Mpow Selfie Stick: How to Use It

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Selfie sticks allow you to capture wide-angle selfies with your phone. You can capture a whole group, or just yourself with a landscape. Mpow is one of the most well known companies for this stick thanks to its durability and warranty that comes with it. Therefore, you should know the Mpow selfie stick and how to use it.

Mpow Selfie Stick: How to Use It?

To use a Mpow selfie stick you must first familiarize yourself with the lights on the device. After that charge the stick and check compatibility with your device. Once you know it is compatible, pair it with your device, attach the device to the stick and start capturing photos.

Capturing a photo using selfie stick

Step 1: Understand the Lights

Before you start using the Mpow stick, you should know what the different lights on it represent. There are two LEDS and they light up when the stick is performing various functions. When LED 1 blue light blinks, it indicates that your stick is in pairing mode and you can connect it to your phone or any other device through Bluetooth.

The second indication is the blue light stays on and does not blink on LED 1. This indicates that the device is connected successfully with your selfie stick. You can therefore use it for various functions such as capturing photos, making videos and in essence using it as a remote controller.

Lastly, the red light stays on and does not blick on LED 2. Like many similar electronic devices, this shows that the stick is currently charging. When the red light goes off, it shows that the stick has been fully charged now. For reference, LED 2 is at the bottom while LED 1 is at the front. These LEDs also act as fill lights.

Step 2: Charge the Device

Like many other electronic devices, your selfie stick needs to be charged before use too. So, before using it for anything you should first charge it. You can connect the stick to an outlet with the cable that came in the box. This could be a charging port or even your laptop.

After you have attached it for charging you must observe the lights. The red light means that it is successfully charging and when the light goes off, it means that your stick has been fully charged and is now ready for use.

The battery capacity is 50mAh and it takes 1 to 2 hours to fully charge this device. The battery works for 300 cycles after which you have to replace it. After a full charge it can work for around 5 hours.

Step 3: Check Compatibility

The Mpow stick is compatible with Android phones. This would include any android phone with a Bluetooth 3.0 capability and includes phones such as Samsung Galaxy devices, Samsung Note series, Moto, Droid, and Nexus.

However, you must know that the stick might not be compatible with the newer versions of these Android phones. Besides Android, it can be used with any phone that can take pictures with its Volume up (+) button. These include older and newer versions of iPhones such as the iPhone 6s and the iPhone X.

This stick is not compatible with Windows phones such as old Nokia devices, Blackberry or any other that does not have the capabilities mentioned above. Therefore check if your phone is compatible with this stick, before trying to connect it. Do remember that this stick is for phones and not cameras or GoPros.

An image of a man and a woman using selfie stick

Step 4: Pair With Your Device

First, hold the shutter button (at the front) for 3 seconds and then release it. The blue light on LED 1 will start blinking which means that the device is ready to be paired with your phone. Make sure that your phone’s camera settings are set to being able to capture photos using the volume up (+) button.

After this, take your phone. Go to settings and then connectivity and turn on Bluetooth. If you are connecting for the first time, search Mpow iSnap X and then tap on it to connect it. The blue light on the stick will turn bright and stable. Your phone will also show connected and this will indicate that the stick has been connected successfully.

Step 5: Attach Your Phone

To attach your phone to the stick follow these steps:

  1. Rotate the foldable clamp according to your preference. A good practice is to rotate it 270 degrees.
  2. Hold the handle and stretch the telescopic stick out of its position. Unscrew the knob and place the phone in the foldable clamp.
  3. Make sure that your phone fits and then tighten the knob until it is secure.
  4. Make sure that any part of the stick is not touching your screen or there could be chances of damage to the screen.

Step 6: Capture Photos and Videos

After attaching your phone it is time to capture photos. Just follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the camera app on your phone and then hold the handle so the phone gets stretched out by the stick.
  2. Press the shutter button to capture the photo. You can try various angles and shorten or increase the length of your stick.
  3. For capturing videos, open your desired camera app and switch to the video mode. Hold the handle and press the shutter button to start the recording. Click the button again to stop recording.

After Use

After you are done using the selfie stick, unscrew the clamp and take your phone out of it. Then draw the telescopic stick back and rotate the clamp back to its original position. Hold the shutter button for 3 seconds to shut the stick down. The stick can then be placed in your pocket and used later.

Advantages of Using A Mpow Selfie Stick

Using a Mpow selfie stick can give you a lot of flexibility in capturing photos. It has the following advantages:

An image of a selfie stick
  • Compatible: This stick can be used with a wide range of phones including various Samsung, iPhones, and Google Pixel models.
  • Wide Range of Angles: With this stick, you can capture various complicated angles that you normally cannot capture. This is thanks to the 360 degree phone clamp and the 270 degree revolvable neck.
  •  Extendable and Portable: This stick can be extended between 6.5 to 9.5 inches. This gives you a lot of range and ability to capture wide angle photos. Not just that, you can later fold the stick and fit it in your pocket.
  • Fill Light: The three LED lights can also act as fill lights. This can brighten up your photos in low light conditions. For that, double press the shutter to open, small hold for adjusting brightness and longer pause to start blinking.
  • Versatile: Mpow has provided a 3 in 1 product that you can use as a fill light, tripod, and monopod. This allows you to use it in several different situations.

Related Questions

What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Selfie Stick?

The one main disadvantage of using a selfie stick is that it has to be charged often. This means that you would have to stop taking photos. Also, it can prove to be a bit unstable for portraits.

How Do You Use a Stick Without a Remote?

You can use a stick without a remote by using the timer on your phone. Just enter the timer and hold the stick out to capture the photo.


A Mpow selfie stick allows you to capture wide-angle and group selfies. Using it involves first charging the device and connecting the device to the stick. After that, you can use the stick’s various features to capture selfies at complicated angles.