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Hello, thanks for your comments! We have not been able to get a review model of the TG-4 yet, so we can't directly compare the image quality of the two. But, just looking at the specs, the TG-4 has a much brighter lens. If you are planning on goin...

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Ummm.... my family has been using the C813 since 2009 or so. Never had any problems with picture or build quality. The optical zoom is nice. We've had and used it long enough that the body of the camera is actually weathering some. The camera LOO...

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Are you kidding me? This camera was released way back in 2005/2006 and back then it was a fairly good budget choice. Could you even buy them as new in 2013? As that is when you are claiming they were released. Even then, do you realistically think...

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Oops forgot to include my most important question: For thee waterproof cameras, how do you care for your lens? how to prevent or treat limescale build-up? How to wipe after water exposure? Etc.. Thank you.

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Hi. Great info. I especially like your test-photos, it is very informative. How would you compare the Image Quality of this camera to the TG-4 Tough camera?

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I really wish you gave more technical details in your review of this camera. I would like to compare it to the newly released TG-870 Tough camera in some of the details. What about Sharpness & detail? What about ISO? What about noise reduction? Lo...

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I use a Kodak C813 for work. Been using it for years and never had a bit of problems out of it. Its been dropped, kicked, sat on and had coffee spilled all over it. Granted, it is not a professional camera by any means but for quick, send an ex...

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Thanks for reviewing this piece. Got to say that the image height-width ratio look plain ugly. It would fit nowhere. Sorry.

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Excellent suggestions - BTW , if your company needs to fill out a a form , my colleague edited a sample version here "http://pdf.ac/ay4L5K"

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