Best 18-140mm Lens For Nikon [2022 Review]

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Nikon is undoubtedly ahead of its competitors when it comes to a general-purpose lens specially designed for reflex cameras. The company has been developing models with focal lengths ranging from 18mm to several hundred millimeters regularly.

However, in 2013, Nikon innovated the photographic world yet again by releasing the only 18-140mm lens – the NIKKOR AF-S DX f/3.5-5.6G.

To help you better understand this lens, the following is a detailed review of the model, along with the purposes this lens is best suited for. So, read on before finalizing your purchase!

Review of the Best 18-140mm Lens For Nikon

To help you decide whether the NIKKOR 18-140mm suits your needs, the following is a detailed review of the model that includes its pros and cons, what makes it stand out from the crowd, and what buyers have to say about it. So, read on to see if the NIKKOR is the lens for you! 

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED...
Focal Length
Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED...
Focal Length

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED...


  • Delivers beautiful pictures with soft blurry backgrounds
  • Vibration reduction creates in-focus shots for sharper photos and videos
  • Offers unmatched functionality without compromising on portability
  • Super Integrated Coated lens system reduces lens flare and enhances light transmission
  • Designed with extra-low dispersion and an aspherical lens element helps improve field flatness, clarity, and image sharpness


  • Does not come with a lens hood

What Recent Buyers Report

Both amateur and professional photographers who have recently bought this lens were very satisfied with the quality of photographs this lens produces. They particularly liked the range provided by this lens as it enabled them to take brilliant photos even in tight indoor spaces and low-light situations.With the 18-140 range, users are able to cover anything from wide-angle to a decent telephoto range. This perfect range is able to fit the needs of most photographers, thus enabling them to replace a number of lenses

With this one amazing lens.People who bought this lens before going on vacation found this lens extremely convenient as they did not have to carry two or three lenses with them. With this one lens, they were able to take perfect random shots without having to change the lens constantly. One user who is also a science researcher is particularly happy with this lens, said it allowed him to take unbelievably

Fabulous pictures of specimens the size of a fountain pen nib. Another great thing that users find very convenient is the price range of this lens. This lens provides nice, sharp shots with vibrant colors, which is typically not possible in lenses available in this price range. It is a solidly-built product with a nice metal mount and fast autofocus. This lens has made many buyers extremely happy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Nikon is undoubtedly the pioneer when it comes to lenses exclusively designed for reflex cameras equipped with APSC/DX sensors. The Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR is a great lens that has a wide focal length and features optical stabilization. With this lens, you can change the shot of the same view from a wide-angle to telephoto. Thus, with this feature, you can get two pictures of the same view without changing the lens.

Other excellent features of this lens include: Construction, This Nikon lens has A lens mount constructed from metal while the housing is made up of high-quality plastic. Moreover, it is sealed against moisture and dust. The filter does not turn during focusing, which is particularly great while using a polarizing filter. The zoom ring and focus ring turn smoothly, thus promoting user comfort. The Silent Wave Motor ensures quick and silent focus, which works great even in low light. BokehAlthough most cameras with an APS-C sensor do not deliver a nice bokeh; however, this Nikon lens is a

Pleasant exception. It allows users to take fantastic pictures. In fact, this lens is able to deliver pictures with such a bokeh that easily beats pictures taken with the Nikon 18-105mm. PerformanceThis lens is able to deliver sharp, clear pictures in the center of the frame, which is amazing at maximum aperture. Although the clarity of the frame falls a little short at the edges, stepping down helps to improve sharpness across the frame. The short focusing distance of 45cm allows photographers to get closer to their subjects.

Also, the open aperture and longest focal distance mean that you can isolate your subject from the background.

Who Will Use This Most

This lens is a great outstanding grab-and-go lens that is perfect for every situation. It is optimized to make use of the full potential of Nikon’s DX-format image sensors, which helps to take ultra-sharp and beautiful photos. It also has a versatile 7.8x zoom range. Thus, you can shoot everything from telephoto close-ups of your child’s baseball team to wide-angle portraits of your family members.With this lens, you can also get extremely close to your subjects.

This makes this lens highly suitable for people who want to take macro-style close-ups as it allows them to get as close as 1.48-feet. It also boasts four stops of VR image stabilization. This is particularly useful for photographers who have to shoot in low light or use maximum focal length. This Nikon lens is very easy to use. It gives a nice, solid, yet balanced feel to users. Compared to other options, this lens provides features not usually found in this price range.

It is not very heavy due to its plastic construction.However, the plastics used in this Nikon lens are of high quality, thus providing a robust impression. The body of this lens is reinforced by a rubber gasket, which keeps the lens mount protected from moisture and dust. These features make it a great option to carry around while you are on vacation.

Bottom Line

If you were only allowed to take one lens with you when you were about to go on a vacation and where you will have to take shots of almost anything, then the Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 18-140mm is the best option. Its versatile zoom range allows photographers to gather both the scope and sweep of cityscapes and countrysides you encounter. Moreover, this lens gives telephoto power, thus allowing users to capture sharp details, striking portraits, and compelling candid moments.

This lens, being a Nikkor, is an outstanding product featuring superbly crafted optical elements and unmatched workmanship. VR stabilization ensures clear and sharp pictures even at low shutter speeds. As it does not weigh much, it is a perfect companion when you need to pack light. Its brilliant performance and unbelievable price make it a compact lens that you will definitely love due to its grab-and-go utility.

This is a lens that you can conveniently use on your camera during your whole vacation. The Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor nicely complements the line-up of the different available Nikon general-purpose lenses. If you do not want to spend too much but want to come home with photos that show excellent results, then don’t miss this lens.

Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED...
  • Goes from wide-angle (18 millimeter ) to telephoto (140 millimeter ) for great snapshots and videos...
  • Nikon Silent Wave Motor (AFS) enables fast, accurate and quiet autofocus, Minimum focus distance...
  • VR image stabilization for sharper handheld photos and videos in low-light situations and at...

What Does 18-140mm Lens Mean?

18-140mm refers to the unit’s range of focal length. Focal length can be simply defined as the distance between the sensor of the camera and the lens’ point of convergence. The larger the distance between the sensor and the point of convergence, the more zoomed in you’ll be. An 18-140mm lens further has a wide-angle view of 76° to 11°30′, enabling you to zoom in closer. It also features a tighter zoom lens that avoids lens creep. Moreover, it boasts a filter thread measuring 67mm, a reproduction ratio of .23x, and a close focusing distance of 0.45m.

Are All 18-140mm Lenses The Same?

Right now, only one version of the 18-140mm lens has been released by Nikon and is compatible with cameras designed with APS-C sensors. This model was developed to replace the 18-135mm Nikon and boasts VR image stabilization.

Nikon 18-140mm lens


Sharp, wide open throughout the entire zoom range, this unit only has slight vignetting and corner softness. While the model boasts incredible center sharpness at all focal lengths, stepping down by only one aperture setting further improves performance. Also, the unit captures the sharpest images and delivers optimal performance in the 35-50mm range by f/11.

While this unit is not designed for macrophotography, it still features a respectable reproduction ratio of 1:4.3 and a 0.23x magnification. The image sensor further has a minimum close-focusing range of 45cm, so you’ll be looking approximately 28cm from the end of the model.  

What is the Nikon 18 140mm Lens Used For?

Released in 2013, the NIKKOR 18-140mm can be defined as a superzoom lens compatible with DX-format DSLR cameras. The extremely versatile 7.8x zoom range enables photographers to capture everything from telephoto close-ups on the field to beautiful wide-angle family portraits. Four stops of image stabilization further ensure sharper and clearer handheld videos and photos, particularly when shooting at maximum focal lengths or in low-light conditions.

The 18mm wide-angle view makes the unit ideal for landscapes, group shots, and any other moment where photographers need to include more in the frame. On the other hand, the 140mm allows telephoto reach, enabling users to capture beautiful close-ups of their favorite players from the sidelines. The rest of the focal length captures images with views similar to what we see with our own eyes, making it perfect for portraits.

The model can also be used for street photography and travel photography. It’s also used by photography students for beginner photography classes. To put it simply, the Nikon 18-140mm can be used to capture anything you can imagine, including landscapes, portraits, and street photography.

How to Choose an 18-140mm Lens

An 18-140mm lens is a big investment. To ensure you don’t end up wasting your money, here are some things you should consider before finalizing your purchase:


Aperture can be simply defined as the size of the opening inside the model. A certain number of blades are then arranged in an overlapping, circular pattern to develop a diaphragm. Different apertures close and open the diaphragm, allowing less or more light to enter the camera and lens. Thus, it’s better to choose a model with a large opening, so you can take sharp images in low-light situations, as well.

Nikon Camera


Depth of Field

As the name suggests, depth of field refers to the depth of an image that’s sharply in focus, from behind and in front of the focus point. Thus, it’s better to choose a unit with an aperture that creates an incredibly narrow depth of field, so you can easily isolate your subject from the background to make the image appear more three-dimensional.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization helps keep the camera stable when shooting handheld at slower shutter speeds. Usually, holding a long and heavy telephoto lens at slower shutter speeds results in more shake, so make sure the model you choose comes equipped with an image stabilization system.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before investing in this lens, it is better to consider the following aspects:


Different lenses are designed to fit different cameras. Some are designed with a smaller sensor while some have larger focal length. Before choosing a lens, make sure that it will fit your camera and is suitable for the type of photography that you want to do.

Image Stabilization

Not all lenses ensure brightness and good aperture value, which is an important thing to consider if you are going to be photographing in low-light conditions. Also, lenses are designed with an image stabilizer, which helps to prevent possible tremors and movements. This feature can be very helpful when taking photos in inadequate light and poor shutter speeds. Pay special attention to the conditions in which you will be using the lens before deciding on a model.

Carry Case

If you are going to take a lot of trips with your lens, make sure that it is lightweight and comes with a carry case. This will not only make it easier to carry around when you go sightseeing but will also protect it from physical elements.

People Also Ask

Choosing a good, quality lens can be quite a big investment. People like to research the features, read online reviews, and discuss the pros and cons with their photographer friends before choosing a model. People also search for answers to the following questions before choosing this lens:  

Is the Nikon 18-140mm a Good Lens? Why?

The Nikon 18-140mm is a great lens as it allows photographers to take extremely sharp pictures with beautiful bokeh. While you are traveling, you don’want to have to carry multiple lenses as they may become heavy and cumbersome while trekking nature trails or traipsing around the city. This one lens allows you to take breathtaking pictures of landscapes, as well as memorable family portraits.   

Which is Better 18-55mm or 18-140mm? Why?

Although both these lenses have different focal lengths, the 18-140 lens provides you with a wide-angle of view, making it possible to zoom in closer to the subject. The 18-140mm can close focus up to 0.45mm while the 18-55mm provides a focusing distance of 0.25mm. Also, the 18-140mm is equipped with a tighter zoom ring, thus eliminating lens creep.


The Nikon 18-140mm is a great do-everything lens that is highly suitable for DX cameras. It focuses well and has every focal length that a good photographer requires. Its VR image stabilization and Silent Wave Motor, together with outstanding optics and renowned quality of construction make the Nikon 18-140mm one of the best lenses for high-resolution Nikon DSLRs.