Polaroid Snap Touch Review

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Zink Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print...
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Polaroid Snap Touch

Zink Polaroid Snap Touch Portable Instant Print...


  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Other Features: Prints 2x3s with built-in ZINK printer
  • Screen: 3.5″ touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi: Bluetooth
  • Video: 1080p, 720p
  • Burst Speed: Yes
  • Sensor: 13 megapixels
  • Release Date: 2016-11-01

The original idea behind photo sharing is back with a newly renamed camera. the Zink Polaroid Snap is technically a digital camera — it uses a 13 megapixel digital sensor — but it spits out instant prints true to Polaroid’s past.The camera works by using a built-in ZINK printer. ZINK paper has ink crystals embedded inside, which are activated by heat.

That means you can print a photo by only reloading the paper, no ink necessary. That allows Polaroid to take a digital photograph and spit out an instant print while still making the camera compact. Built-in Bluetooth and a Polaroid app allows users to share electronically without a computer as well.

The Polaroid Snap Touch is scarce on the details however — we don’t know how large the sensor is, or even how fast it can shoot, just that there’s a burst mode included. With the $179 price tag, we’re expecting that the best thing about this camera is the built-in printer. If the idea is to share images instantly in both the traditional and social media sense of the word, then the camera is a good option.

We’re just not sure it would be capable of winning any photo contest — but only some experience with the camera will determine that.The Polaroid Snap Touch is a fun camera that’s great for sharing photos — it adds a touchscreen over the original Polaroid Snap — to make accessing the camera’s controls even easier.

The latest version also has a new photo booth mode and a mirror on the front to assist with framing a selfie. The camera comes in six different colors and will be available in November 2016.