How to Check Shutter Count on a Canon 6D

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Knowing your camera shutter count is crucial to being a good camera owner. The last thing you want is your camera to fail when you need it. To prevent such situations, it’s important to know how to check the shutter count on a Canon 6D if that’s what you own.

How to Check Shutter Count on a Canon 6D

Finding the correct shutter actuation of a Canon camera is slightly more complex than other camera models because a Canon does not store shutter information in the file data that is immediately available to you; instead, it keeps this info deep within the camera. You’d need special softwares to determine the count on your shutter.

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To find the shutter number, you can do one of three things:

  1. Send the camera to an authorized retailer to help you check
  2. Install an add-on such as Magic Lantern to help dig up the shutter number
  3. Use free software such as EOS info

The first option involves the stress of sending your camera back and forth to a retailer, and it’s not that fun, especially when you need it for a shoot. The second method seems easy; however, installing 3rd-party software on your camera poses some risks.

The third method is a simple, straightforward, and reliable way to dig up your camera’s shutter number without hassle. So, let’s talk about how you can easily check your cannon’s shutter number using an EOS file.

Checking Your Shutter Count With an EOS File

You don’t need to purchase an external device or install foreign software on your camera to check the count on its shutter using an EOS info file. Here’s how to check your shutter actuation in seven simple steps

Step 1: Prepare the Materials You Need

To check your shutter number using this method, you need your computer, either a laptop or desktop, with a working USB drive, your Canon 6D, and a USB cable for connecting your camera to the computer. Once you have these all ready, you’re good to go.

Step 2: Download the EOS Info File

Next, you need to download the EOS info file, which contains all the necessary information for finding the shutter number on your 6D. Besides, it is compatible with almost every DSLR camera except the 500D models.

To download, click on the EOS info link, which leads to a page titled EOS info.rar. Then click “download” from the upper right corner.

Step 3: Locate the EOS Info File

After downloading, you need to locate the EOS info file. Open the task box by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the task ribbon. The tax ribbon shows a list of four options from which you should select the option “EOS info.exe” which is the extracted file.

Step 4: Activate the EOS Info Box

The EOS info box shows up after opening the extracted file. If it is not displayed, go to the task ribbon at the bottom of your page and click on the camera icon to display the EOS info box.

The info box contains a compilation of specs for different cameras, although it will be left empty until you connect your camera to the computer. Before connecting your camera, you should scan through the list of specs to find out if your Canon 6D is compatible with the info box.

Step 5: Connect Your Canon 6D Camera to the Computer

First, ensure your camera is turned off before plugging in the USB. Then, insert the other end of the cable into your computer to establish a stable connection.

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Step 6: Turn On Your Camera

After connecting to the computer, you should turn your camera on so that the infobox can read the camera specs. Turn off your camera after the computer has completed the scan and detected your camera model.

Step 7: Find the Shutter Number

When you turn off your camera, the info box fills empty fields on your EOS file with relevant information about your Canon 6D model. One of these fields is titled ‘Shutter count,” which contains the correct shutter actuation of your camera.

Checking Shutter Count With Magic Lantern

Magic lantern is open-source software that allows you to check your camera’s shutter number quickly. Here’s how to use the magic lantern to find your camera’s shutter actuation in less than five minutes.

Step 1: Format Your Camera’s Memory Card

The first thing you need to do is to format the memory card inside the camera. Why? Doing this will improve its performance and prevent your files from being fragmented. Many users found the scanning process more stable after formatting their camera SD card.

Step 2: Insert the Card Into Your Computer

After formatting the card, unmount it from your camera and put it in a suitable card reader. Then, on your computer, plug in the card reader. 

Step 3: Download Your Camera File

Search for the website MagicLantern.FM. Afterward, go to their download page at the top of your screen, select the Canon 6D version, and then download the file.

Step 4: Copy the File You Just Downloaded to Your Memory Card

After downloading the Canon 6D file, unzip the downloaded file and copy the parent folder into your memory card. Then, eject it from your computer.

Step 5: Update the Firmware

Next, insert the memory card into your camera and check if the downloaded version is compatible with your camera. If not, you need to update your camera’s firmware to match the file version.

Step 6: Find the Magic Lantern Menu

Restart your camera after updating the firmware. Once done, there’s a new hidden menu on your camera. Click on the trashcan button to reveal that menu which is the Magic Lantern menu.

Step 7: Find Your Shutter Count

After the Magic Lantern menu pops up, scroll down the list of options to find the shutter count option. In front of it, you’ll see the accurate shutter number of your camera.

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Related Questions

No doubt, getting all the appropriate information about your camera’s shutter count brings you one step closer to ideal camera maintenance. What are some other things you need to know about your shutter count? We’ve discussed some frequently asked questions about your camera’s shutter number.

What Is a Shutter Actuation?

A shutter count refers to the number of times that the shutter of your Canon 6D has clicked, opened, or closed to take a picture. This valuation helps determine how long your camera could last before needing maintenance.

What Is an Ideal Shutter Count?

For a new Canon 6D, the average count on the shutter is 100,000. When considering a used camera, a count of 50,000 to 60,000 is the sweet spot. However, most mid-range cameras have an average count of 150,000, while 300,000 is ideal for high-end cameras.

What Are the Advantages of Knowing Your Canon 6D’s Shutter Count?

The shutter number gives a lot of information about the value of a camera when you’re looking to own one. Since it refers to the average number of times your shutter can work without needing maintenance, it lets you know how much a camera has been used beforehand.


As a camera owner, paying attention to your camera’s shutter number is crucial. It gives you the correct information to predict when next you need to checkup your camera. Besides, it allows you to know the actual value of your camera. Finding your canon’s shutter actuation is worth the effort.