Yongnuo vs Neewer

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Yongnuo and Neewer are Chinese companies that specialize in the production of photography equipment. A lot of their product range overlaps and when faced with the option of Yongnuo vs Neewer, buyers face quite a conundrum.

Yongnuo vs Neewer Overview

After purchasing a camera, you always require additional equipment. These companies launched in the 2000s and have since expanded all over the world. They have a wide product range for amateur as well as professional photographers.

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Yongnuo is a brand registered in China that specializes in producing a diverse range of photography equipment. They sell all over the world through direct sale shops in China and e-commerce websites.

They were one of the first companies to introduce an auto-focusing lens in China and have since seen their demand grow worldwide. They now operate four factories that produce photography equipment such as battery packs, flash, and shutter release.

While they have a ton of photography equipment, they are best known for their automatic flash equipment. This equipment is compatible with every camera and you should try them out!


Founded in 2010, Neewer started off selling flash equipment to the local market and have since grown to the huge multinational it is today. It sells its equipment online through E-Commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, and its own website.

Neewer focuses on delivering a high-cost performance. Its product range includes flash equipment, tripods, ring lights, and LED panel lights.

Yongnuo vs Neewer Comparison

Yongnuo and Neewer are Chinese companies selling in the same niche and markets. They have been operating for around the same time period now and thus have a comparable product range and market.


Even though Neewer and Yongnuo are competing brands, they sell the same kind of products and in the same markets. Naturally, they’re bound to have some similarities.

  • Both the brands sell directly to customers as well as through e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. This increases their reach, and they are able to sell to a wide audience at low costs.
  • These brands have their production based in China and are thus able to produce this equipment in high quantities. The higher quantity allows them to achieve lower costs and they are thus able to compete well in the market.
  • These brands sell speed light flash equipment, LED light, lens, and filters.


Even though these brands produce similar products, they are competitors and thus have features that differentiate them. These differences include product range, websites, flash equipment and more are listed below.

Product Range

Neewer has a more diverse product range than Yongnuo. While Yongnuo focuses more on products such as timers and lenses, Neewer has diversified into tripods, lighting studios, ring lights, and battery chargers. Neewer thus has a wider market for its products.


Although both brands have products listed on the biggest eCommerce stores in the world, they sell directly through their websites too. However, once you log on to the website, you would see a huge difference.

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While Neewer’s website has an amazing interface with everything sorted out, Yongnuo does not have this service. Neewer’s website has all of its products listed with an option to purchase directly, while Yongnuo gives you an option to contact the wholesalers.

Also, while Yongnuo’s website does not specify any prices, Neewer allows you to pay for its products in four currencies and is hence the better website overall.

The Most Distinguishing Feature

Both companies are well known for their flash equipment and thus this is where they compete for the most. Naturally, this is their most distinguishing feature.

Neewer’s flash equipment has a more modern look. They have a recycle time of around 4 seconds, which means charging up takes some time. They are compatible with most cameras out there and most have swivel heads that rotate up to 270 degrees.

On the contrary, the Yongnuo has flash equipment which is slightly more expensive but has better features. Their recycle time is approximately three seconds in most of them and the swivel heads have the ability to rotate up to 360 degrees.

When to Use Yongnuo

The fact that Yongnuo lists wholesalers on its website and its products are a bit expensive makes it great for people who are looking to start their own photography equipment reselling stores.

Yongnuo also has better flash equipment. Photographers who require a lot of flash such as during wedding photoshoots should go for Yongnuo. Also, its products such as timers and flash triggers, complement the flash equipment in low light situations.

When to Use Neewer

Neewer has products for people who are looking to get into indoor photography. This includes fashion brands. Neewer’s wide range ring lights and panel lights make it popular amongst companies who are looking to photograph their models in-house.

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Also, Neewer has an excellent equipment range for product photography. They have shooting tents, backdrop kits that allow you to capture detailed pictures of your products. This equipment gives you the flexibility to edit details such as the background and product features.

In addition, Neewer has a full product kit for every photographer who is looking to get into the trade. Not only can they find all their equipment under one roof, but they also get great quality and low prices.

Which Is the Better Brand?

Yongnuo and Neewer serve the same market and have several similar products. Still, Neewer comes out on top because it has a much wider product range that can be used for specific purposes such as fashion and product photography.

Yongnuo could be considered the better brand if we are looking solely into flash equipment and lenses. However, if we look at it holistically, Neewer has the same products and more at lower prices and you should thus go for Neewer.


Yongnuo and Neewer are companies that specialize in producing and selling photography equipment. Even though they are fierce competitors, Neewer eventually comes out on top thanks to its wider product range and lower prices.