Neewer Speedlite 750 II: How to Use

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The Neewer 750 II is an external flash that can help you take your photography to the next level. The built-in flash of the camera sends an optical signal to the device which triggers an action. To get the best out of it, you need to know how to use the Neewer Speedlite 750 II.

Neewer Speedlite 750 II: How to Use

The Neewer Speedlite 750 II can be used to capture great pictures through the TTL and manual modes, and through the bounce card that comes with it. Before that, you must know the basics to set up the external flash on your camera.

NEEWER 750II TTL Camera Flash Speedlite with LCD...

Insert Batteries

You must take care of batteries to ensure that your external flash has a long life. To change or insert the batteries follow these steps:

  1. Open the battery compartment cover by moving it in the direction of the arrows on top of it. 
  2. Enter the batteries into the compartment. Make sure you follow the arrows and enter them according to the positive and negative signs on top of the compartment. 
  3. Close the battery compartment cover by moving it in the opposite direction now. 

Make sure that the batteries you use are new and not outdated. Also, avoid using batteries of different brands. It is recommended to use batteries of the same brand at one time.

Determine Flash Placement

The very first thing after attaching the batteries is determining flash placement. You can either use the external flash on your camera or off your camera. 

On the Camera

To use your flash on the camera, you’ll want to attach it to the camera’s hot shoe and do the following: 

  1. Rotate the locking ring on the external flash in the direction of the arrow given. Rotate it all the way to the highest point. 
  2. Place and insert the device into the hot shoe which is on the top of the camera. 
  3. Now rotate the locking ring the other way until you hear a clicking sound to fix it onto the camera. 
  4. When you are detaching the external flash, rotate the locking ring in the direction of the arrow until it gets loose. Then remove the device from the top of the camera. 

Off the Camera

There are two ways you can use your Neewer Speedlite off your camera: 

  • Using a wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Using the slave mode on your flashes, if you are using multiple speedlights

If you use a transmitter and receiver, simply attach the transmitter to the hotshoe on your flash, and attach the receiver to your flash. From here, you can control your flash using the transmitter, and you’re able to place the speedlight somewhere else in the room. 

When using the slave mode, you’ll need at two flashes: one on your camera, and another off your camera. The speedlight on your camera will act as the master flash, and you can set it up to control the settings on the flash that is positioned off your camera.

Use It on the TTL Mode

The TTL mode is turned on by default. You can make changes to the exposure compensation and index and then use the TTL mode. To use this mode first press the shutter button halfway down to focus. When you do this the speed lite gets connected to your camera and you can see the settings on the LCD.

Press the shutter button down the whole way and the flash will work automatically. The TTL adjusts to the surroundings and creates a relevant flash. 

Use It on the Manual Mode

The manual mode allows you to change the settings according to your own preference. Press the mode button to switch to manual. Here, you can increase or decrease the brightness of the Speedlite through arrow keys. 

The manual mode will give you a lot more control and you can adjust brightness according to the situation at hand.

Use Stroboflash Mode

This mode helps you capture pictures when your subject is moving. Through this mode, the camera will be able to capture several images of moving objects. First press the Mode button to switch to this mode. 

Once here, you can adjust the flash time, flash rate, and flash input according to the speed of the object. You can use this mode to capture motion and reduce the impact of motion blur. 

Use the Bounce Card

The Neewer Speedlite comes with the bounce card like most other external flash devices. You can use the bounce card by pointing the flash at the ceiling. Also, pull the bounce card which you will find at the top of the flash.

When you take the shot, the flash will bounce off the ceiling and will be reflected by the bounce card. This will help illuminate your subject and avoid shadows.

Adjust the Camera Settings

Using an external flash means that you must adjust the camera settings accordingly. If you are capturing photos in low light conditions, do not depend entirely on the external flash. Instead adjust camera settings such as increasing the ISO levels, and decreasing the shutter speed.

Another thing you can do is use a lens with a wider aperture. These settings will let more light enter the camera and make sure the pictures do not turn out too dark.

Advantages of Using Neewer Speedlite 750 II

There are many areas where the Neewer Speedlite can prove to be a great addition to your camera. Some of these include:

  • Battery life: It comes with one of the best battery lives among its counterparts. This enables you to use this external flash for a longer time before having to change the batteries or recharge. Its power-saving mode can be used to extend that battery life even further.
  • Ease: This external flash comes with a user manual that gives you precise instructions on how to go about it. This makes it easy for you to use it. It also has comprehensive functions that make it easy to operate even for beginners. 
  • Recycle time: This is the time required for the external flash to charge up and be able to use again. The Neewer Speedlite has a recycle time of 3 seconds, which is a lot faster than comparable devices. 
  • Rotation: This external flash has a vertical degree tilt within a range of -7 to 9 degrees. Also, it has a horizontal tilt of 27 degrees both ways. This allows you to be a lot more flexible with it and shoots in various angles. 
  • Controls: The Neewer Speedlite 750 II comes with a 2.4G wireless control. That and the 16 channels help you avoid interference.
  • LCD: It has an LCD display that gives precise information about the Speedlight, brightness, and other settings. This makes it easier for you to make the required changes and makes the photography process a lot faster.
  • Protection: This external flash comes with built-in overheat protection which makes sure that it does not get damaged. It ensures an extended working life. 
  • Flash diffuser: It comes with a built-in flash diffuser. A flash diffuser softens and spreads the harsh light. It makes the light a lot more balanced and natural. It thus gives the picture a more lifelike look.

Disadvantages of Using Neewer Speedlite 750 II

Although the Neewer Speedlite 750 II gives you a lot of benefits, some places where it falls short include:

  • Battery cover: The battery cover sometimes falls off and you might have to reattach it.
  • Remote: Sometimes the package comes without a remote. You might have to purchase it separately.
  • Bounce card: The bounce card that comes with the camera is thinner relative to other external flashes. A bounce card is used to create a directional light source when there is a lack of an appropriate light source. A thin bounce card makes it less effective. 
  • Distance scale: The distance scale on the LCD is displayed in meters. It does not come with an option to convert to feet, which makes it difficult to use for American consumers. 

Related Questions

Why Is My External Flash Not Working?

Your external flash might not be working due to several reasons. The first thing you must check is if the external flash is inserted properly into the hot shoe of the camera. It might not be working if you are using the wrong batteries or if the batteries have run out. 

Moreover, check if the power switch on the external flash is set to On. After checking these basics, check if the hot shoe setting on your camera is set according to the external flash and the camera being used. 

Which Is Better TTL or Manual Flash?

TTL or through the lens is the automatic mode of an external flash. On the contrary, the manual mode gives you a lot more control over how the flash is used. TTL is the better option when the distance between the subject and the photographer keeps changing. It means you do not have to constantly make changes.

On the other hand, manual flash works best in situations where you want maximum control over the flash. Also, it helps when the distance between the subject and the photographer is not subject to constant change. 

Also, in TTL, it is difficult to create the same mode or settings again. TTL changes the settings on its own. While the manual flash is better if you are sure of the settings and want to keep using them. 


An external flash adds a lot of functionalities to your camera. To get the most out of it you must know the basics such as how to set it up. When you are aware of that, you can use it to capture photos through the TTL mode or manual mode according to your preference.