How to Change the Color of a Logo in Photoshop

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Logos play a very important role in converting customers. Their colors are an indication of what the company might represent and a lot of companies change the color of their logos along the way. Knowing how to change the color of a logo in Photoshop helps a great deal if you are a new business owner.

How to Change the Color of a Logo in Photoshop

To change the color of a logo in Photoshop, you can use “Replace Color” to change the color of both the logo and its background. The color overlay tool will help you change the color of the logo if the background is transparent. Moreover, you have other options such as using the color adjustment tool and changing the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer.

Use Replace Color

You can use “Replace Color” to change the color of your logo and its background. However, it works better if the colors are separated well and the whole logo is two or three toned. Follow these steps to change the color of your logo:

Replacing the color of a logo
  1. First open the logo on the app by going to file and clicking on open.
  2. Then go to the image and choose adjustment. Click on Replace Color. A tab will appear.
  3. Click on the part of the logo you want to change the color of to select it.
  4. On the tab, the color would appear on the result area. Click on that area and now you can change this color to whatever you want. You can pick a color on the color line or input the numbers in the boxes given.
  5. Click OK when you are finished with that part.
  6. You can further adjust the color through the HSL sliders on the tab. Click OK again when you are done.
Choosing a different color for a logo in Photoshop

Use Color Overlay

This method can be used if your logo has a transparent background. Note that the background should be transparent and not white. You can tell this by looking at the logo’s thumbnail. If it is white and gray checkerboard, it just confirms that the background is transparent. Follow these steps to change the color of your logo:

Using Color Overlay in Photoshop
  1. Open the logo on the app.
  2. Double click on your logo layer.
  3. A layer Dialogue box will open. On the styles menu, check off the colors overlay checkbox.
  4. Change the blend mode to normal.
  5. Now click on the color palette and change the color according to your preference. Again, you can choose it from the color line or input numbers in the boxes.
  6. Move the opacity slider and see what suits your logo.
  7. Click apply to change the color of your logo.
Editing a logo in Photoshop

Change Background to Transparent

If you want to change your logo color and need to make your background transparent follow these steps:

Using the Color Range tool in Photoshop
  1. Upload the logo.
  2. Go to select and click on Color Range.
  3. Select highlights and click on OK.
  4. On the bottom layer, drag the lock button to the bin.
  5. Click the delete key now. This will turn the background transparent.

Besides this, you can use online tools to do it easily such as PhotoScissors.

Changing the background of a photo to transparent

Use Color Replacement Tool

The color replacement tool is used to replace specific colors in an image with other colors. Therefore it can be used to change the color of a logo in Photoshop too. Follow these steps to use this tool to change the color of a logo:

Editing a logo in Photoshop
  1. Upload the logo to Photoshop.
  2. Select the color replacement tool. You will find this tool on the left. Press and hold on the brush tool and you will see the option to select it.
  3. Your cursor will now turn into a circle with crosshair in the middle. You can adjust the size of this circle by pressing the left bracket key to make it smaller and the right bracket key to make it larger.
  4. Now you have several options. You can adjust the sampling and tolerance according to your need.
  5. If you choose the continuous option, Photoshop will sample the color underneath the cursor. This color will be replaced by the color you chose in the foreground color. You can set this in the foreground color swatch at the bottom. (It is black by default).
  6. To change the foreground color, click the foreground color swatch. It will open a dialogue box. Choose the color you want the logo to be.
  7. Keep dragging the cursor over the areas that you want to color with the foreground color.
  8. If you accidentally color a wrong piece, just click Ctrl/ Command + Z to undo the last edit.


One option is to choose your sampling style. If you choose “continuous’,, the cursor will pick samples as long as you drag it. If you choose once, it will only replace the colors in areas that you picked first. Lastly, the background swatch option replaces the colors in the current background color.

Using the Color Replacement tool in Photoshop to edit a logo


You also have to set the tolerance to change the colors accurately. If you select a low tolerance level, Photoshop replaces colors which are very close to the sample you chose. This therefore changes a comparatively smaller area.

On the contrary, if you choose a higher tolerance, it changes a broad area. Therefore, if there are more than 3 tones in your logo, it is recommended to use a low tolerance so that other areas are not disturbed.

Use Hue/ Saturation Adjustment Layer

This method works if minor color changes are required for the logo. It would not be able to change black to white for example. It works if there are multiple colors in your logo and you wish to make a hue adjustment. Follow these steps to make it happen:

Using the Hue/ Saturation Adjustment Layer in Photoshop
  1. Go to the layers panel and add a new hue adjustment layer. Make sure that this layer is above the logo layer. You can do this by going to the layer in the menu bar, then choosing new adjustment layer and finally clicking on Hue/Saturation.
  2. You will now see a Master tab. This is where you will global hue, saturation and luminance adjustment for the logo. You can choose “Master” to adjust all the colors in one go.
  3. Adjust the Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders to adjust the colors according to your preference.
  4. Alternatively, instead of choosing “Master,” you can choose a particular color and adjust its Hue, Saturation, and Luminance. This will help you target colors in a better manner.
Image with an adjusted color saturation using Photoshop

Related Questions

Can You Change the Color of a Logo Using the Magic Wand Tool?

You can change the color of a logo using the magic wand tool in Photoshop by first opening the logo. Then click on the magic wand tool and click on the area of the color you want to change. A dotted line should appear around that area.

Now click edit and select “Fill.” In the drop down menu, select “Color.” Choose the right color on the color scale and click OK. Click OK again and this will change that part’s color.

How to Change a PNG Logo’s Color Black?

To change a PNG logo into black, go to “Color”, then “Adjustments” and choose “Brightness and Contrast”. Bring the contrast to a minimum. Then go to the same tab and choose “Colors”. Here, adjust the white slider to the left. This will give you a black logo, just hide the background and you will be able to see this.


To change the color of a logo in Photoshop, you should first decide what kind of changes you want. Based on that you have several options. To make slight changes, you can use the Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. On the other hand, to target each color separately, use the color replacement tool.