Digital Camera HQ Announces 2014 Editor's Choice Awards

Digital Camera HQ, a growing review-based website, has announced the top ranked cameras for 2014. The Editor's Choice awards were given out to eleven different cameras, each in different categories, based on image quality, performance and design.

“Camera technology is becoming increasingly focused on better sensors and lenses in a smaller, more user-friendly design,” said DCHQ Managing Editor, Hillary Grigonis. “Selecting the top model was a tough choice in many categories, but ultimately came down to the best image quality paired with the most enjoyable user experience.”

DCHQ reviews the best imaging products throughout the year and finalized their 2014 scores last week. The awards are broken down by category as well as price and given to cameras introduced in 2014 or late 2013.

The DCHQ 2014 Editor's Choice cameras are:

Cameras are selected for the Editor's Choice Award based on their review scores, which are based on four categories: Body & Design, User Experience & Performance, Image Quality and Value For Money.

Digital Camera HQ offers unbiased, informative reviews from both camera experts and users. DCHQ doesn't sell cameras, but lists the prices for several online retailers to help readers find the right camera at the right price.

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