Best Lightroom Tutorials [2022 Review]

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In the world of digital editing, Adobe Lightroom is a titan. With a multitude of functions and features, effects, and applications, Lightroom is a powerful post-processing and photo organization software, loved by amateurs and professionals alike.

At the most rudimentary level, the software allows you to arrange and sort through your photos, edit them and export them. However, there is much more to this software than just these three functions. The deeper you dive, the more amazed you will be because, with the possibilities that Lightroom offers.

Like with any industry tycoon, however, getting acquainted with Lightroom can be a daunting task. To guide you through your journey with this software, we have put together some of the best Lightroom Tutorials for the year.

Review of the Best Lightroom Tutorials

Considering the immense popularity of Lightroom as a software, it is only logical to assume that there would be hundreds of Lightroom tutorials to choose from. Sorting through the clutter and the noise, here are some of our top picks for Lightroom Tutorials. 

Best Overall: Lightroom Mastery


  • Lifetime access
  • Covers a variety of topics
  • Great overview tutorial for Lightroom
  • Comprehensive, informative and only 3 hours long
  • Great customer service and 60-day money-back guarantee 


  • None

Why it Stands Out to Us

Lightroom has a lot to offer, and Lightroom Mastery ensures that you make the most of it. Photographer Mike Newton has helped thousands of photographers from amateurs to pros so they can master Lightroom and utilize all of its features.The course is cost-effective and, as it offers lifetime access to the videos, you can refresh your skills whenever you like.

Perfect for any photographer looking to learn and refine their skills, Lightroom Mastery is a comprehensive course that extensively covers a wide range of topics.From the essentials of Lightroom editing tools to creating panoramas and HDR images, all that you could possibly need to know about Lightroom is encapsulated within these 16 modules.

Runner-up: MCP Actions™ Baby Bundle Editing and Learning Tools


  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Creates professional-looking images
  • Streamlines and simplifies the editing workflow
  • Super simple to use and navigate for beginners
  • Has a vast range of tools that you can explore and learn on the job 


  • Might be a bit expensive for some
  • Might also be restrictive as it is specially designed to cater to newborn photography

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Baby Bundle Newborn Photography Editing and Learning Tools by MCP actions is an all-encompassing package with everything you could possibly need to get started on this software. With a variety of presets, brushes, effects, and so much more, you can explore Lightroom’s features on the job.It offers a great way for beginner photographers to get accustomed to Lightroom’s many functions, while also providing intermediate and advanced users with a way to further expand their skill set. Take your editing skills to the next level with the Baby Bundle and unlock your hidden potential along the way.

Best for the Money: Adobe Lightroom CC Complete Guide


  • Offers lifetime access
  • Includes five photo editing recipes
  • Includes interactive bonus content
  • Can be streamed to any device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • 14 free Lightroom Presets and ACR Presets come free with the purchase


  • Might be a little expensive; however, it offers great discounts

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Adobe Lightroom CC Complete Guide by The Luxe Lens, much like the name suggests, is an all-inclusive, go-to guide for everything that you need to know about Lightroom CC. From getting you accustomed to the Lightroom’s interface to creating linear and radial gradients, Jonathan Veith will take you through the ins and outs of Lightroom, equipping you with everything you need to know.This Lightroom tutorial is structured and systematic, making it a great option for relatively new Lightroom users.

The tutorial also includes some exclusive, bonus content. It comes along with 14 free presets to get you started on your editing journey. With lifetime access and helpful tip sheets, the Adobe Lightroom CC Complete Guide is definitely one of the best guides that money can buy.

Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits


  • Lifetime access
  • Great customer service
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Perfect for people at all skill levels
  • Comprehensive, informative and only 3 hours long


  • Might be a little pricey for some

Why it Stands Out to Us

A treat for all portrait photographers, the Lightroom Mastery: People & Portraits will teach you all of Lightroom’s well-kept secrets that pros use to turn an average shot into a visual masterpiece. Editing portraits in a tricky business. There are a lot of minute details that require attention, making it a challenging skill to master.

Guided by Mike Newton, this tutorial includes 33 different modules to take you through various features and techniques in detail. Through the tutorial, you will learn how to use the adjustment brush, radial filter, skin editing techniques, and much more, including Mike Newton’s Lightroom editing workflow that he adopts for portraits. 

The People & Portraits tutorial has a lot of insightful guidelines and tips to offer that could help you turn good photos into stunning portraits. Perfect for the novice and seasoned photographer alike, this tutorial is a must for any portrait photographer.

Adobe Lightroom Secrets


  • Offers lifetime access
  • Includes five photo editing recipes
  • Includes interactive bonus content
  • Can be streamed to any device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • 14 free Lightroom Presets and ACR Presets free with purchase


  • Maybe a little expensive, however, offers great discounts for affordability

Why it Stands Out to Us

Tap into the hidden potential of Lightroom with the Adobe Lightroom Secrets tutorial by the Luxe Lens. From optimizing your workspace and learning useful keyboard shortcuts to finding clever ways to save on time, this tutorial is everything you need to get the most out of your Lightroom experience.

Each video builds on the previous video, making it cohesive and easy to follow. With the interactive quizzes at regular intervals, you can keep your learning on track. The tutorial also offers access to tips and cheat sheets for future reference.

Adobe Lightroom Secrets is a great course for photographers at all skill levels. You never know what you might find!

Comparison of the Best Lightroom Tutorials

What is a Lightroom Tutorial?

Lightroom is an amazing tool that allows photographers to organize their images effectively as well as enhance and edit their photos to perfection. Beyond this, however, the software is also a multi-dimensional and highly nuanced software. Even the most advanced and experienced user may not have tapped into the full potential of this tool. 

A Lightroom tutorial, thus, explains all of the ins and outs of the software. It introduces newbies to what this software is capable of and improves the skills of more advanced users. It is a course or a series of modules to teach you about the various aspects, tools, and features. While some of these tutorials cover basic, essential features, others fine-tune more specific skills within this software.

cinematic edit after using lightroom tutorial


Do I Need a Lightroom Tutorial?

While it is possible to learn the software as you go along, these tutorials help flatten the learning curve. These tutorials not only make it easier to learn the software but can also help you explore all of the available features that this software has to offer. 

Basics For Beginners

Being a newbie at a skill is tough. With the unfamiliar jargon and complex technicalities, it is easy for beginners to feel lost and confused. 

These tutorials are a great tool for beginner photographers who may need a little help getting acquainted with new software. These tutorials cover the basics of Lightroom and may also leave you with helpful tips and tricks that won’t find elsewhere. With the help of Lightroom tutorials, however, you can smoothen this learning process. Take in new information step-by-step and learn the software at your own pace with a guide to assist you whenever you hit a roadblock. 

HDR setting


Update Your Skills

If you are looking to up your editing game or are just in the mood to try out something new with your photos, a Lightroom Tutorial could be just what you need. When it comes to software like Lightroom, there is always something new to learn. Even for the most advanced Lightroom users, there are still tons of lesser-known features to explore.

Lightroom Tutorials can be a great way to keep abreast of new developments in the software and also to keep your skills up to date. You can use these tutorials to polish your editing skills and learn new and better techniques. By engaging with other people and their experiences with Lightroom, hone your skills, push yourself to go beyond what you already knew, and constantly challenge yourself to be better.

Get Inspired

The creative process has its own set of obstacles along the way. So, when you hit a block, Lightroom tutorials are a great way to get your creative juices flowing again. From giving you new ideas to helping you find perspective, these tutorials can keep you inspired and motivated.

Aspects of Our Favorite Lightroom Tutorials

Lightroom is a powerful program that contains many unique features. Educating yourself on some of these features takes time. Therefore, it is important to note some important aspects which will help you on your journey of discovery. Some of the aspects we measure how good a Lightroom tutorial will include:


These tutorials give you an in-depth, all-encompassing look into the various aspects and features of Adobe Lightroom. From the basis of editing and essential tools to helpful pointers on how to speed up your workflow, each of these tutorials will give you an overarching understanding of how Lightroom works and how you can make use of all that it has to offer. 

edit using adobe lightroom



Our top picks are tutorials accessible to both beginners and professionals. Though some may require a little fore-knowledge about the software, these tutorials are perfectly suited to complete amateurs but also contain content that will appeal to more advanced editors.

Learn at Your Own Pace

One of the highlights of these tutorials is that it allows you to learn and understand the software at your own pace. Watch these tutorials as many times as you like until you master the skill, before moving on to the next segment.

What Are the Benefits of a Lightroom Tutorial?

Adobe Lightroom is an extraordinary photo editing software with enough tools and functions to drive anyone insane. Like a knight in shining armor, Lightroom tutorials are true saviors to those making their Lightroom debuts. These tutorials detail how Lightroom works, how it should be used, and what you can achieve with it. 

Different tutorials cater to different needs. For instance, some tutorials provide an overarching introduction to Lightroom while others focus their attention on specific types of photography and how to edit certain images like portraits and landscapes.

These tutorials are a huge advantage to beginners who are struggling to get the hang of the software. They are also beneficial to intermediate and advanced users who need to refresh their knowledge or upgrade their skills to keep up with the rapidly advancing software.

edit using adobe photoshop lightroom 3


People Also Ask

Being a hugely popular editing software, one might have several doubts about how to use Adobe Lightroom. Here are our answers to some of the commonly asked questions to help you along your way.

Is Lightroom Good For Beginners?

Lightroom has an extremely simple and well-structured interface that is both easy to use and intuitive. From trained professionals to beginners with absolutely no experience, Lightroom is a great software for all kinds of photographers.

How Do I Use Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best tools for photo editing today. It has a vast range of features, and tool-like presets that you can use to edit and enhance your images and give them that professional, studio look. In order to learn how to use Lightroom better, there are several Lightroom tutorials available that can help you make the most of Lightroom.

editing an indoor portrait


Is Lightroom Hard to Use?

Lightroom is an extremely user-friendly software that is great for amateurs as well as trained professionals. In addition to this, the availability of a number of Lightroom tutorials makes the learning curve for Lightroom much easier and smoother.

What’s Better- Photoshop or Lightroom?

Adobe Photoshop is, in essence, a digital darkroom. It can be used to make in-depth adjustments and alterations to your images. On the other hand, Adobe Lightroom is more like a virtual photography studio. You can use it to import, organize, edit, and export your photographs. Both are equally good, and the choice between the two depends on one’s needs.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Lightroom?

This depends on the learner. Newbies with no editing experience whatsoever may find it more difficult and thus take more time to get the hang of Lightroom. More experienced users may grasp new concepts quicker. The advantage of Lightroom tutorials, however, is that you can learn at your own pace with no deadlines or external pressure.

How Expensive is Lightroom?

As per the Lightroom pricing plan, you can purchase Lightroom either on its own or as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Both plans start at $9.99 per month. Lightroom Classic is also available as part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan, starting at US$9.99/month.

adding own watermark in lightroom


How Do I Edit in Lightroom Professionally?

Lightroom has a number of features that allow you to achieve professional-looking results. From manual editing to the use of presets, there are several options that you can look into to get better edits. Lightroom tutorials are a very useful tool to get more detailed information on how to accomplish professional editing on Lightroom.

What is the Difference Between Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC?

The main difference between the two is that Lightroom CC refers to the subscription-based Creative Cloud variation of Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom 6, on the other hand, is the standard desktop version. It has a perpetual license. This means that you can pay a standard price for it and you won’t incur any additional charges unless you want to make an upgrade.

Can You Buy Lightroom Permanently?

With the latest update, you can no longer buy Lightroom permanently. To get Lightroom, it is now necessary to subscribe to a plan.

What Happens to my Photos if I Cancel Lightroom?

If you cancel your Lightroom subscription, you will lose access to both the software as well as the images that you have stored in your cloud.


Editing is an art form, and our top-picks for Lightroom Tutorials this year can help you master the art of perfect editing with Lightroom. These tutorials are comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and make the learning process extremely enriching.