Nikon D3200 vs Canon T3i

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The Nikon D3200 came out in 2012 whereas the Canon T3i was released in 2011. Though released almost ten years ago, these cameras are still technologically sound. This Nikon D3200 vs Canon T3i comparison will show you how the Nikon D3200 comes out on top.

Nikon D3200 vs Canon T3i Overview

The Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3i are great entry-level cameras that come at low prices. However, the APS-C sized sensor on the Nikon D3200 and the DX sensor on the Canon T3i capture pictures with differing qualities. Let’s take a look at both models before going over their similarities and differences.

Canon T3i

Nikon D3200 Overview

Small in size, the Nikon D3200 comes packed with a 24 Megapixels camera, a battery that can outlast many, and a fixed 3-inch LCD screen. Whether you want to record videos or capture priceless moments with your family, the Nikon D3200 has your back. 

Its DX sensor is a bit old but allows you to capture almost 4 pictures per second, this would come in handy if you are a fan of wildlife photography.

Canon T3i Overview

The Canon T3i is part of Canon’s revered Rebel series. It is one of the best entry-level cameras on the market and has features that are hard to beat. If you are someone who has just started photography, the Canon T3i is the camera for you.

Packed with an 18 Megapixels camera, a DIGIC 4 processor which allows you to take 3.6 pictures per second, and in-built autofocus and flash, this camera has it all. Whether you want to take a family picture or make a video, the Canon T3i is the camera for you.

Its articulating screen can rotate 180 degrees in the direction you are shooting. It allows you to capture images from the most complex angles. If anyone loves taking selfies in HD, this camera is made for you. The 9 point AF system allows you to navigate throughout the camera with ease. 

Nikon D3200 vs Canon T3i Comparison

The Nikon D3200 and Canon T3i  have very few similarities. Also, they come from competing brands and hence have some differing features which comprise their resolutions, and screens.


The Nikon D3200 and the Canon T3i have some similarities including the shutter speed and ISO levels. These features mean that both these cameras perform well in low-light situations. Though very few, the similarities comprise of the following:

Nikon D3200
  • These cameras have a built-in microphone mic jack which is designed to connect the external stereo microphone.
  • Both these cameras have an optical viewfinder. This helps you capture a clear image even if you are capturing it in brightly lit environments. Their viewfinder offers the same field of view (95%) too.
  • The maximum shutter speed of both these cameras is 1/4000 seconds. A fast shutter speed means that a camera takes in low amounts of light (exposure). At these speeds, you can capture fast-moving objects.
  • Neither of them has a touch screen to navigate around. However, their LCD screen measures 3 inches. This size is optimal, not too big or too small, and is a great addition to these cameras.
  • These cameras have similar ISO levels which can go up to 6400. ISO measures the sensitivity of your camera towards the light. A higher ISO level thus allows you to capture images in low light conditions but might compromise your image quality.


The Nikon D3200 and Canon T3i have different price points and have some differences such as their sensors, resolutions. The Canon T3i has a better screen and autofocus while the Nikon D3200 has a higher image resolution.


Having been made by different brands, their sensors differ a lot. The Nikon D3200 comes with a DX sensor whereas Canon T3i has an APSC sensor. This difference has a major effect on their focal lengths; therefore, the Nikon has a focal length multiplier of 1.5 compared to Canon’s 1.6.

The sensor size impacts how much light is received by the camera. A larger sensor results in better image quality, dynamic range, and better colors.

Besides this, their pictures per second rate are different too. Where the Nikon D3200 can capture up to 4 pictures per second, the Canon can shoot up to 3.7 pictures per second. The lens on the Canon T3i has a higher resolution of 1040K dots, compared to Nikon D3200’s 921K dots. 

Hand holding a Canon T3i


Here, the Nikon D3200 is a clear winner. It has a resolution of 24.2 Megapixels compared to Canon T3i’s 18 Megapixels. The higher resolution is your greatest friend if you plan on doing a lot of studio work. It captures more detail in pictures. However, for some, it is a menace because it results in a bigger-sized file.

Built-In Autofocus and Flash

While the Canon T3i comes with built-in autofocus, the Nikon D3200 does not. Autofocus is a great relief when you are trying to capture objects that are far off. The autofocus in the Canon T3i is both fast and silent and is thus a huge asset.

Similarly, when it comes to the built-in flash, Canon T3i is the only one equipped with this feature. This feature ensures that your pictures are of the highest quality, no matter what the lighting of the place is like.


The battery life is an important issue if you plan on shooting for long hours. The Nikon D3200 can shoot 540 shots in a single battery life whereas the Canon T3i can only shoot 440 shots in one go. 


Even though neither of the cameras would be described as over bulky, the Nikon D3200 has a smaller and lighter body. Measuring at 133 x 100 x 80, the Canon T3i has a slightly larger body than the Nikon’s 125 x 96 x 77. When comparing weights, Nikon comes around 505g compared to Canon’s 560g.

Recording Movies

Both the cameras have almost similar video recording abilities but the Canon T3i comes with a dedicated movie recording feature. This feature would help you turn a sequence of shots in your camera into a short role. In essence, you can capture videos in cinema quality.

Most Distinguishing Feature

The Canon T3i comes with an articulating screen that you can use to rotate 180 degrees to the side you are shooting to. It is thus ideal for situations where you have to capture something at a difficult angle. So, if you love taking selfies, the Canon T3i is the camera for you!

Nikon D3200 user's manual

Also, if you are a fan of videography, this feature is perfect for you. You can have greater freedom to shoot videos from different angles. The Nikon D3200 on the other hand does not have this feature. It has a fixed screen instead of an articulating one and is thus not suitable for shooting in complicated angles.

When to Use the Nikon D3200

The higher resolution makes the Nikon D3200 perfect for studio photography. It is able to capture more details and a lower ISO level means that the resulting image will be cleaner. Therefore, if you like taking portrait shots, this is the camera for you.

If you love going out and taking your camera with you, the Nikon D3200 should be your go-to. Bigger battery life and lighter weight mean that you can take pictures all day long without getting tired of having to recharge.

The Nikon D3200 is priced lower between the two options. Getting a DSLR is a great investment and if you are just starting out, the Nikon D3200 is a great entry-level camera. It is not just priced low but is also full of features that can compete with most cameras out there. 

When to Use the Canon T3i

The dedicated movie recording feature in the Canon T3i can be your greatest friend when it comes to recording movies. It can help you capture videos in cinema quality while also allowing you to create a snapshot out of the images that are already in your camera. 

So, if you are looking to launch your YouTube Channel or have a knack for short films, go for the Canon T3i!

Which Camera Is Better?

These two cameras have several similar features such as their shutter speeds, ISO levels, however, the Nikon D3200 is the better camera between the two. Its APS-C sized camera allows you to capture better quality images.

Also, the Nikon D3200 is lighter on the pocket while also offering a better image resolution. Its lightweight and longer battery can be very helpful in outdoor photography. On the contrary, when it comes to shooting videos, the Canon T3i has a slight upper hand. 

Hence, if you are not planning on capturing professional videos, the Nikon D3200 is the better camera overall.


When comparing the Nikon D3200 vs Canon T3i, the Nikon D3200 comes out on top. This is thanks to its higher resolution, coming at a lower price. The only place where the Canon T3i excels is videography and that too slightly. Hence, go for the Nikon D3200!