Best Camera Stabilizers For DSLR – 2021 Guide

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Who likes shaky and blurry pictures and especially videos? No one!

It is a mere disappointment to find out that your crew is all in place, you have your camera ready, but when you do a test shot, you realize that footage is shaky and blurry. 

There is a solution to this problem, all you have to do is find the right DSLR camera gimbal stabilizer. For starters, you are in the right place.

Comparison Chart of the Best Stabilizers For DSLR Cameras

  • Small but very efficient
  • Enhanced response speed
  • Stabilizer speed is adjustable
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  • Offers better stabilization
  • Equipped with non-slip grip
  • Solid construction and design
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  • Best for the Money
  • Made of impact-absorbent material
  • Good for low-angle shots
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  • Great stability for action shots
  • Good option for low-angle shooting
  • Padded handle for comfort
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  • Trigger controls enables different shooting styles
  • Enhanced stabilization
  • 16 Hours of battery life
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What Makes a Stabilizer Great for a DSLR Camera?

A well-designed camera gimbal or a stabilizer helps you achieve consistent, high-resolution results that you desire. A couple of attributes that we have mentioned below are a must in a great DSLR stabilizer. Go through the following and see if your potential stabilizer has them.


Before purchasing a gimbal, remember to check whether your camera is easily compatible with it. Otherwise, you’d have a problem attaching your DSLR to the stabilizer.


Although most gimbals are not light as a feather, if you do your research, you can find one that doesn’t feel as if you are lifting barbells. If this is your first shoot with a gimbal, then it is better to start light. Plus, a lightweight gimbal is easy to carry in luggage. 


A gimbal is a one-time investment, so this decision needs careful consideration. So set a budget, evaluate your options based on perks and shortcomings, and then choose carefully. 

Moreover, with a clear budget in mind, you would be able to trim and fashion your pick accordingly as well. With these factors in mind, we are certain you would be able to land on a perfect option. 

Review of the Best Stabilizers For DSLR Cameras

To save you time, we have made a shortlist consisting of a couple of ideal, high-quality DSLR camera stabilizers. Go through each of them, and we are certain you will find the perfect one. 

Best Overall:
Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun Weebill S Compact Gimbal Stabilizer for DSLR & Mirrorless Camera Sony A7M3 A7III A7R3 with 24-70mm GM Len Nikon Z6 Z7 Panasonic GH5 GH5s Canon 5D4 5D3 EOS R BMPCC 4K 3-Axis Handheld Weebills


  • Offers incredible video output
  • Easily supports a wide range of cameras
  • Lightweight, making it very easy to carry around
  • Can be controlled wirelessly through the camera app
  • Comes with batteries, charger, tripod, cable, and cases


  • Stand design could be improved
  • Battery back-up is three to four hours

What Recent Buyers Report

This small, but mighty and very efficient gimbal has managed to impress everyone. Some state that this device offers professional-grade movements and comes in a portable package.

Balancing cameras on this gimbal is like a walk in the park, making the job so much easier. Plus, most of its recent buyers are glad that they can move around with it as freely as possible.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This gimbal is the best overall, and it stands out to us for multiple reasons. It comes with interchangeable batteries with a 14-hour routine. This will help keep your batteries all powered up and will last for the entire day. Real-time and reliable charging is a must. With its OLED display, you can monitor its settings without using an app.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a gimbal that is ergonomically designed, has a three-axis lock, and is only the size of A4 size paper, then this is your answer. As it is lightweight and does not take much space, it is easy to carry for videographers who have to travel to their shooting locations.

Bottom Line

All in all, this unit is characterized by its A4 paper size, upgraded compatibility, seamless speed, and HD image transmission, modular design for more options, and 14 hours battery runtime.

If these are the features that are your target, then you should invest in this model. Take your photography and videography profession to the next level with this state-of-the-art device.

Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer

The Official Roxant Pro Video Camera Stabilizer Limited Edition (Midnight Black) with Low Profile Handle for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon - or Any Camera up to 2.1 lbs. - Comes with Phone Clamp.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Not that heavy on the pocket
  • Comes with free “bonus” handle
  • Works perfectly with heavier cameras
  • Even amateurs can easily fix and assemble it


  • Battery grip is not applicable
  • Handle might come loose with excessive use

What Recent Buyers Report

Most of its buyers and users find this to be very easy to assemble, fix, and use. They appreciate its solid build and say that they have full confidence in its sturdy build. Users are also able to notice a considerable difference between the shots that were taken without the stabilizer and shots and stills that were taken after.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because this gimbal will help you create professional-looking, smooth scenes, whether you are dancing, running, or driving. Its superior design and construction make sure that it looks beautiful in the hands of its users and does not tire them either.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are an indie filmmaker and are looking to expand your options and are willing to experiment with other projects, then this unit will help you a lot. With its stability, less motion, and less shake, your film would be easily categorized as a feature film. One does not have to be a pro to use it as it is easy to assemble.

Bottom Line

Get your hands on this limited black edition model that has superior design and construction to offer pro-style stabilization. So thoroughly review its pros and cons, and if you reckon this will help your needs, then do invest in it, and you will see a positive result.

Best for the Money:
ULANZI U-Grip Pro Handheld Video Rig Steadicam

ULANZI U-Grip Pro Handheld Video Rig Steadicam with Triple Cold Shoe, Stabilizing Handle Grip Compatible for iPhone 13 12 Pro Max Xs 8 7 plus GoPro 10 9 8 Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras


  • Features three different shoe mounts
  • Perfect for making low angle shots for phone
  • Easily accommodates a wide range of devices
  • Categorized as a multi-functional camera stabilizer
  • Made up of high-quality, impact absorbent, ABS plastic


  • Might not be ideal for iPhone 7 Plus
  • Not suitable for cameras with battery grips

What Recent Buyers Report

The first impression of most of its users was that it is made out of plastic, but after using it for quite some time, they realized that it is durable and built to function perfectly. Users lauded its balance and grip, saying that when they inserted a wide range of devices in it, they got remarkable results.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Its flexibility, durability, and affordability are the reasons that make this camera stabilizer stand out to us. It can easily be adjusted to a wide range of tripods with ¼” screw. Though it is composed of plastic, it does not give up on you easily. Lastly, there is not a heavy price tag attached to it.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are into making vlogs, action videos, and wedding videos with your phone, then this gimbal is a must-have for you! For low-angle video shooters, this is an ideal pick. Plus, if you prefer to attach your LED video light and microphone, then this camera stabilizer comes with triple shoe mounts.

Bottom Line

Made up of high-grade plastic, easily affordable, and compatible with a wide range of tripod stands and camera, this product should be in the hands of everyone that is in their initial stages of learning videography. All you have to do is save up on some money, get this unit, connect this to a tripod stand, and chase your passion.

4. Zeadio Stabilizer

Zeadio Video Action Stabilizing Handle Grip Handheld Stabilizer with Hot-Shoe Mount for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Pentax Olympus DSLR Camera Camcorder


  • Perfect for low-angle shots
  • Provides adequate camera balance
  • Comes with easy to follow instructions
  • Only takes a couple of minutes to get balanced
  • Solid and suitable construction for professional filmmakers


What Recent Buyers Report

Users admire the extent of smoothness and stability this device offers to their videos. They report that they are satisfied with their performance and that they can get their hands on this one at a relatively fair price. Users are happy that they can attach LED, microphone, and camera all in one piece.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We find this to be a great pick because users can attach a camera monitor to this stabilizer. With a camera monitor, you would be able to record the video in real-time. What you see on the screen is what you will get in the final version. Moreover, it only weighs 344 grams, making it easy for users to move it around.

Who Will Use This Most

If you know someone who is into making videos, then this could be a perfect gift for them. All in all, it is designed for professional videographers, allowing them to improve stability and capture action shots that are potentially hard to shoot otherwise. If you like shooting extreme sports, then it would help you.

Bottom Line

To sum up, it comes with excellent dimensions, lightweight, hot-shoe mount, and a variety of other features. Go through its pros and cons again and invest in this gimbal to capture better, more stable, and balanced videos. Technology has made it all easy, now, it is your turn to take advantage of it.

5. MOZA Air 2

MOZA Air 2 with iFocus-M Wireless Motor, 3-axis-Gimbal-Stabilizer, 9Lb Payload 8 Follow Modes 16h Run-time for DSLR Mirrorless Pocket Cinema Cameras, Multi-Function Ballhead & Hard Case Included


  • Long-lasting battery up to 16 hours
  • Comes with a plethora of accessories to adopt
  • Features multiple tops and bottom mounting points
  • Simple and easy to understand controls for auto-calibration
  • Batteries can be easily removed, without removing the camera


  • Can’t be folded
  • A bit heavier than its competitors

What Recent Buyers Report

Users highly appreciate its built-in follow focus wheel that comes with the motor. The fact that everything comes with a manual of instructions, and allows the users to perfectly assemble it, makes them value this unit. Plus, it offers high-quality results leading to client satisfaction.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This gimbal allows the users to power their cameras by directly attaching their cameras to the unit’s internal batteries. Plus, it comes with a loaded, yet compact carrying case, which allows the users to move around with it more easily. Plus, the company has remarkable customer service. All of these factors make it stand out to us.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are looking for a gimbal that performs exceptionally well and is loaded with multiple features, then this should be your pick. With its intuitive control features and more expansion possibilities, you can easily customize its joystick, smart wheel, and smart trigger as you wish. So, if you want to take full control over your camera, then you will use this the most.

Bottom Line

Longer runtime than tradition, smart time-lapse, auto-tuning for optimal performance, intuitive controls, more expansion possibilities, and one-step balancing – this camera stabilizer has it all! And it would be a shame not to invest in this game-changing technology.

Pros and Cons of Using a Stabilizer With a DSLR Camera

As technology took over the world, multiple advances are made in the field of videography and photography. The journey to becoming a successful videographer is a tough one, but not impossible. One must be willing to invest in a piece of expensive equipment. To help you make this decision more easily, we have broken down the pros and cons of investing in a great camera stabilizer with a DSLR camera.


First of all, let us have a look at the pros.

Smooth Video

Unlike photographers who have to edit a single still, videographers have to make sure that every shot is consistent and perfect. Editing can be more complex and time-consuming when captured shots are blurred. A gimbal can be a perfect tool to minimize shakes and produce excellent results.

High-Quality Video

A gimbal can help you achieve high-quality results that you have always anticipated. To satisfy your client with a high-quality video, a gimbal is a must!


Now let’s have a look at a couple of cons so that you can make an informed decision in the end.


Not all gimbals are designed to carry a lot of weight, so before purchasing, make sure that your camera and gimbal are of the same weight. Other than this, you have to make sure that your unit does not weigh a lot; otherwise, instead of being an advantage, it will become a hassle to carry it around.

Time Restrain

Although a gimbal is a perfect device to ensure that every shot goes in total flow, if you want to change your lens again and again, then you need to ensure that your current gimbal is capable of holding the weight of lenses.


If you like to take your videography skills up a notch, then it is necessary to have all the right tools right beside you. Now that some of the very best camera stabilizers are in front of you, it will be easy for you to make the right decision.

People Also Ask

As people don’t like to compromise on the quality of their emotional and memorable photos or videos, to give them nice results, videographers try their very best. Some of them might even have a couple of questions in mind. So we have tried to answer a few of the frequently most asked questions here.

What is a Camera Stabilizer?

Ever heard of the term “camera shake?” It means unwanted movement. A camera stabilizer or a camera-stabilizing mount is a device designed to hold a camera in the right position and to prevent unwanted jerks. A camera stabilizer plays an important role in the making of smooth, high-quality video.

How Does a Camera Stabilizer Work?

As compared to earlier times, camera stabilizers are operated on the newer concept; they are now hand-held. With a classic mounting system, DSLRs can easily be attached to this device. 

It comes with multiple different mounting points, and a very complex and intricate joint and ring system. Some of the gimbal designs are based on the gyroscope principle. It works on the principle of mechanical and digital assistance.

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