Canon Powershot A1000 IS Review

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Canon Powershot A1000IS 10MP Digital Camera with...
  • 10-megapixel image sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 13 x 19-inch prints
  • 4x optical image-stabilized zoom lens
  • DIGIC III Image Processor with Genuine Canon Face Detection

Canon Powershot A1000IS

Canon Powershot A1000IS 10MP Digital Camera with...


The Canon Powershot A1000IS is a new point-and-shoot meant for novice and casual photographers, with plenty of features that will aid users in taking an excellent photo. The A1000 IS has an “easy mode,” which displays helpful callouts and instructions on the LCD display, guiding users through the various functions and settings.

It’s got a dash of style, as well, and can be found in brown, gray, purple, and blue dual-tone shades. It’s aging a bit — you might consider a newer model, like the A3000.