Fujifilm vs Polaroid

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In the early days of consumer photography, instant print cameras ruled the market. With just the click of a button and a few seconds of buzzing, a perfect photo dropped into your hand. Instant cameras were the ideal devices to capture a moment and get an immediate memento.

After the invention of the digital camera, most people thought the instant film camera would die off. But as they say, “Old is gold.” Instant cameras are back – with a bang. Today we will explore two instant camera brands bringing back old-school cool – Fujifilm and Polaroid. 

Let’s rewind.

Comparing Polaroid cameras and Fulifilm cameras

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Who is Fujifilm?

Fujifilm a Japanese pioneer photographic filmmaker that became a global leader in the film imaging industry. It is also renowned for creativity in healthcare, graphics art, optical instruments, highly functional materials, and other high-tech fields.

Fujifilm classifies its products into two broad categories: consumer products and business. Its consumer products include digital cameras, films, instant photosystem, and binoculars. In business products, Fujifilm produces medical systems, graphic systems, photofinishing products, motion picture products, and optical devices.

Fujifilm has emerged with a competitive range of Instax cameras, and today, an Instax camera is one of the best instant print camera options on the market.

Fujifilm logo

Who is Polaroid?

Polaroid was an American company known for its iconic instant camera design. Edwin H. Land founded the company in 1937 to exploit the use of its polarizing polymer polaroid. After multiple bankruptcies, the company’s intellectual property traded hands until being acquired by the Impossible Project, renamed simply “Polaroid” in March 2020. 

Polaroid specializes in instant cameras, instant films, printers, and other accessories. Polaroid has always been most famous for its instant cameras, and polaroid original cameras still rock today.

Polaroid is now a privately owned company, compared to Fujifilm which is listed in the Tokyo Security Exchange. 

Pushed aside by groundbreaking Instax selections like the Instax square sq6, Polaroid has lost some of its market dominance. But still, with a range of high tech instant cameras like the Polaroid Pop and a resurgent interest in its iconic models, the company is finally making a comeback.

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Similarities and Differences

Both Fujifilm and Polaroid have produced fantastic cameras for people who want to capture the moment. What they lack in picture clarity, instant film cameras make up for with the unique experience of creating tangible memories in a matter of seconds. However, the two brands have other distinct similarities and differences, as we will discuss below.

Similarities Between Fujifilm and Polaroid

Low Prices

The Polaroid and Fujifilm instant cameras have a similar price range from different resellers. The cameras come at a low cost compared to digital cameras because they don’t come with advanced controls and features. This makes any Polaroid or Fujifilm camera relatively affordable, and parents can even give them to their kids for leisure use.

Easy Controls

Both Fujifilm and Polaroid cameras come with easy controls users can learn to operate easily. With these two instant cameras, you just need to focus on the subject and press the button. In a matter of seconds, you will receive your printed photo. 

Mint green Instax Mini 9 and a Black Onestep

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File Formats

Both Fujifilm and Polaroid cameras use either the Instax mini format or the Instax wide format. Either way, Instax mini, and Instax wide cannot be mixed. They are made for specific camera models. The formats are only found in instant cameras for processing instant photo prints.

Picture Quality

Both Fujifilm and Polaroid instant cameras produce images with a lower quality compared to modern digital cameras. You will see random streaks of blue, fading colors, and occasional leaks of light, but that’s all part of the adventure. On your polaroid originals, do not expect to see vibrant bright colors.

What Makes Fujifilm Products Stand Out from the Competition?

This brand is well-known but why are they so popular?

Where are Fujifilm Products Made?

Fujifilm products are made in Japan, where the company is incorporated.

Who Makes Fujifilm Products?

Fuji Photo Film Company Limited has been making Fujifilm products. In 2006, the company changed into a holding company and its name also changed to Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

Who Owns Fujifilm?

Fujifilm is currently owned by Fujifilm Holdings Corporation.

How Long Has Fujifilm Been Around?

Fujifilm was founded in 1934, 20 January. It has been around for 86 years.

Fujifilm products are popular to consumers due to Fujifilm’s vigorous marketing strategy and dedication to customer satisfaction. Fujifilm has also evaluated the value of its products for targeted customers so that it delivers products at prices most customers can comfortably afford.

Comparing various Fujifilm cameras over the years

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Fujifilm has focused on offering a fair price list, credit facilities with flexible payment periods, and attractive discounts to its customers. In modern days, consumers do not want to just know the price, but the total sum they incur to acquire, consume, and get rid of a used product. As such, Fujifilm excels in its pricing models and its customers can enjoy photography at a much lower cost.

Fujifilm has also organized its distribution strategy to feature resellers in different locations across the world. Customers consider convenience and availability as a critical option, so a customer will be satisfied buying a product from a verified reseller near their residence. 

Fujifilm has also conducted a segmentation basis to get the specific buying behavior of its customers. This has helped it to remain fairly relevant on the market despite the heavy competition from modern-day digital cameras.

What Kind of Warranty Does Fujifilm Offer?

A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is offered to customers purchasing any 2016 and newer FinePix camera models. This bundle entails one year of assistance for customer service. The two-year guarantee on any older Fujifilm Finepix versions is still in place.

What Makes Polaroid Stand Out From the Competition?

Polaroid is a household name, but how much do people know about the company and their products? Here’s some more info to satisfy your curiosity.

Where Are Polaroid Products Made?

Polaroid products have again become available on the market and are developed and manufactured in Enschede, Netherlands.

Who Makes Polaroid Products?

Polaroid products are made by a group called The Impossible Project, now renamed Polaroid.

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Who Owns Polaroid?

Polaroid is owned by The Impossible Project that was founded in 2008. 

How Long Has Polaroid Been Around?

Polaroid was founded in 1937 and has been around for 84 years.

Polaroid products are popular because it was the first brand to produce instant cameras. Back in the days, Polaroid used to report high sales from instant cameras. However, with the introduction of digital cameras, Polaroid has become less famous. The acquisition The Impossible Project has however helped it regain some of its lost popularity.

Polaroid concentrated on customer satisfaction by involving its strategies in more vigorous marketing. Polaroid also produced unique products that consumers found immense fun to own and use. Taking a picture and having it in your hands within seconds was a thrill in the 8os.

Polaroid was pushed back by the groundbreaking Instax selection and it lost most of its fame and client base. Still, with a range of high tech instant cameras and a resurgent interest in its vintage polaroid camera, the company is making a comeback.

Polaroid models such as the snap or pop ranges have a similar design at an equally affordable price compared to Fujifilm Instax mini eight. It comes with great features for the camera snapper looking for a simple, instant camera designed to maximize instant photography fun.

What Kind of Warranty Does Polaroid offer?

Polaroid warrants its products for a term of one year against factory defects.

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Comparison Overview

Still on the fence? Here are some comparisons to help you out.

Fujifilm Instax vs Polaroid Snap

The Fujifilm Instax and Polaroid snap are instant cameras that allow you to print photos as you take them in real-time.


  1. Both of the cameras come at a relatively fair price, which is good for customers on a tight budget.
  2. The two cameras are simple to use. The controls are easy to learn, making it easier for people to operate.


  1. The Fujifilm Instax can print up to 100 photos compared to the Polaroid that prints only up to 25 photos.
  2. The Polaroid is lighter than the Fujifilm Instax.
  3. Polaroid snap has more colors compared to the Fujifilm and produces higher quality pictures.

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Polaroid Pic 300 vs Fujifilm Instax Mini 8


  1. Both cameras come with flash functionality.
  2. Both cameras use AA batteries, with Fujifilm Instax mini 8 using two and Polaroid Pic 300 using four.


  1. Polaroid Pic 300 is turned on by pulling the lens out, while the Fuji mini 8 has a button next to the lens that is used to turn it on.
  2. On top of the frame, Polaroid Pic 300 has exposure control, while the Fuji Mini 8 has a twist dial around the lens.

Polaroid Zip vs Fujifilm Instax

Both Polaroid Zip and Fujifilm Instax are portable printers.


  1. Both Polaroid Zip and Fujifilm Instax come with a free IOS and android app.
  2. The two printers also have a USB connectivity system.
  3. Both have rechargeable batteries.
  4. Both printers can print photos in color.

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  1. The Polaroid Zip supports Bluetooth functionality, but the Fujifilm Instax does not.
  2. Fujifilm Instax supports WIFI functionality, but the Polaroid Zip does not have this functionality.

Polaroid vs Fujifilm Instant Cameras

Both Polaroid and Fujifilm cameras are perfect instant cameras, and they have been known for generations.


  1. The cameras come at a low price compared to other cameras on the market.
  2. Both cameras come with straightforward controls, and so no special training is needed to use them.
  3. Both cameras produce low-quality pictures compared to DSLR and point and shoot cameras.


  1. Fujifilm cameras are cheaper compared to Polaroid cameras.
  2. Newly released Polaroids usually have better features than Fujifilm cameras, such as Instagram filters.

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Top Pick Between Fujifilm and Polaroid

Fujifilm and Polaroid cameras will always be a great historical production. Polaroid landed first in the market and produced good instant cameras that had great sales in the 80s. Nevertheless, Polaroid did not last for long before it stopped producing the film for polaroid cameras. Fujifilm came through and started making instant cameras with better quality pictures than the polaroid cameras.

Fujifilm products have prices lower than those of Polaroid products. This makes them more accessible to customers. Fujifilm cameras also tend to have a more comprehensive format Instax film than the polaroid cameras.

Fujifilm makes primary cameras and printers that are very easy to use. 

Fujifilm cameras in modern times will always have a better advantage over polaroid cameras.

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People Also Ask

Since instant film cameras are more traditional than regular cameras, many people tend to have closely related questions on Polaroid and Fujifilm, especially now that instant cameras are making a comeback.

Does Fujifilm Work in Polaroid?

The Fujifilm Instax Mini can work in the Polaroid 300, which is still available for purchase.

Is a Polaroid Worth It?

It is enjoyable to handle and shoot with the camera, and the cost is reasonable. Polaroids are still available in the market and would make a good option for a simple instant camera or taking leisurely photos.

If you love collecting items from previous eras and especially the ones that have been overtaken massively by modern technology, then Polaroid products like instant cameras are worth your time. 

Do Polaroid Pictures Fade?

A Polaroid picture does fade, but it all depends on how you store your printed photos. Always keep them safe in a cool, dry, and lowly-lit place. Badly kept out pictures lose their color due to prolonged exposure to light and damp conditions. 

Can Fujifilm Be Used in Polaroid 600?

While this has been doable for many people in the past, it is still a tricky undertaking that may or may not work depending on how you do it. As fewer sellers stock instant photography products now, finding the best Fujifilm fit for your Polaroid, considering its age, becomes even harder. The best way to do it is to find users who have mastered this hack to help you with the process.

How Long Does a Polaroid Last?

Polaroid film should be used to obtain the best results within 12 months of the production date. As the instant film ages, chemical changes occur, eventually affecting how well your film performs.

Can You Still Buy Film for Old Polaroid Cameras?

You can still buy film for polaroid cameras, although most of these cameras are now not easily available. The use of film is still expected to drop due to the high prevalence of digital cameras.

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If you would like to travel back in time and experience the joy of taking photos in an instant, then either a Polaroid or Fujifilm will suit you best for that old-is-gold feel.  It’s all up to an individual’s preference to pick either of the two since they are highly similar and can deliver just about the same results.