Best Rolling Camera Bags [2024 Review]

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With many solutions on the market to help keep your camera gear safe while traveling or moving around town, camera owners can find it hard to identify the best rolling camera bag for their needs.

Although a roller camera bag may be heavy, they offer spacious room for the safekeeping of multiple cameras, flashes, lenses, and all other essential camera accessories.

Review of the Best Rolling Camera Bags

Now that you know what to look for in a rolling camera bag, we invite you to take a look at our carefully considered list to help you pick a favorite that will address your needs.

Best Overall: Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0

Think Tank Photo Airport International V3.0 Carry...


  • Removable padded inserts allow for customization
  • Spacious interior that holds large DSLRs and big lenses
  • Includes an exterior compartment for carrying laptop and tablet
  • Both main and laptop compartments have locks systems for security
  • Made from waterproof-material to ensure water does not destroy your equipment


  • New version (V3.0) is slightly smaller than the older ones, such as V2.0
  • Insufficient padding for the laptop compartment

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users say this Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0 rolling camera case is lightweight yet sturdy, which makes it suitable for international travel. The compact design easily fits in most aircraft overhead bins, so they get to carry their photography gadgets with them instead of gambling on checked luggage.

Most users love the fact that the bag is made from water-proof material, so they don’t have to worry about their gear getting destroyed by water.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0 features a spacious interior that allows you to carry all your photography gear such as a DSLR, telephoto lenses, wireless receiver, flash unit, and more. Besides, the removable padded separators allow you to customize the space depending on your gadget sizes. It also has a padded exterior compartment for keeping your laptop and tablet safe.

The main compartment has TSA-approved lockable zippers that ensure all your gadgets are safe and secure inside the bag. The laptop compartment zippers feature a high-strength cable with a combination lock for additional security. One side of the bag has a section that holds a tripod.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a durable and water-resistant rolling camera bag that will withstand wear and tear, then the Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0 is the best bag for you. It will not only last a long time but also keep all your photography gadgets intact and safe. The exterior pockets are convenient for carrying your laptop and tablet along with you.

Think Tank Photo Airport International V3.0 Carry...
  • Specially designed interior to maximize gear for carry-on for small aircraft such as commuter and...
  • Dedicated padded laptop and tablet compartments located in a lockable pocket
  • TSA-approved zipper locks for the main compartment, and high-strength coated cable and combination...

Runner-up: Lowepro RL 150 Rolling Case for Camera

Lowepro PhotoStream RL 150 Rolling Case for Camera...


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to carry
  • Side straps are ideal for holding a tripod
  • Locking zippers ensure gears’ safety
  • Urethane-case wheels are excellent vibration absorbers, so your gear remains intact
  • Front cover includes EVA panels for keeping your laptop safe and accessible


  • Some users find it too wide for international travels
  • Depth not enough for most photography gears

What Recent Buyers Report

Most recent users have been searching for a spacious bag to carry their photography gear and keep it organized. Finding Lowepro RL 150 Rolling Case for Camera for Camera was the best thing that happened to them. Now they can grab their case and for a shoot knowing all that they require is inside.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Made from high-quality canvas material, the Lowepro LP37019-PWW assures you of unrivaled durability. The bag looks similar to your sleek regular suitcase, so you can carry it on all your trips without anyone noticing what is inside.

The urethane-case rolling wheels are excellent vibration absorbers and smoothly slide over any surface. This ensures its longevity and reliability. The large, 7.3 inches deep interior design ensures your professional DSLR camera, telephoto lens, wireless receiver, flash unit, and other items are kept safe and intact.

The exterior panel is an excellent storage area for your laptop or tablet. It allows you to access your laptop without having to open the entire bag. Besides having side straps for holding a tripod, the bag’s front cover also has two zippered pockets for keeping notebooks, cables, and other small items.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to tell why the Lowepro RL 150 Rolling Case would not miss our list of the best camera rolling bags. This compact and lightweight bag allow you to carry photography gear weighing up to eight pounds so you can only carry what is within the carry-on weight restrictions. What is more? Its high-quality material offers you unrivaled durability and reliability.

Lowepro PhotoStream RL 150 Rolling Case for Camera...
  • Airline Carry-On Friendly Streamlined design delivers 7. 3” depth giving you peace of mind...
  • Stay Connected Easily Moulded EVA front panel hinges at the top allowing access to your laptop...
  • Roll With Ease Vibration-absorbing, urethane-case wheels with ABEC-5 rated bearings provide a smooth...

Best for the Money: Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case

Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case...


  • Easily converts to a backpack
  • Exterior pocket can hold a tablet and 15-inch laptop
  • Constructed from high-quality, water-proof nylon
  • Affordable price suitable for buyers on a budget
  • Includes side straps for holding a tripod


  • Not as durable as other premium bags
  • Needs extra care to keep it in good shape

What Recent Buyers Report

With some users praising this Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case for its battery grip and ability to hold their cameras steady, others applauded it for its affordable price. Other users say they have used several rolling camera bags in the past, but none beats the Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If your top priority is getting the most affordable rolling camera bag, consider the Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case. The bag features a spacious interior that can hold two full DSLR cameras, lenses, and a couple of flashes. Besides, the removable separators ensure there is room for proper organization and allow it to hold different types of items.

Apart from the side straps that are convenient for holding a tripod, its front cover also has an exterior pocket ideal for carrying a 15-inch laptop. Furthermore, the bag is made from high-quality water-resistant nylon material that ensures durability. You can also transform this bag into a backpack, thanks to the adjustable padded shoulder straps.

Additionally, the telescopic pull bar easily adjusts for smooth rolling from one place to another, while the bar easily folds down for storage.

Bottom Line

This rolling camera bag earns itself space on this list for its numerous outstanding features. The bag easily converts into a backpack, convenient for carrying where you can’t roll it. The removable padded separators ensure customization while the quality rolling wheels offer smooth mobility. It is also made from durable nylon material, assuring you of durability even with regular use.

Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case...
  • Size: 14.5x11.8x24.4 inches/37x30x62 centimeters; NOTE: Considering the different requirement of...
  • GREAT CAPACITY: The case body with removable padded compartment can hold 2 full DSLR body with lens...
  • USER FRIENDLY WITH BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE: Side straps for holding a tripod monopod or light stand;...

Best Lowepro Rolling Camera Bag: Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW

Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW Camera Bag - Black...


  • Includes a 17-inch laptop compartment
  • Has removable side straps for holding a tripod
  • Interior dividers ensure maximum carrying capacity
  • Made from durable nylon material
  • Wheels have ABEC-5 rated bearings for vibrations absorption and smooth mobility


  • Laptop compartment does not have a zipper
  • Interior has insufficient padding

What Recent Buyers Report

Top photographers say they have been searching for the best rolling camera bag to hold their professional gear without the risk of damaging them. This Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW is the only bag that met their needs.

The bag fits all their camera essentials and them safe. However, most note that the laptop sleeve does not have a zipper and the laptop keeps falling off quite often.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW exterior is constructed from high-quality nylon material that ensures protection for all your items. With 15.43 x 9.02 x 23.58 inches measurements, this rolling camera bag meets international travel regulations for bags.

The Maxfit system separators allow for easy organization and customization of the interior space. The bag has an exterior compartment ideal for carrying a 17- inch laptop, however, an additional laptop case or compartment closure may be necessary to keep it in place.

The lock systems on the compartments offer a secure way to keep everything inside the bag safe. Its wheels are made from urethane material that glides smoothly and ensures maximum absorption of vibration, so your telephoto lens won’t be damaged.

Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for durability, reliability, or a rolling camera bag with a spacious interior, Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW will offer all that. The interior separators provide excellent safe carrying capacity for all your photography equipment.

Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW Camera Bag - Black...
  • Fits: 1-2 Pro DSLRs with grip, 6-8 lenses (up to 600 mm), accessories and small personal items, up...
  • Maxfit system interior dividers maximize carrying capacity
  • Vibration-absorbing, wheels with ABEC-5 rated bearings

Best Tamrac Rolling Camera Bag: Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack

Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack -...


  • Adjustable pull-bar
  • Vibration-absorbing wheels for smooth mobility
  • Side pockets and tripod system are extra storage spaces
  • Bottom compartment is designed to hold a DSLR, a couple of lenses, and flash
  • Top compartment is completely foamed and ideal for holding a second camera


  • Does not have a carry-on handle on the side
  • Space is small for camera owners with lots of equipment

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users love this Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack rolling camera bag’s unique design, and the spacious interior accommodates all their items. Most users love the fact that they can remove the middle divider to create one large compartment.

Why it Stands Out to Us

While some items in this list feature a carry-on case design that cannot be carried on the back, this rolling camera backpack has a lot to offer. Its unique wheels ensure smooth mobility when traveling or moving around the town. Its bottom compartment is ideal for holding a DSLR with 0-200mm with an attached lens of up to 8 inches, flash, and multiple lenses.

The top compartment is completely foamed and has a padded divider that can carry another camera with 6 inches lens attached and two extra lenses. Moreover, you can remove the divider to create more space for storing personal items.

Additionally, the tripod system on the front of the bag carries the tool safely, while the two meshed side pockets are suitable for holding maps, water bottles, and other essentials.

Bottom Line

If uniqueness is your definition of an ideal rolling camera bag, then you will find Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack appealing. It is completely padded to ensure that your professional gear does not get damaged while traveling.

The rolling wheels glide smoothly, making mobility easy. Besides, the meshed side pockets and front tripod system are perfect storage spaces for water bottles and a tripod respectively.

Tamrac 5797 Evolution Speed Roller Backpack -...
  • With a unique combination of wheels and a backpack harness, this versatile rolling backpack is ideal...
  • With a unique combination of wheels and a backpack harness, this versatile rolling backpack is ideal...
  • The bottom compartment holds a DSLR with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached (up to 8”), several extra...

Comparison of the Best Rolling Camera Bags

How to Choose a Rolling Camera Bag

The following are some of the major factors you should consider when buying a rolling camera bag.

Safety and Protection

When purchasing, you need to keep in mind that a camera bag needs to protect all your expensive gear and camera equipment while ensuring that you can easily carry them along with you to all your local or international trips. That means plenty of padding and lockable zippers for security.

Think tank airport v3.0 trolley bag with tri pod.

Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0

Style and Appearance

Another key aspect is the style and appearance of the bag. A roller bag should display who you are as a person. Ensure you go for something that you love and will enhance your sense of style and personality. Failing that, it should at least look professional.


These bags come with different price tags. Picking a quality camera bag that will not strain your budget will give you peace of mind. Stick to a budget so you don’t accidentally spend more on the bag than its contents. The best rolling camera bags should strike a good balance between quality and pricing.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Make sure to keep a few things in mind when buying a rolling camera bag.

Padded Separators

Padded separators are an important part of any rolling camera bag. They protect your gear from shock during motion while keeping the interior organized. They are ideal for customizing the bag’s interior depending on the sizes and quantity of your gadgets. With that, no space will be wasted, items will fit perfectly, and none will be damaged.

Camera and accessories compartmentalize by pads inside the camera bag.

Lowepro LP37019-PWW

Storage Capacity

Although camera bags are designed to carry almost all types of photography gadgets, some have larger space than others. Most can hold a mid-range DSLR, flashes, multiple lenses, and two camera bodies.

Some have extra compartments for carrying a memory card, tablet or laptop, and others include straps for holding tripods or monopods, while some have both. Larger bags can hold 300mm or 400mm lenses, whereas smaller ones can carry 70-200mm f2.8 lens or a 70-300mm.

Airline Carry-on Weight Requirements

Airlines have restrictions on the required amount of weight and size of the luggage you carry along on the plane.

Your rolling camera bag should not exceed the required size (21.6 x 13.77 x 9 inches) and weight (22 pounds). All the bags on our list are within these requirements.

Pros and Cons of Rolling Camera Bags

Almost any product has some good features and some you may not desire.



Camera bags are designed with plenty of space that ensures all your gear is kept safe. 

Most bags provide extra storage space for a laptop, water-bottle, notebooks, and other essentials.

Padded interiors ensure maximum shock absorption, so no personal items get destroyed.


Made from high-quality materials like ballistic nylon, most of these bags are water-resistant, providing additional safety, especially when walking in the rain or during winter.

The wheels are also made from vibration-absorbent material such as urethane, which makes them more durable. 

Convenient for Traveling

You will not be required to carry a rolling bag on your back. Although some have a backpack option, most simply allow you to roll them on the ground.

Camera, accessories and laptop compartmentalize by pads inside the camera bag.
Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case



Although built to last, some rolling camera bags come with sticker shock.

Large and Bulky

Some bags may provide a spacious interior suitable for packing all photography gear, but they are too big and bulky for frequent travel.

How to Pack a Camera Bag

1. Separate the lenses from the camera body and any other parts that are separable to prevent them from scratching, rubbing, or colliding against each other.2. Remove the battery to avoid turning on the camera accidentally.

3. Wrap the now separated items in well-padded materials to provide enough cushioning. The cushion absorbs vibrations and prevents damage to the gear.  You can purchase these wrappers from local stores.

4. Using the padded dividers, create separate compartments for each item. Ensure the space allocated to each item equals the measurement of each item to keep them from moving within. A fully padded compartment absorbs vibrations to provide maximum safety from damage, so ensure the pads stay in place.

Camera and accessories compartmentalize by pads inside the camera bag.
Think Tank Photo Airport V3.0

5. Fit in all the equipment in their specific compartments. Exercise maximum care when fitting in.

6. Add Silica gel packs to absorb moisture around your camera.

7. Close the main compartment’s front cover and zip the bag. If it has a lock system, ensure you use it to boost the security of your items.

8. If the bag has tripod or monopod straps, on the side or front, add these items and strap them up.

9. Now add the laptop, lighting gear, water bottle, and other essentials in their specific storage areas.

People Also Ask

We are done with the review of the best rolling camera bags and now you are aware of what to look for when purchasing. Now let’s look at the most common question users and potential buyers ask about rolling camera bags.

How Much Does a Rolling Camera Bag Cost?

When it comes to the best rolling camera bag, prices depend on the bag’s features. Such features include storage capacity, size, brand, and padding. The bag’s material also determines its price because it determines its longevity. Most rolling camera bag prices range from $100 to $400. 

How Long Will a Camera Bag Last?

A camera bag can last 10 years or more, depending on how well you take care of it. These bags have a maximum carrying capacity, so if you want them to serve you faithfully for a longer period, ensure you do not exceed the recommended carrying capacity.

Are These Camera Bags Waterproof?

Most camera bags are made from waterproof materials, such as ballistic nylon and canvas. Some also come with plastic covers that you can add to the bag to ensure maximum safety. Owning a water-proof camera bag gives you the confidence that your equipment will not be destroyed by moisture or water, even when you live in or travel to an area with high humidity.

Man with a backpack
Lowepro Pro Roller X200 AW


Having the best rolling camera bag to hold and protect all your expensive camera equipment is essential for any serious camera owner. These bags provide a spacious storage area that keeps all your equipment organized. They can carry all types of photography equipment like cameras, flashes, drones, laptops, stands, and notebooks.