Best DSLR Microphones of 2021 – Ultimate Review

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DSLRs are perfect for capturing visuals, be it pictures or videos. 

When it comes to recording audio, they usually do come with built-in microphones, but these mics are not of good quality. What must one do for better audio quality? Invest in an external microphone.

This article will serve as the perfect guide for you to pick the right microphone for your DSLR so you can record top-quality audio for your videos. 

Comparison of the Best DSLR Microphones

  • Features 75/125Hz Low Cut Filters with high-quality SNR, low noise and distortion
  • Superior Off-axis sound performance that is compatible with a range of devices
  • Windshield cover is included with purchase
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  • Universally compatible to work with a greater range of devices including cameras and smartphones
  • Improved anti-interference technology effectively reduces unwanted sounds from wind and vibrations
  • Full package that includes a furry windshield cover
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  • Best Budget DSLR Microphone
  • High-quality shotgun condenser mic with superior electronics that produces clear sound and reduces interfering noises
  • Ultra sensitive mic with high range pick-up with wide frequency response
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  • Best Wireless Mic for DSLR
  • The wireless lavaliere systems produces clear quality sound with improved interference noise reducing technology
  • The wireless transmission range can reach distances of up to 300 feet without distorting
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  • Best Handheld Microphone for DSLR
  • High band VHF technology produces high-quality clear sound with wireless transmission up to 60 feet
  • The receivers antenna is detachable and fully rotatable for pin-point transmission allocation
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  • Best Shotgun Mic for DSLR
  • The black electret transducer technology provides high-quality, crystal clear audio
  • A windscreen cover is included with purchase
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  • Best Lavalier Mic for DSLR
  • Full package sold with mini, noise reducing receiver and two belt clip-on transmitters
  • Powered by built-in rechargeable batteries for convenient operation anywhere
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Are All DSLR Microphones The Same?

When we talk about DSLR microphones, we may all get a general image in our head, but that is simply because we are all thinking of the most commonly used mics with DSLRs. Not all DSLR microphones are the same. In fact, they differ from each other significantly in function as well as design.

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

There are wired microphones, and some are wireless. Some capture audio at larger ranges, while some are meant to be used for smaller ranges. Some DSLR microphones allow interference from the surroundings while others block them out. DSLR microphones are of different types and, according to their features, are all used for different purposes.

How to Choose a DSLR Microphone

Even though microphones are not very complex units, when it comes to choosing one to go with your DSLR, it may not be so easy. If you, too, are confused about how to pick the right mic for yourself, do not. Here are a few features to consider when you are investing in a DSLR microphone.

Type of Microphone

The first thing you need to decide is the type of mic that you need for yourself. All DSLR mics are not the same. There are different types that provide different functions and features. According to your requirements, choose the type that would be perfect for you and then look accordingly.

Recording Range

Different microphones offer different ranges. While a longer range is good, it is not always needed. If you know that you wouldn’t need to record audio at a greater distance, it would be better to invest in a mic with a shorter range rather than paying for a feature you do not need.


This may be the last thing to consider, but it needs to be considered nevertheless. Do not waste your time looking through products that do not fit into your budget. This will most likely result in you overspending on a product that comes with features that are not beneficial for your purpose.

Review of the Best DSLR Microphones

Now that you know how to choose a DSLR microphone, it is time you finally pick one for yourself. All you need to do is go through some products and pick one that suits you best. Here, we have listed and reviewed some of the best products for you to pick from.

Best Overall:
Deity V-Mic D3 Pro

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro High SNR Super-Cardioid Directional Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Shockmount for DSLRs, Camcorders, Smartphones, Tablets, Handy Recorders, Laptop,Bodypack Transmitters, Wind Shield


  • Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight design makes the unit easier to use and set up
  • Features a low noise circuitry design that keeps noise level at 15dBA
  • Provides a broadcast sound quality that is ideal for professional use
  • An enhanced off-axis sound performance provided by the super-cardioid pattern


  • Setting up the unit may be a little tricky
  • Continuous use may burn out the battery

What Recent Buyers Report

If you were to take the words of the users for this product, you’d be convinced to invest in it right away. From its design to its performance, those who have used this product have loved every aspect of it. Users have found absolutely nothing that disappoints them.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We think this product is the absolute best. Why? Because it simply has all the features that one would look for in the perfect mic. But the feature that stands out the most to us is its cold-shoe mount. This mount allows a greater degree of adjustability so you can place the mic just the way you want.

Bottom Line

We all want to invest in the best of the best. And this mic by V-Mic is just that. With its outstanding design and impressive performance, there is nothing that it lacks. All you need to do is try it out for yourself and prepare yourself to be amazed.

Comica CVM-VM10II

Deity V-Mic D3 Pro High SNR Super-Cardioid Directional Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Shockmount for DSLRs, Camcorders, Smartphones, Tablets, Handy Recorders, Laptop,Bodypack Transmitters, Wind Shield


  • Universal compatibility makes it ideal for use with almost any device
  • Features multiple accessories that allow the optimal functioning of the unit
  • Designed with a super-cardioid pattern that allows rejection of specific sounds
  • Built with 100% aluminum providing the unit with super anti-interference feature
  • Comes with a professional shock-absorbing stand that functions to reduce vibration interferences


  • Setting up the mic may take time
  • Insufficient instructions provided for use
  • One may need an extension cord for use

What Recent Buyers Report

If you rely upon user reviews to decide if a product is good or not, the reviews for this product will convince you that it is the absolute best. All those that have tried it out have found nothing but good things to say about it. They have been thoroughly impressed by the functionality of the users and how much better it is than all their previously used products.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There is a lot that this product has in store for its users. All those features are sure to make them choose this mic over others. But the feature that made it stand out to us the most was its super anti-interference. With the 100% aluminum build, this mic ensures that there is no noise from unwanted sources.

Bottom Line

This product may not be on the top of this list, but it is surely no less. It features a number of qualities that we all look for while choosing a mic for our DSLR. It is next to the best pick or even the best for some users, given its outstanding functionality and performance.

Best Budget DSLR Microphone:
Veksun Video Microphone

Camera Microphone, M-1 Video Microphone for DSLR Interview Shotgun Mic for Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic Fuji Videomic with Windscreen 3.5mm Jack


  • Provides a long standby time with energy-efficient batteries
  • Condenser design allows capturing of clear and precise audio
  • Ideal for use in interviews, in sporting events as well as YouTube videos
  • Designed with ultra-high sensitivity that can provide a large pickup range
  • Features a wide frequency response that allows it to function on multiple frequencies


  • Mounting may be a little tricky
  • Soft cover may muffle the voice a bit
  • Build quality is not ideal for professional use

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that have recently bought this unit and tried it out for themselves have been greatly surprised by how well it works, regardless of its extremely cheap price tag. They agree that it performs considerably better than a lot of other high-end products that they invested in earlier.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With the wide range of microphones available on the market, why pick this one? This product has a lot of features that make it better than a number of other products. But one feature that convinced us to put this product on this list is its long standby time, which beats almost every other similar product on the market.

Bottom Line

On a budget but still want the best for you? Well, who doesn’t? If it is a microphone that you are looking for, then you are in luck. This product here will not only save you the money that other fancy products ask for but also provides users with a functionality that is equal to them, if not more.

Best Wireless Mic for DSLR:
YIHAIONLY UHF Wireless Microphone

Microphone System Headset Mic/Stand Mic/Lavalier Lapel Mic with Rechargeable Bodypack Transmitter & Receiver 1/4' Output for iPhone, PA Speaker, DSLR Camera, Recording, Teaching


  • Lack of cables reduces the messiness of the set-up
  • Extremely easy to use, requiring absolutely no time to set up
  • Works efficiently and records voices even at a greater distance
  • Labeled accessories make their use a lot easier and convenient
  • Highly affordable unit that makes no compromise on the quality of the device


  • Provided instructions are too vague for certain steps
  • If not properly placed, the audio can be very distorted
  • Adjusting the volume may be a little tricky to figure out

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that have invested in this product recently have been stunned with its performance. From its ideal connectivity to its high-quality accessories, they have been impressed by all the features that this product provides them with. And above all is the sound quality that they feel is simply unmatched.

Why it Stands Out to Us

There are a lot of choices available when looking at wireless mics. But then why did we pick this product? This wireless microphone by Yihaionly stood out to us because of its wide compatibility. This feature makes it a lot easier to use with different units other than DSLRs. This is a feature we do not get to see on a lot of other products. 

Bottom Line

Wireless mics are quickly becoming the norm with their small size and subtle design that can be added onto the subject conspicuously. If you want to invest in one of these popular devices, then we would suggest you pick this product that is one of the absolute best on the market.

Best Handheld Microphone for DSLR:
Saramonic WM4CA

Saramonic WM4CA Professional Portable Wireless VHF Handheld Microphone System for DSLR Camera/Video Camcorder, Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Panasonic/BlackMagic/Zoom/Tascam/Roland


  • Comparatively cheaper than other similar devices
  • Design allows an easy grip over the mic for the users
  • Features a high band VHF for better purity of the sound
  • Provides outstanding audio quality even with hindrances
  • Lightweight design makes it easier to use for a longer period of time


  • Cannot be mounted on a belt
  • Configuration of settings may take a while
  • May not feature the ideal build quality for some users

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of people have recently invested in this product, and almost everyone has been pleased with the quality and functionality that they received. To them, it is one of the best handheld microphones that they have used and would recommend it to all those looking for a similar unit.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Handheld mics may be very basic in design and functionality, but this unit here isn’t an ordinary one. It has a great number of features, but the one that made it stand out to us was its high band VHF. Not a lot of handheld microphones allow such pure audio recording like this unit does.

Bottom Line

Handheld microphones may be old school, but they never go out of style. Their functionality is still some of the best experienced by users. If you, too, want to opt for a handheld mic and feel that it’s the best for you, then let us tell you, this product is just for you.

Best Shotgun Mic for DSLR:

TAKSTAR SGC-598 Photography Interview Shotgun MIC Microphone for Nikon Canon DSLR Camera (Need 3.5mm Interface)


  • Foam cover serves to be the perfect fit for the mic
  • Provides an ideal optimum range at about four feet from the device
  • Comes with a foam liner for each part in the packaging for safer delivery
  • Features a low power indicator that lets you know when to change the batteries
  • Ideal audio quality that is exponentially better than that recorded by the DSLR itself


  • Batteries may burn out faster than expected
  • Design may be a little too bulky for some users
  • Batteries that are required to function are not included

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers who have invested in this product recently are highly satisfied with their investment. Not only was this mic perfectly priced, but it is also perfectly designed according to them. From its low power indicator to its high sensitivity, users agree that every feature of this DSLR microphone was simply excellent.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Shotgun mics themselves stand out from all the other basic mics that are used, but what we really love about this one is its directivity. It provides users with a cardioid directivity, meaning it is highly directional. You do not need to be close to this mic for it to record your audio, just in front of it.

Bottom Line

If you want the best audio recording for your DSLR videos without any interference from the surroundings, a shotgun mic is just what you need. And if you want to invest in the best of its kind, then this product here will not fail you. With all its features and functionality, it will prove to be just what you needed.

Best Lavalier Mic for DSLR:
Alvoxcon Lavalier Microphone System

Wireless Headset Lavalier Microphone System -Alvoxcon Dual Wireless Lapel Mic for iPhone, DSLR Camera, PA Speaker, YouTube, Podcast, Video Recording, Conference, Vlogging, Church, Interview, Teaching


  • Provides users with a good battery life that lasts long
  • An affordable unit that does not cost as much as other fancy units
  • Features a plug-and-play functionality that can be operated by anyone
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories that allow a better user experience
  • Allows a good range of recording audio that is at about 25-30 feet from the device


  • Quality of build may not be the best
  • Not recommended for professional uses
  • Setting up the volume may be a little tricky

What Recent Buyers Report

Users that have invested in this product have been highly impressed by it. They are not only satisfied by its compact size and smartly engineered design but also its outstanding functionality. Most of them were very happy with how easy it was for them to connect the mic to the DSLR.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Lavalier mic provides users with more features than a lot of other basic mics, but there are two in particular that make it stand out from the rest of its kinds. And these are the selectable channel and volume control features. The unit provides the user with the liberty of choosing multiple frequencies on the transmitter and adjusting volume according to need.

Bottom Line

Lavalier microphones are one of the best choices for using with a DSLR. They are not only close to the subject for clearer audio, but also small and subtle to avoid distraction from the main subject. If you, too, are looking for a Lavalier microphone to use with your DSLR, then this is the one for you.

Types of DSLR Microphones

There are a lot of different types of microphones available on the market, but not all of them work with DSLRs. There are a few specific ones that do. In case you are wondering what the types of DSLR microphones are, here they are.


These microphones are not only the easiest to recognize but also the most commonly used. They are the same microphones that you would see singers using on the stage. Such mics are kept close to the mouth to avoid interference from the surrounding.

On-Camera Microphones

As the name implies, these are the types of mic that are usually placed over the camera in the flash hot-shoe since that isn’t used while recording videos. 


Shotgun mics are designed as long, narrow devices that are capable of picking up the audio that is directly in front of them. Be it on TV studios or at movie shoots; these are the type of mics that are used in a more professional movie recording set-up.


These are the types of mics you will most commonly see being used on TV. You may recognize them as tiny devices clipped on to the subject, close to the face. These devices are directly wired into the camera, and their improper use may result in rustling and muffled audio.

How to Connect a Microphone to Your DSLR

In order to use the microphone for its purpose, it needs to be connected to your DSLR first. If you haven’t done this before and are not sure of the steps, do not worry. Here is a quick guide on how you can connect your DSLR with your microphone.

  1. Place your microphone on top of your DSLR. This is the ideal place to put it in since it offers the least disturbances.

  2. Plug in the microphone into the mic port of your DSLR. Once it is properly plugged in, turn it on.

  3. Go to the settings on your DSLR. Make sure you are in movie mode. Click the menu button, and you will see the sound recording setting. Set that to manual from auto.

  4. Once the sound recording is set to manual, make sure to disable the attenuator, which is enabled by default.

  5. In the end, set the gain of the audio to an optimum by bringing it down, just under half. 

After all these settings, you’re good to go. In case you still find yourself confused, refer to the video below for better illustration.


While DSLRs do come with built-in mics, they may not always be the best in quality. If you want to ensure that you record the best audio to accompany your best video, it is smart to invest in a microphone to use with your DSLR. With the consideration of the right features, you’ll be able to pick a unit that is perfect just for you.

People Also Ask

Microphones are pretty commonly-used devices. But when used with DSLRs, not everyone may be as familiar with their use. In order to ensure that you can make the best out of your DSLR microphone, here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by other users.

Do You Need a Microphone For Vlogging?

A lot of cameras usually come with a microphone, but not all of these built-in microphones are good enough for use. While vlogging, one moves around the camera a lot. If the built-in mic is not good enough, the audio quality would be very poor. This is why one definitely needs a microphone for vlogging.

How Do You Set up a Wireless Lavalier Microphone?

Setting up a wireless Lavalier microphone isn’t really a hard task at all. Pick a system that would allow you to change the channel on which the unit is transmitting. Tune the transmitter and receiver to the same frequency. The receiver is attached to the hot-shoe of the camera where it is plugged into the mic port, and the transmitter is worn by the speaker.

What's the Difference Between a Shotgun Mic and a Boom Mic?

Shotgun and boom mics are two of the most common types of mics used. The former usually has a hyper-cardioid pattern. It is directional and only picks up the sound of the subject. The latter, on the other hand, is a standard mic that would record everything in the surrounding.

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