How to Transfer Photoshop From One Computer to Another

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Photoshop is one of the most advanced photo-editing applications. However, it’s paid software, and you will need to enter the license key when installing it. Learning how to transfer Photoshop from one computer to another will help you transfer it without purchasing an additional key.

How to Transfer Photoshop From One Computer to Another

Photoshop is a flexible image manipulation application, and you can run it in both windows and mac operating systems. However, Photoshop system requirements vary, with the latest versions requiring higher specifications. That means you might need to transfer Photoshop to a computer with higher specs if you plan to update.

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You might also want to upgrade your computer or switch from a desktop to a laptop due to portability reasons. Regardless, you can use the following methods to transfer Photoshop to a different computer without purchasing a new license key.

Downloading Photoshop on the New Computer

Considering that Photoshop is still available from the official Adobe website, you can manually download and install it directly on the new computer. However, to avoid issues with your current subscription, use the following steps when installing the new software.

Deactivate Photoshop From the Old Computer

Since Photoshop licensing restricts you on the number of devices you can use with a single license key, you need to deactivate Photoshop from the device that you want to transfer it from. Typically, deactivating Photoshop will free the activation license for the remaining period.

That means you can use the same key to sign in on the new computer after installation. Deactivation simply means signing out from Photoshop without uninstalling it or tampering with the setup files. However, you can only use Photoshop as a free trial on the old computer after deactivation.

  1. Ensure the old computer you want to transfer Photoshop from is connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. Open Adobe Photoshop and sign in if prompted.
  3. Navigate to Help and then choose to Deactivate Permanently. Remember this step is irreversible and the old computer will require you to enter the serial number again if you want to continue using Photoshop.
  4. If your device is lost, the hard drive crashes or the system cannot launch Photoshop, you can’t deactivate it using the above method. However, you can still deactivate it from the old computer using the Creative Cloud Account Management page by signing in to your Creative Cloud account using your Adobe password and ID.
  5. Navigate to the Plans and Products tab and then choose Manage Plans.
  6. Usually, you will see the activated computers under the Activated Devices tab. Choose the old computer from which you want to transfer Photoshop from and then deactivate it.
  7. If you are unable to access the page or you are unable to deactivate it from the page, you can contact Adobe customer service to help you deactivate the software.

Install Photoshop on the New Computer

After deactivation, connect the new computer to a stable internet connection and then go to the Creative Cloud apps catalog. Sign in to the account using your Adobe password and user ID. Once signed in, navigate to Photoshop and then choose Download.

Usually, the desktop app will appear and guide you through the installation process. The status bar besides the application’s name can help you keep track of the download process. Keep in mind that the download process can take some time, depending on your internet connection.

Note that internet disruptions can interfere with the download process and cause it to start afresh. Once complete, Install the downloaded file like any other application. Again, the installation might take some time, depending on your computer’s specifications.

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Activate the Photoshop on the New Computer

Usually, the installed Photoshop will be without a license key, and you can use it as a free trial if you don’t have a product key. However, if the Photoshop you deactivated from the computer had a valid license key, you can use it to activate the new software.

Typically, Photoshop will automatically ask you to enter a product key once it opens for the first time after installation. Ensure the computer is connected to the internet, and then enter the key of the deactivated software.

Alternatively, you can activate by signing in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account using your Adobe password and user ID and then navigating to the Activate option under the Help option in Photoshop.

Transferring Photoshop Using a Transfer Tool

Keeping in mind that deactivating Photoshop and downloading new Photoshop installation files can be challenging and time-consuming, you can use the following steps to transfer the already installed Photoshop from the previous computer to the new one.

Install a Software Transfer Tool

A software transfer tool helps you to migrate an existing software installation from one computer to another without the need for additional activation keys. Keeping in mind that you want to transfer the installed Photoshop without reinstalling it, your computer needs to be accessible and in running conditions.

Usually, this method will require you to use a software transfer tool such as the EaseUs Todo PCTrans. Connect the computer to the internet and then download and install the transfer tool. Note that your computer needs to be running on the latest versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

Connect the Computers Over the LAN

Connect the old and the new computer on the same LAN and then launch the tool on both computers. Go to the PC to PC mode on the old PC, choose PC to PC, and then click on New.

Establish a network connection between the computers by inputting the old PC’s verification code or account password into the new computer. With the computers connected, navigate to Applications and then tick the checkbox next to Adobe Photoshop to choose it for transfer.

You can then initiate the transfer process by clicking on the Transfer button. Once the transfer is complete, navigate to the tool’s Product Key option and choose Scan. Usually, this will help find and copy the installed serial number you need to activate Photoshop on the new computer.

Transfer Photoshop Using the Installation Disk

If you purchased your copy of Photoshop on an installation CD, you can use the CD to install a similar copy on another computer. Usually, the CD stores the installation files, and you don’t need to download the files on the new computer.

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However, the application will still require you to enter a product key after installation. In some cases, Adobe might allow you to use the product key that comes with the installation CD on two computers. That means you can still use the key to activate Photoshop on the new computer without deactivating the old computer.

However, if you have used the product key on two computers already, you can connect the old computer to an internet connection and then deactivate Photoshop. Typically, this will free the product key, and you can use it on the new computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Transfer Photoshop Files From a Computer to a USB?

You can transfer photoshop files from a computer to a USB by launching Photoshop, navigating to File, and then choose Export. In the dialog box that pops up, choose a location on your USB where to save the files, enter the file name, and then choose Save.

How Can I Know I Have Successfully Registered Photoshop After Transfer?

You can know you have successfully registered Photoshop after transfer by checking the serial number. Open the application, navigate to Help and then choose About Photoshop. Usually, a window will pop up showing the installed serial number.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to transfer Photoshop from one computer to another will help you install Photoshop on newer computers without purchasing a new product key. You only need to deactivate Photoshop on the old computer and then install and activate it on the new computer.