How to Use PS4 Camera on a PC

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The PlayStation 4 comes with a dual camera that has the ability to record videos at 720p. You can use this camera on your PC too whether you have Mac OS or windows to stream games on Twitch. Before that, you need to know how to use PS4 camera on a PC.

How to Use PS4 Camera on a PC

You can easily connect your PS4 camera to your PC using the five simple steps. Before you start you will need the following accessories to get started:

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  • Adaptor: You need an adaptor to connect your PS4 to your computer. You will need a USB 3 adaptor because PS4 does not support any other.
  • Firmware: You need drivers to run the PS4 camera on your PC. LibsubK and OrbisEyeCam are the most trusted ones in the market.
  • Camera Mount: To provide stabilization to your camera, getting a camera mount is a good idea too. You can attach this to your screen and then fix the camera on it.
  • Privacy: It is recommended to get a privacy shield for the camera lens of the PS4. This will ensure that the camera does not get any scratches. Even though it is a bit expensive, it will keep your camera safe.

After you have acquired these accessories follow these steps to use your PS4 camera on your PC.

Step 1: Find a USB 3 Port

You first need to find a USB 3 port on your computer. If there is not one, you can use an external one and connect it to whatever input your computer has. Once you find one, connect it to your PlayStation 4 by using a USB 3 adapter. Please note that the PlayStation 4 does not support a USB 2 port.

Step 2: Launch the Device Manager

Click the Windows start menu and go to settings and then choose Devices. In the Devices section, choose Printers and Scanners or Connected Devices.

Under the Related Settings category you will find the Device Manager. Go to Other Devices Manager and click on USB Boot. Create a new folder in your desired position and type in whatever name you want.

Step 3: Download the Required Files

You now have to download and then set up the installation files. Two options you have are LibsubK and OrbisEyeCam. LibsubK allows you to run your own package. If you do not want your own package, go for OrbisEyeCam.

Make sure you download the files which are compatible with your PC.

Step 4: Install the PS4 Camera Driver and Extract the Required Files

Download the PS4 driver file and unzip the file. Install the file and then choose LibsubK and OrbisEyeCam, whatever suits you best. Load and run whichever one you chose in the folder that you had extracted previously.

Step 5: Run the Final Tests

You should find USB Camera in your Device Manager under the camera section. If not, then refresh.

Finally, test the camera to see if it is working fine. You can run it on any application on your phone or on Windows 10 on your PC. If it is showing any problem, go over the steps again and then contact a professional to look into it.

Using Facial Recognition

One of the features that your PS4 offers is face recognition. You can set this up as a security feature. Follow these steps to set up face recognition on your PS4 camera:

  • Login to your PS4 profile. Select the Settings menu and click on Login Settings.
  • Place your camera in a way that your face is fully visible. 
  • Select the Enable Face Recognition feature.
  • Click on Add Data to add your face’s features and set up face recognition.
  • Allow the camera to capture your face and then follow the instructions to set it up.
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Broadcasting Options

You can also use the PlayStation 4 camera for live streaming on your PC. You can use it to connect to Twitch and live stream. Just follow these steps for live streaming with the PS4 camera:

  • Download the “PlayStation Remote Play” app and install it on your computer.
  • Download Xsplit Broadcaster. This app can show the PS4 screen on your PC too.
  • Open the Share Factory application. Go to Videos and start a new project.
  • You might see a blank screen here. This means you have to set up a broadcasting paltform.
  • A camera will show now. Here you can play around with the camera settings and choose what suits you best.
  • Go to OBS and click on Add to add a new source.
  • Open Windows Capture and add a new source.
  • When you are done configuring both, click on the drop-down and choose PS4 Remote Play and then choose Done.
  • For webcam to work, choose Add Camera Now. If you want to go live there, select the broadcast platform again.

Advantages of Using a PS4 Camera on Your PC

A PS4 camera is compatible with your PC and connecting them has the following advantages:

  • Stream: When you set your PS4 camera on your computer, it works as well as any other webcam. You can easily stream and broadcast videos on your PC. If you are a fan of playing online games, this camera can come to prove very handy.
  • Fixed Camera: It makes making Vlogs for YouTube easier. It creates high-definition videos which are very attractive. The camera also hangs on your computer and diminishes the need of holding the camera or fixing it on a tripod. If you are still unsure, you can always use a camera mount.
  • Secure: The camera comes with a face recognition option which makes it secure. After setting it up, you can log onto your computer using this feature and improve the security of your computer.
  • Voice command: The camera has voice command features which can make navigation on your computer a lot easier. It improves the online gaming experience, and you can launch games by simply speaking to the camera.

Disadvantages of Using a PS4 Camera on Your PC

Even though the PS4 camera is a great addition to your PC and you can perform a lot of functions using it, it has the following disadvantages:

  • Set up: It is difficult to set up as it involves downloading a lot of files and drivers which a novice might not be able to do.
  • Expensive: You need to get several tools to enable the setup. These include adapter, camera mount, and firmware. To keep it safe, you might also need protection for the camera. All of this increases costs.
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Related Questions

Is the PS4 Camera Good for Streaming?

The PS4 camera makes it easy to stream videos on Twitch and Youtube. Although players do not need a PlayStation Camera for broadcasting their videos, it works great if they want to film themselves along with their games. This is the trend nowadays, and all serious gamers film themselves too.

The HD video recording makes great video and the fact that you can use camera mounts to keep the camera still, allows you to record videos with minimum motion blur.

Is the PS4 Camera Good for Streaming?

The PS4 camera is recording all the time. It does not save your video unless you allow it to. Also, the last 15 minutes of your gameplay are always saved in the PlayStation 4’s memory.

Does the PS4 Camera Have a Microphone?

The PS4 camera does have a mic and you can use them for communicating. It is on by default unless you are using another device as a microphone.


A PS4 camera offers a great addition to your streaming experience. In five simple steps and a few accessories, it can be connected to your PC. It can then be used for broadcasting, facial recognition, and as a general webcam too!