Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500

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The Pentax KS2 and Nikon D5500 are entry-level DSLRs that are both almost seven years old. They are fairly priced options along with features such as articulating screens. Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500 will determine which camera comes out on top.

Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500 Overview

The Pentax KS2 and Nikon D5500 came out in 2015. They both have APS-C sized sensors and are technologically sound. While the Pentax KS2 is great for capturing fast moving objects, the Nikon D5500 excels at videography.

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Pentax KS2 Overview

The Pentax KS2 has some of the best entry-level features on the market. With a 20 Megapixels resolution camera and a maximum shutter speed of 1/6000 seconds, the Pentax can capture highly detailed images at fast speeds.

It is well known for its weather sealing which can withstand harsh conditions and is unheard of in this price range. An articulating screen and its WIFI compatibility make the Pentax KS2 a great choice!

Nikon D5500 Overview

The Nikon D5500 is a feature-filled powerhouse. Sporting a 24.2 Megapixels resolution, this camera makes sure that it captures very detailed images. Its long-lasting battery can make sure you can capture images all day long.

The one glaring feature the Nikon D5500 has is its videography features. With a high resolution of 1080 x 60fps, a dedicated cinema app, and time-lapse features, this camera is able to capture aesthetic shots.

Pentax KS2 vs Nikon D5500 Comparison

These cameras do not have many technological differences and their similarities include their sensor size, cinema modes, and much more. However, the fact that these are from different brands, makes some of the features very different including their image resolutions.


As mentioned before, these cameras were released in the same year and hence have many similarities. Some of those include:

  • Starting off, both these cameras have an articulating screen. This feature is very helpful if you plan to take photographs from complicated angles or love taking selfies.
  • Most importantly they have a similar APS-C-sized sensor. The sensor size determines how much light is captured. A larger sensor size captures more light and hence works well in low-light situations.
  • The Pentax KS2 and the Nikon D5500 have a hot-shoe. This allows you to attach accessories such as light meters, external flash, etc.


The cameras were released by different brands and have a price difference which means some differences were inevitable. There are many differences such as their image and video resolutions. Other differences include.

  • The Pentax KS2 has a viewfinder with 100% accuracy whereas the Nikon D5500 has one with 95% accuracy. The viewfinder gives you an idea of the picture you are going to take; 100% accuracy implies that it looks exactly like what you are going to capture.
  • The Pentax KS2 also hosts a built-in focus motor which the Nikon D5500 lacks. This feature allows the lens to move so that the camera can autofocus.
  • The Nikon D5500 comes with a touch screen, allowing you to navigate through the device with ease. On the other hand, the Pentax KS2 does not have this feature.
  • The Pentax KS2 comes with dustproof and water-resistant capabilities. These qualities can resist a thrust of water and a lot of harsh weather conditions. Very few cameras have similar protection. The Nikon D5500 on the contrary, does not have this feature.
  • The focus points in these cameras differ greatly too. The Nikon D5500 has 39 focus points while the Pentax KS2 has only 9 focus points. This gives you more flexibility when you are choosing which part of the scene to focus more on.
  • Another difference in these cameras is their maximum shutter speed. The Nikon offers a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 seconds compared to 1/6250 seconds. A faster shutter speed allows you to take pictures of moving objects without blur.
  • They have varying video features too. The Nikon D5500 has a maximum video resolution of 1080 x 60fps whereas the Pentax KS2 supports a maximum video resolution of 1080 x 30fps.
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Most Differentiating Feature

The most differentiating feature in these cameras is their image resolutions. The KS2 comes with a resolution of 20 Megapixels whereas the D5500 sports a resolution of 24 Megapixels. This allows you to take more detailed, and larger-sized images with the Nikon D5500.

When to Use the Pentax KS2

If you are someone who loves capturing outdoor moments be it street or nature then the Pentax KS2 is made for you. It provides extra protection against dust and water along with being weather sealed. Also, its 100% Viewfinder coverage tells you exactly what you are going to capture.

A high shutter speed of 1/6250 seconds and extra protection ensure that the Pentax KS2 would perform extremely well in sports photography. The additional image stabilizers do not hurt your cause either. So, if you are into that, go for Pentax KS2!

When to Use Nikon D5500

If you are someone who has just gotten into photography, then the Nikon D5500 is the better choice. It has a lower price tag, along with having a touchscreen which makes it easier to navigate.

Also, if you plan on taking videos with your DSLR for your YouTube channel, or any short films then the Nikon D5500 is the way to go! Its high video resolution of 1080 x 60fps, the dedicated cinema mode, time-lapse features will all support you in your venture!

Which Is the Better Camera?

Nikon is clearly the better camera thanks to its higher image and video resolutions and other video features. Also, it comes with a lower price tag and hence, is the better choice in that regard too.

Although the Pentax KS2 comes with a higher shutter speed, and image stabilization features, it is only useful for some specific situations (that too relatively) whereas the Nikon D5500 is a better camera overall.


In the Pentax KS2 vs Canon D5500 debate, the latter comes on top thanks to its better image resolutions and lower price tag. Its features allow you to capture better videos while staying within budget. Hence, go for the Canon D5500!