Best Lenses For Nikon D3200 – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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The Nikon D3200, with a 24-megapixel sensor, helps entry-level photographers to transition to DSLR photography.

In order to make the best out of your Nikon D3200, it is essential to combine it with the right lens.

This article guides you through some of the trending Nikon D3200 lenses that can help you produce high-quality images and high definition videos for making your special moments memorable.

Comparison of the Best Lenses For Nikon D3200

  • Fast and upgraded 50mm lens
  • Suitable for both FX and DX-format DSLR bodies
  • Exclusive Silent wave motor to allow silent operation
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  • Compatible with both FX and DX formats
  • Silent Wave Motor helps you achieve silent photography
  • Incorporated with 35mm megapixels to provide stunning photographs
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  • Best for the money
  • Suitable for Nikon full-frame cameras
  • 50mm fixed focal length to give you excellent images
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  • Best lens for Nikon D3200
  • Compatible with a wide range of Nikon bodies
  • Multi-coated optical glass for color consistency
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  • Best zoom lens for Nikon D3200
  • A telephoto lens with image stabilization
  • Exclusive Nikon Silent wave motor to ensure silent performance
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  • Best portrait lens for Nikon D3200
  • A medium telephoto lens with 85mm focal length
  • Silent wave motor incorporated to allow silent autofocusing
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  • Multi-layer coating to reduce ghosting
  • Best wide-angle lens for Nikon D3200
  • Compatible with a number of camera bodies
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  • Best Nikon D3200 Fisheye lens
  • Weather-resistant design to ensure reliability
  • Maximum aperture of F3.5 for high-grade images
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Are All Nikon D3200 Lenses The Same?

When you are in the market for a lens that is compatible with Nikon D200, you will find a plethora of options. Each of them is equipped with top-notch features, making each one perfect in their own way. Therefore, we can't say that all Nikon D3200 lenses are the same. There are various types of lenses, each with their own set of specific features, that work equally well with your Nikon D3200 body.

Read on to find out some of the common types of lenses that work great for a Nikon D3200 DSLR camera.

Wideangle Lens

This type of lens is equipped with 8-35mm focal length, which can be easily adjusted to capture just the right shot. These prove to be quite useful for indoor and nature photography. Moreover, you can take it on your wildlife adventure to take some stunning shots of wildlife.

Standard Lens

A standard lens is considered to be perfect for multiple types of photography as it gives you amazing results in all conditions. The normal focal length usually ranges from 35-85mm that works well in providing some sharp photographs, regardless of poor lights.

Telephoto Lens

Longer in size and quite bulky in weight, a telephoto lens is just the right option for capturing distant objects like a pro. It is equipped with superb focal length ranging from 85-600mm to help you capture excellent images.

How Do I Choose a New Lens?

Whenever you come across a variety of lenses to choose from, the decision might become quite difficult. In order to simplify your search, we have listed down some features that make for a great lens. This can help you pick the right one for you. Let's get started!


One of the most significant features of a great lens is its reliable construction. It must be composed of quality materials and should last longer when compared to other lenses made of cheaper materials.


It must come with the weather-resistant capability to ensure protection from tough conditions so you can take it with you on a trip without any hesitance. This feature not only enhances the durability of the lens but also increases the user's confidence in the product.


Another essential feature of a reliable lens is its easy handling. We recommend that you go for one that comes with user-friendly features and does not require manual settings. This way, there won’t be any confusion for the user.


It is a fact that not everybody can afford to spend a great deal of money on a lens, as it can be really expensive. Therefore, you are advised to look for a lens that comes with essential features and easily fits your budget.

However, you should always prioritize quality to enjoy a wonderful experience.

Quick Take - Best Lenses For Nikon D3200

Before we dive into our review, here are the best lenses for Nikon D3200:

  1. Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens
  2. Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens
  3. YONGNUO YN EF 50mm f/1.8 AF Lens YN50 Aperture Auto Focus

Review of the Best Lenses For Nikon D3200

You now know the important features that can help you in choosing the perfect model to fulfill your requirements. If you're still not sure where to start, take a look at the detailed reviews we've compiled of the best lenses for Nikon D3200.

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens


  • Highly compact and portable model
  • Silent wave motor ensures quiet autofocusing
  • Aspherical lens gives advanced rendering performance
  • Manufactured from quality materials to ensure durability
  • Super integrated coating to achieve perfect color consistency


  • Focusing is not as quiet as advertised
  • Might encounter some barrel distortion
  • Back cap might cause inconvenience

What Recent Buyers Report

Users of this lens are extremely satisfied with its performance and design. They report that the color consistency is just flawless, plus the design is extremely portable. Moreover, the construction is durable and saves the user from the frequent expenditure of repairing and replacement, which is quite attractive to some customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Nikon lens is one of the latest of its kind that you will find on the market. It is equipped with 50mm megapixels in combination with the contemporary AF-S system. It is extremely good at providing high-end rendering work. Moreover, the incorporation of a silent wave motor helps you achieve quiet performance.

Who Will Use This Most

Being an entry-level camera, this proves to be the ideal choice for any beginners and hobbyists to achieve some fun portrait photography. The aperture is great at providing stunning shots, even in low light conditions. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about frequent maintenance thanks to its durable design.

Bottom Line

One of the most versatile lenses, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G Lens is equipped with great megapixels and silent wave motor to help you create some worthy shots. The aperture is adjustable with light conditions, plus it can be easily used for portrait photography. Moreover, you don’t have to struggle much while converting from manual to autofocus operation.

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras,2183,Black


  • Design is durable and easy to carry around
  • Offers high versatility and creative perspectives
  • Capable of creating excellent shots in dim lightings
  • Maximum aperture of f/1.8 allows fast photography
  • Equipped with super integrated coating for reduced flare


  • A bit expensive
  • Focus ring is not of high-quality
  • Focusing is not as fast as advertised

What Recent Buyers Report

This runner-up lens has succeeded in winning the confidence of multiple users out there. With its extremely portable design and high-grade construction, it can be used by various photographers. They report that it is highly versatile in providing worthy shots. Plus, there are no complaints of chromatic aberrations reported by users.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This 35mm Nikon lens is packed with a number of exceptional features, including a fast and maximum aperture that lets you take flawless pictures, even in low light conditions. There is a super integrated coating that enhances light transmission and color consistency while reducing any flare. Lastly, the design exhibits a black texture, which gives the lens a premium look.

Who Will Use This Most

Equipped with a silent wave motor, this lens is very useful for beginners for achieving quick and accurate photographs without any hassle. Moreover, the aperture is ideally designed to take vibrant pictures, regardless of lighting conditions. Lastly, the design is compact and, therefore, can be used by travelers to capture their fun moments.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary lens with 35mm megapixels, this model from Nikon is perfectly compatible with both DX and FX-format based cameras. It is fast and spectacular in portrait photography. The aperture is flawless, plus the durability of the construction can't be questioned in any way. What else could you ask for?

YONGNUO YN EF 50mm f/1.8 AF Lens YN50 Aperture Auto Focus for Nikon Cameras as AF-S 50mm 1.8G with EACHSHOT Cleaning Cloth


  • Comes with a reasonable price tag
  • Great aperture allows vibrant images
  • Relatively lightweight and can be carried around easily
  • A simple and compact design that is attractive to look at
  • Established from high-quality materials to guarantee reliability


  • Not zoomable
  • Some concerns over design
  • Lacks any diaphragm control ring

What Recent Buyers Report

The users of this lens have given many positive reviews to this product. According to them, the design is compact and extremely portable that can easily fit a backpack. Similarly, you get to have a great set of features at a very affordable price, which is quite impressive for the majority of the customers out there.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The YONGNUO YN EF 50mm f/1.8 AF Lens YN50 Aperture Auto Focus is equipped with some spectacular features that make it one of the most reasonably priced models on the market. It features a fixed 50mm focal length, which is complemented by an exceptional aperture that provides vibrant pictures whenever you want. This makes it perfect for full-framed DSLR bodies.

Who Will Use This Most

Ideally designed for full-frame cameras, this 50mm lens is capable of providing stunning shots. It is extremely compact and therefore perfect for beginners and travelers to carry along. Moreover, its reasonable price makes it perfectly suitable for those who are on a tight budget and can't afford to spend tons of money on a lens.

Bottom Line

If you are budget conscious and looking for a perfect and affordable lens for your Nikon D3200, then this YONGNUO lens is what you are looking for. Not only is the design simple yet attractive, but this product is also packed with some top-notch features to ace your photography experience.

High-Power 500mm/1000mm f/8 Manual Telephoto Lens for Nikon D7500, D500, D600, D610, D700, D750, D800, D810, D850, D3100, D3200, D3300, D3400, D5100, D5200, D5300, D5500, D5600, D7000, D7100, D7200


  • Quality is above reproach
  • Works with multiple Nikon DSLR cameras
  • Great aperture for accurate photography
  • Exquisite design with reliable performance
  • Integrated coating to ensure minimum flare


  • A bit bulky
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Handling can be difficult for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

According to users, this is one of the finest lenses for the Nikon D3200 camera, both in terms of functionality and quality. The design is quite attractive, plus there is a multi-optical coating for flare reduction. The most appreciated quality is its compatibility with a huge number of Nikon bodies that save the user from purchasing a separate lens for a certain camera.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This high-power lens with a 500mm focal length is known as the best lens for Nikon D3200 for several reasons. First, the design is quite interesting and durable, which marks reliability. Next, it incorporates a multi-optical coating that reduces the chances of flare by increasing light transmission. Moreover, there are few chances of any color distortion.

Who Will Use This Most

In case you need a telephoto lens for your Nikon body, then this is the perfect choice. It is ideally designed to go with a huge variety of Nikon cameras, including D700, D610, D750, D800, D3100, D3200, D7000, D7100, and many more. It can be used by wildlife photographers as well during their adventure.

Bottom Line

A powerhouse of features, this model is just the right choice for Nikon D3200 owners. This 500mm telephoto lens captures stunning photographs whenever you want. Moreover, the construction is reliable, and there is no worry of any damage during trips or photography sessions. Although it is on the higher end of the price spectrum, the features make it worth the investment.

Best Zoom Lens for Nikon D3200:
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6G ED Vibration Reduction Zoom Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras


  • Super integrated coating for flare reduction
  • Low dispersion glass to reduce any distortion
  • Vibration reduction for perfect videos and images
  • Composed of heavy-duty materials to ensure reliability
  • Lightweight and compact design to make it highly portable


  • Relatively bulky
  • Might overexpose the images
  • Low-light performance is only sub-par

What Recent Buyers Report

Like other of its competitors, this lens has also satisfied many customers with its superior performance. Most of them appreciate it for its durable design and high-quality construction. Most of all, it offers a zoomable focal length that allows the user to manually set the focal length to get a perfect shot of any distant object.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for a great zoom lens for your Nikon D3200 camera, then look no further. This Nikon 55-300mm lens comes with an adjustable focal length. It proves to be ideal in producing accurate and clear images, thanks to the image stabilization feature. Moreover, the incorporation of exclusive silent wave motor guarantees quiet operation.

Who Will Use This Most

This lens is undoubtedly one of the best zoom lenses for the Nikon D3200. The zoom is extremely versatile and, therefore, makes it perfect for group photos and portraits. Moreover, it guarantees steady videos and quite sharp images of distant objects during your adventurous wildlife trip.

Bottom Line

Another great product on our list, this zoom lens is packed with exceptional features. Not only is the design great and reliable, but the features also combine to help you achieve top-notch photography. Moreover, the image stabilization makes sure you won’t get blurry images anymore. In short, this is quite a nice deal.

Best Portrait Lens for Nikon D3200:
Nikon AF S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G

Nikon AF S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G Fixed Lens with Auto Focus for Nikon DSLR Cameras


  • Fast aperture for accurate pictures
  • 7-blade diaphragm to mark perfection
  • Super-integrated coating for flare reduction
  • Made from high-grade materials to make it last long
  • Equipped with an exclusive silent motor to enhance the experience


  • Not a zoomable model
  • Focusing speed is not as fast as advertised
  • Might face corner softness at wide apertures

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has received many great reviews from customers due to its versatile performance. They report that the construction is of high-quality; plus, the maximum aperture is wide enough to capture vibrant images even in low-light conditions. Moreover, the focal length is just perfect for some high-grade photography sessions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Packed to the brim with numerous features, this 85mm Nikon lens is well-known for its quality construction. Talking about the design first, it comes with a lightweight and compact body. Similarly, the f/1.8 aperture assists in fast and accurate photography. Lastly, the super integrated coating ensures minimal flare and increased color consistency.

Who Will Use This Most
Equipped with a fixed 85mm focal length and a wide aperture, this is the ideal choice for portrait photography. The aperture is quite effective in capturing excellent images, regardless of any lighting conditions. Moreover, the design is highly portable, making it the perfect traveling companion during your trips.

Bottom Line

An all-rounder with amazing design and equally appreciable features, the Nikon AF S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G comes with a fixed 85mm focal length. The construction is extremely durable, plus the aperture lets you take high-quality photographs with minimum distortion even in dim lighting. All these features combine to make it the best lens for portrait photography.

Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM ELD SLD Aspherical Super Wide Angle Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras


  • Great aperture for vibrant pictures
  • Quality construction with guaranteed reliability
  • High-grade multi-layer coating to minimize any flare
  • Silent wave motor allows sharp and accurate images
  • High-speed autofocusing to enhance your experience


  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Relatively less focal length
  • Handling can be difficult for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

Users have found this lens extremely useful for high-end photography. They report that the multi-layer coating helps them to attain sharp and accurate images. Similarly, the enhanced aperture ensures excellent images in all lighting conditions. Moreover, the incorporation of a silent wave motor keeps the operation extremely quiet.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This incredible lens from Sigma is packed with a 10-20mm focal length, which is flawlessly complemented by a wide aperture of F3.5. In addition to this, there is a super integrated multi-layer coating that helps in enhanced light transmission to reduce any ghosting. Lastly, it allows you to achieve fast and silent autofocusing, thanks to Nikon's silent wave motor.

Who Will Use This Most

This wide-angle lens goes perfectly with your Nikon D3200 camera for exceptional images. The aperture is wide enough to transmit a great amount of light and ultimately capture excellent images without any hassle. However, the hefty price of this product makes it unsuitable for those on a tight budget.

Bottom Line

With a great set of flawless features, this 10-20mm Sigma lens is meant to serve the user in the long run by virtue of its high-grade construction. With this onboard, you can take great images, even in poor lighting conditions. Truly, this spectacular lens is worth the price.

Nikon AF-S FISHEYE NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E ED F/4.5-29 Fixed Zoom Camera Lens, Black


  • Suitable for multiple applications
  • Improved aperture to ensure excellent photographs
  • Composed of high-end materials to enhance longevity
  • Super-integrated coating to allow distortion-free pictures
  • Comes with a weather-sealed design to endure tough conditions


  • Relatively heavy model
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Cost is not pocket-friendly

What Recent Buyers Report

Just like our above-mentioned alternatives, this has impressed customers in every way possible. Not only is the design appreciable, but the adjustable focal length allows you to take sharp images in no time. Most of all, the design is weather-sealed, which saves the potential risk of frequent damage.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Fisheye lenses have become quite popular. One such exceptional lens is this model from Nikon. In this lens, we find an 8-15mm focal length, which is combined with a spectacular aperture of F3.5. Moreover, the construction is top-notch as there is protective fluorine coating that makes it resistant to tough conditions.

Who Will Use This Most

This lens is just the right fisheye lens for your Nikon D3200 camera. Not only does it work well with the Nikon D3200 body, but it can also be easily employed for various other DSLR bodies. Moreover, the weather-resistant design, in addition to the fluorine coating, allows the user to take it on adventurous trips to take some worthy and memorable shots.

Bottom Line

In case you want a reliable fisheye lens to go with your Nikon D3200, you should definitely consider this one from Nikon. It features a 8-15mm focal length and a high-end aperture to capture some stunning shots. Additionally, the design is completely weather-resistant to ensure quality performance for a long time.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Lens

Investing in a lens can be extremely daunting as some of them are really expensive. However, if you get your hands on the right one, then it is meant to bring some worthy benefits. This section has summarized some of the significant advantages of a high-end lens. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Flawless Images

The combination of a high-grade lens with the Nikon D3200 body helps you capture flawless images. Such a lens is equipped with a spectacular focal length and wide aperture, which can be really effective in taking sharp images even in poor lighting conditions.

Similarly, with the super integrated coating on the lens, there would be far fewer chances of any chromatic aberration and flare. You will only get great color contrast and perfectly focused pictures.

Purchase Value

It is a fact that most people can’t afford to upgrade the lens frequently. Therefore, money should be spent wisely to avoid any regret in the future.

Investing in a quality lens is meant to serve you in the long run. With the exceptional features, you can take excellent images, regardless of any lighting conditions. Similarly, they are weather-resistant and come with multi-layer coating, which helps you save from frequent expenditures of repairing and replacement.


Another benefit associated with a quality lens is high-end versatility. Such a lens works with a number of different cameras without compromising on the performance.

Moreover, you can carry out multiple photography types by using a single lens. So, whether you are up for portrait photography or want to record HD videos, a single lens is there to serve you.


This concludes our reviews of the best lenses for your Nikon D3200 body. Hopefully, you are now well aware of all the specifications of these spectacular lenses, and we hope this article has helped in selecting the right model you are looking for. You are always advised to not overlook the essential features of a lens in order to ensure a valued purchase.

People Also Ask

Since its release in 2012, the Nikon D3200 has continued to mark its exclusive position in the market. It is used by multiple photographers and even beginners. Users of this camera, as well as new customers, are a bit concerned about its functionality. This section discusses some of the frequently asked questions by people in order to improve their overall photography experience.

How Many Megapixels is the Nikon D3200?

One of the most well-known entry-level cameras on the market, the Nikon D3200 is a 24.2-megapixel camera is based on the DX-format. The megapixel, in combination with a great sensor, makes it highly useful for beginners, as well as hobbyists who are ready to explore advanced specifications.

What Type of Memory Card Does a Nikon D3200 Use?

A Nikon D3200 camera can easily work with an SD or also known as Secure Digital memory cards. Since these cards are compact and lightweight, they can easily fit the camera body. Plus, they are capable of storing a great amount of data for future use. Moreover, multiple regular SDHC and SDXC cards will do you fine.

Is the Nikon D3200 Full-Frame?

Nikon 3200 camera is basically equipped with a DX sensor; therefore, it is not a full-frame camera body. However, the DX-format is only one-third smaller than the full-frame sensor. In simpler words, the DX sensor of Nikon D3200 is 23.2mm wide and 15.4mm high. On the other hand, the dimensions of the FX sensor are 36mm in width and 23.9mm in height.

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