Best Film Schools in Houston [2022 Review]

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In this era of modernization, we are accustomed to the digital world for the entertainment and employment opportunities it has brought to us. Just because of this, the scope of media studies is improving at a faster rate. Likewise, individuals from all over the world are joining this field and gaining good money from it. 

To make people aware of media importance and teaching them advanced skills, film schools come into action. 

In this article, we are going to provide information about and review some of the best film schools in Houston. So, if you’re unsure of which school to go for, maybe we can help!

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Job Outlook in Houston After Film School

The field of film and media is, no doubt, gaining massive attention from the public. Its progress and handsome salary packages cause people to adopt it as a source of income. Also, the wide range of opportunistic employment posts compels them to find an appropriate position in this field.

If we analyze the job of a film producer, which stands among high-profile employment posts, we see that its growth rate flourishes very fast. The annual median salary of a film producer is $78,091. A film producer earns a decent salary ranging from $67,288 to $88,533 per year. 

The career of a film editor is also brilliant if we consider the growth potential and the money earned. The annual earnings of a film editor start from $34,800. On the basis of experience, he can get as much as $40,000 yearly. The average salary of a film editor is $37,400 per year.

The film and media industry has always been successful. But in recent times, due to the advancement in hardware, software, and tools, its job growth rate gained such momentum that it left everybody amazed. Its growth rate, by 2026, is expected to show an increase of 17% for video editors and 5% for film producers and directors.

List of the Top Film Schools in Houston

Houston is home to various institutes that inculcate media and film skills through both theory and lab handling. Today, when education has become a business, it’s hard to decide which school to choose. Therefore, we compiled a list of schools that offer top-quality education alongside excellent advantages. 

Best Overall: University of Houston

University of Houston logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $8,913 annually for in-state students and $21,273 for out-of-state students
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 4-year, bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies
  • Number of students: 35,985
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 22:1

Our Review of the Program

There is a fully furnished computer lab here that has received a national award. Two production studios house the latest and advanced hardware required to train students with practical handling. The university also includes six classrooms. All of those classrooms are designed while keeping media essentials as the first priority.

In addition, two conference rooms and a country yard are also available in the institute.The syllabus covers a detailed history of how films were originated and how they contributed to the worldwide culture. This program enables graduates to enter the field as directors, filmmakers, and screenwriters. The institute has something unique for its candidates.

A service center, named Cougar Pathway provides a platform to the students and allows them to reach out to recruiters and career experts for exchanging reviews about academic and employment plans. Moreover, those recruiters also assist candidates in getting internships. Candidates who have budget concerns and want some relaxation in study costs will find this ideal.

It releases scholarships and financial aids for eligible students. Furthermore, it provides federal and private loans as well. The candidates only have to meet the eligibility criteria and sign on some agreements for transparency.

2. Houston Community College

Houston Community College logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $33 per hour for in-district students, $121 per hour for in-state students, $151 per hour for out-of-state students
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 2-year, Certification in Film Making
  • Number of students: 57,120
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 24:1

Our Review of the Program

The program focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge about media and cinematic arts. The course covers basic as well as advanced knowledge of films and video editing. Not just that, the stages that occur after filming a video are also what students learn under this program. The program also entails a large segment of studies in which the writing skills of students are polished.

They learn script writing for films, narratives, documentaries, commercials, news reports, dramas, and theatre plays. Therefore, every media industry and technological company values the graduates of this college. In order to educate people in an effective manner, the college allows lecturers to provide them full access to digital equipment.

In this way, people get acquainted with real-world media happenings and tools rather than believing solely in theoretical assumptions. From camera operation to usage, the course explicitly describes techniques related to photography and videography. Moreover, students get adequate expertise in light management and scene preparation.

Few more career options are covered in this program. It encompasses courses that feature education about direction, production, and shooting. Hence, graduates of this university are capable of directing films and managing their own production houses. Another interesting fact is the degrees awarded by the college are affiliated with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

3. Houston Baptist University

Houston Baptist University logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $32,530
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 4-year, BFA degree in Cinematic Arts Cinema and New Media Arts as Minor
  • Number of students: 2302
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 12:1

Our Review of the Program

The university takes pride in having a collaboration with the University of Southern California. As a result of this collaboration, the institute dedicates one of its semesters for the students to study Hollywood-styled films. They also learn the fundamentals and working strategies involved in Hollywood films.

Besides this, a few semesters are arranged in which students are allowed to execute their professional assignments and dig out their talent by creating, directing, and editing films and web series. Keeping candidates indulged in such activities encourages them to discover their innate capabilities, thereby maintaining a professional environment.

While distributing quality education, the college also takes the responsibility of making suitable arrangements for candidates to live in their respective campuses. Its on-campus apartments are capacious enough to accommodate nine hundred students. Out-of-state individuals make the most of this amenity.

They like the hostel management staff that cooperates with them on every step and takes care of their comfort.Other facilities include a large tennis court, volleyball court, pool, and a picnic area where hostel residents enjoy and carry out extra-curricular activities.

Amid academic studies, candidates can also apply for internships if they wish. Internships will be conducted under the supervision of high-level professors and senior staff members.

4. The Art Institute of Houston

The Art Institute of Houston logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $17,568
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 3-year, BFA degree in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production
  • Number of students: 1096
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 16:1

Our Review of the Program

We added this school to our list because its financial aid scheme is simply outstanding. The institute offers different types of aid policies. For bachelor’s programs, there is an 18% grant on academic expenses and a 13% grant for associate degree programs. Students can also avail of full and partial scholarships.

The purpose of these aid programs is to make education possible and available for all.The accreditation of this school with the Southern Association of Colleges indicates the standard of its education system and faculty members’ potential. Associate degrees are especially affiliated with the Schools Commission on Colleges.

Those who aspire to achieve something big in the digital industry are advised to consider its programs. It uses modernized tools, devices, and software for inculcating media literacy and skills. The university develops and improves the capabilities of its candidates in the niche of video editing, graphic designing, and production.

Not only video, but it also trains students to excel at dealing with audio media. Eventually, graduates turn out to be masters of audio editing, music recording, and sound designing. So, instead of searching for film schools and pondering over their credibilities, consider taking admission in this college and emerge as a film and media game-changer.

5. MediaTech Institute

MediaTech Institute logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $550 per semester hour
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 15-months, Associate of Applied Science degree in Digital Film and Video, 1-year, Diploma in Digital Film and Video
  • Number of students: 221
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 15:1

Our Review of the Program

With the intention to instill practical knowledge, the institute has its labs equipped with relevant tools and Mac computers. The software collection available includes Avid, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe After Effect, etc. In the labs, students observe a visual demonstration of what they learn in classrooms. Moreover, the tasks assigned to them help in handling real-world field challenges.

In classrooms, they get knowledge of video graphics, video editing, shooting, camera functions, lighting, and much more. They practice video dynamics with great efficiency. Furthermore, the direction and production course teaches them how to manage this post and what it takes to produce exceptional results.

The school leads its candidates to the path where they get a chance to cultivate their creativity through hands-on training and projects. Its final term includes a task in which students have to make and direct feature films in the guidance of professors and mentors. Therefore, students gain a better understanding of the professional world at an early stage.

Some of its degrees qualify for an MTI Scholarship. According to this scholarship plan, the school is bound to grant worthy students with $2500 at the start of each semester. Upon graduation, the school stands by its graduates in finding the desired job in market-leading film industries and media companies. Hence, graduates’ future seems bright and attractive.

6. Film Connection Houston

Film Connection Houston logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $13,040
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 6-9 months, Certification in Film Production and Editing and Cinematography
  • Student:Teacher Ratio: 1:1

Our Review of the Program

This institute introduces two media programs: film production and editing, and cinematography. The first one unfolds the duties and skills of a screenwriter. It teaches the principles and must-haves of a professional script. In addition, the graduates also master video graphics and editing.

A team of talented teachers and experienced lecturers are hired to prepare students for practical tasks by schooling them in a peaceful environment. Students learn how to edit videos and audios in accordance with the scene intensity and modern trends.

Also, they learn tips for crafting a profound script for news, dramas, short plays, films, and product advertisements. In order to enhance their learning power, the school employs senior mentors for guiding them in the right direction and upgrading their media sense. They make the candidates deliver precise and exemplary results in video editing, scriptwriting, and graphic management.

Another reason that compels us to include the school on our list is that it organizes trips to Los Angeles and New York, where students are allowed to present their versatile film editing ideas and iconic scripts to reputed directors and filmmakers. A candidate who does not meet the eligibility criteria will not be able to avail of this opportunity.

Some scholarship schemes are also structured to keep tuition costs low for eligible students. These scholarships can be acquired on merit as well on account of financial circumstances.

7. Echo Film School and Studio

Echo Film School and Studio logo

School Info

  • Average tuition cost: $250 to 300 per week
  • Number of years for a degree, type of degree: 3-week, boot camp program in Digital Filmmaking, 4-12 weeks, long certification courses, 28-week Young Filmmaker After School Program in Filmmaking

Our Review of the Program

One thing that makes this university stand out is that it conducts several workshops in screenwriting, production, video editing, and direction. The motive of these workshops is to let students perform their tasks efficiently and bring out their hidden potential in front of the world. Students produce, direct, and edit documentaries, short films, and short drama serials.

These workshops play a major role in fostering self-confidence. Students make the most of such events for absorbing professionalism and for producing work of a professional standard. For the utmost convenience, these workshops are held on weekends in the mornings and evenings. It has some programs for beginners belonging to 6-12th grade.

The after-school program helps children in understanding and learning this field. Their work gets appreciation as the school includes it in film festivals and upcoming workshops. A winner is also declared to promote healthy competition.The school, in partnership with SWAMP and CReed, hosts programs dedicated to videography and direction courses.

By selecting these courses, a person learns a lot about audio and video editing, camera skills, film direction, and scriptwriting.In respect of students’ busy schedules, the school offers flexible timings for most of its programs and events.

Best Film Schools in Houston Comparison Table

If going through all the reviews still left you confused about which school to go for, here’s a summary. Go through the table and get to know the basic details of every school at a glance. 

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All the film schools on our list own every facility and benefit that most often attract interested candidates. The financial aid programs allow qualifying students to enjoy uninterrupted studies. Plus, the well-equipped labs and improved classrooms enable students to concentrate more on the lectures. 

In short, studying film and media in any of these schools will prove to be a wise and career-making decision for sure.