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We think DCHQ is pretty great, but it would be naive to assume that we could provide you with absolutley everything you need to know about digital cameras and photography. And so, once you've snagged a deal on a digital camera with us, we'd like to share a few of the helpful resources out there. Here are some great photography resources from around the web. and the The Photography Links Directory is a collection of arts and photography resources--you never know what treasures you might find here. (Apogee Photo Magazine) is an online resource for photographers of all skill levels, "designed to inspire, educate and inform." offers reasonably priced photography classes that you can take online, at your own pace. aims to help interesting work get discovered with a wide range of contests and promotions. Whether you are new to photography or have a good amount of experience, it's a neat site to check out.

United Kingdom Photo Forum, Blog, Magazine & News Directory

PhotographyDirectoryProject.Com is a good place to find new photo-related resources.

More Photographers at is the motherload of photography resources--head here when you're looking for a new photography site to follow. is a website dedicated to photography enthusiasts that are serious about honing their craft. The website contains a vast amount of resources on basic skills as well as unusual tricks.

Photography Directory
Photography Directory