark II does not have the shutter count on it. While there are no official Canon apps to help you with this purpose, you can always use EOS info. Follow these steps:

  1. Download this application on your Windows computer and then install it. 
  2. Launch the app and connect your camera. It will portray a lot of information including the shutter count of your camera. 

However, it is only available for Windows at the moment.

Online Options

Besides applications that have to be installed on your computers or your camera, there are several websites that can provide you with the shutter count of your camera online. 

This includes ShutterCount. This is an advanced tool by the Dire Studio which provides you with the number of shutter counts. All you have to do is connect your camera to your computer via USB or through Wi-Fi and this tool directly reads the value.

Another similar website includes myshuttercount, which allows you to upload an image taken from your Canon 5D Mark II and shows the shutter count of your camera instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EXIF Data?

Every camera tends to store a lot of information in a picture’s EXIF data. For Canon cameras, this information includes the shutter count. Hence, you just have to extract the EXIF data from the image and you can find out the shutter count of the image through it. 

Why Is Shutter Count Important?

The shutter count shows how many pictures you have taken with your camera. It is an important factor when you are looking to determine the value of a used camera. Also, it helps you gauge the life expectancy of a camera when you are making a purchase or a trade in

What Shutter Count Is Too High?

There is not a straight answer to this question. Different types of cameras have different ratings from their respective manufacturers. It can range anywhere between 150,000 and 300,000. So depending on the rating, if your camera is nearing its life count, then it is too high and has a lower value.


There are a number of ways to check shutter count on Canon 5D Mark II. Some need the camera to be connected, while others require a picture transfer. Each of them is quick and convenient. We hope this article helped you in finding the shutter count of your camera.