Best Beginner DSLR Cameras – Complete Buyer’s Guide 2020

Are you passionate about photography? Do you love taking photos and are always the go-to picture taker at gatherings? Are you thinking of getting a DSLR to produce great shots?

Then stop right here. This article talks about the specifications of our top-listed DSLR cameras for beginners. A good DSLR camera gives you high-quality images and leaves room for you to enhance your capabilities.

Continue with this article to find the perfect camera out there for you!

Comparison of the Best Beginner DSLR Cameras


Canon Rebel SL3c

  • One of the lightest models available in the market
  • 24.1 Megapixels to provide you high-quality images
  • Rated as the best overall for its top-end features and specifications
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Nikon D3400

  • Runner-up that has similar features as the best one
  • 24.2 megapixels to let you shoot high-quality photographs
  • SnapBridge Bluetooth connectivity to share images with ease
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Canon EOS Rebel SL2

  • 30-inch LCD which is responsive to touch
  • 24.2 megapixels to offer sharp photographs
  • Considered as the best for the money, given its affordable price
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Canon EOS Rebel T6i

  • Touchscreen feature allows easy handling
  • 24.2 megapixels allow high-quality and sharp photographs
  • Best Canon DSLR camera for beginners, given its easy handling
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Nikon D3500

  • Full HD 1080p video coverage for sound videos
  • 24.2 megapixels help you capture good quality photographs
  • Best Nikon DSLR camera for beginners for its solid performance
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Are DSLR Cameras Hard to Learn?

If you are a beginner and do not know how to make the most of a camera, read on to learn how to use one. DSLR cameras are not hard to learn at all. You just need to understand a few things.

Master Shooting Modes

A shooting mode determines the behavior of your camera. Therefore, the first thing to start with is having a complete understanding of shooting modes. 

Understand ISO

The sensitivity of the sensor to light is measured by ISO. When shooting in bright light, low ISO numbers like 100 or 200 can be used and vice versa.


You must learn to focus, because if the object is out of focus, you won’t be able to achieve the desired image.

White Balance

It is important to set the white balance before taking the picture as it greatly impacts the color tone of your images. 

How to Choose a Beginner DSLR Camera

As a beginner, choosing a DSLR camera can be tedious. You must opt for a model that completely suits your demands in order to bring value to your hard-earned dollars.

Type of Photography

It is important to decide whether you mostly want to capture weddings or school events, or just need a camera for random purposes. The camera you choose is greatly influenced by the type of photography you intend to use it for.


You must explore different brands and models before you settle for one. Go for the camera that is within your price range and leave room in your budget to get accessories, as well.

Canon Rebel SL3c


Look for a model with multiple features, so you don’t have to limit yourself. It is better to get a camera that can be used in different scenarios. Invest in a unit that lets you expand your photographic interests.


There are different models available in the market with a variety of megapixel ranges. A higher number of megapixels allows larger, high-quality photographs. While there are models featuring 50 or more megapixels, a beginner camera with 16 megapixels will do fine. 

Size of the Sensor

Small-sized sensors like APS-C sensors are an ideal choice for beginners, as they are lighter and much more affordable. 

Quick Take - Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Before we dive into our review, here are the best DSLR cameras for beginners:

  1. Canon Rebel SL3c
  2. Nikon D3400
  3. Canon EOS Rebel SL2

Review of the Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Now that we are done with the detailed information regarding a great entry-level camera, let’s start with the reviews of our top-listed products. Our in-depth reviews will serve as the ultimate guide as to whether you should invest in a certain model or not. 

Best Overall:
Canon Rebel SL3c

Canon Rebel SL3 with 18-55mm Lens Black


  • Being lightweight makes it highly portable
  • Easy to control and use, thus, user-friendly
  • Offers a max video resolution of 4K to shoot high-quality videos
  • Equipped APS-C sensor to allow good photographs at a cheaper rate
  • Touchscreen lets you make changes according to your choice without any hassle


  • Larger than other mirrorless competitors
  • It is not the smallest model available in the market
  • Embodies relatively few AF points than other models

What Recent Buyers Report

This lightweight and compact camera is very popular among its users for being equipped with all good features. It is greatly admired for its 24.1 megapixels, which allow you to capture mesmerizing images easily. Therefore, this was clearly a user favorite, and they recommended it to others, too. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

A beginner’s camera does not always have to be basic. This small and lightweight model is not the cheapest, but it’s worth the extra money. Equipped with a top-notch APS-C sensor and 24.1 megapixels, it lets you shoot amazing photographs in no time. Moreover, the manufacturers have packed video and Wi-Fi connectivity into this model, making it versatile, too.   

Who Will Use This Most

This small camera with amazing features is an ideal option for anyone who is in love with photography. It is a good choice for beginners who want to take some amazing shots. Moreover, it can be used by anyone who desires a compact DSLR camera with a fine performance.

Bottom Line

Simple to use, this Canon Rebel SL3c is great for getting into photography without any hassles. In addition to the best features and specifications, it is lightweight, and thus, you can take it anywhere to take stunning shots.

Nikon D3400

Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera & 18-55mm VR DX AF-P Zoom Lens (Black) - (Renewed)


  • Equipped with a good battery life that lasts long
  • An ideal option for beginners since it’s easy to use
  • Good video resolution allows you to shoot HD-quality videos
  • Embodies a good single-shot AF for focused photographs
  • Long battery life saves you from the hassle of frequent recharging


  • It is generally equipped with fairly basic controls
  • Lacks any microphone port compared to similar models
  • LCD is not operated by touch, contrary to other models available in the market

What Recent Buyers Report

This Nikon D3400 camera is greatly appreciated by users for being highly user-friendly. The most loved thing about it is its long battery life, which saves the owner from the tension of repeated charging. However, there are minor concerns over the LCD being non-responsive to touch. Regardless, the model is equipped with incredible features, making it a favorite of many users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Although the Canon Rebel SL3C is the best overall, you still cannot go wrong with this model. The Nikon D3400 is supported by the greatest range of features, and thus, it is perfect for any beginner. Moreover, 24.2 megapixels help you enjoy some creative photography. That’s not all, it comes with amazing battery life to save you from the frustration of frequent recharging.

Who Will Use This Most

Equipped with amazing features, this camera is undoubtedly a great option for beginners to start with. Moreover, it can be used by new parents as well, to shoot memorable moments. Also, it can be used for professional HD video shooting, as well. Overall, its uses are highly versatile.

Bottom Line

This runner-up model is no less than our top-listed unit. Equipped with high-end features and maximum video resolution, it lets you shoot HD-quality videos and makes you fall in love with its incredible picture quality, making it a suitable pick.  

Best for the Money:
Canon EOS Rebel SL2

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Digital SLR Camera Body - WiFi Enabled


  • Compact-sized, thus can be carried around easily
  • Embodies built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to offer easy connectivity
  • Equipped with CMOS AF to let you capture highly-focused images
  • Fast and accurate phase-detection helps to shoot the object in no time
  • Touch-screen can be articulated at any angle according to your choice


  • Lack of 4K video feature
  • Short battery life relative to other models
  • Requires frequent charging to continue shooting

What Recent Buyers Report

This Canon EOS Rebel SL2 comes with top-end features and thus, is greatly admired by its users. It is much-loved for its touchscreen that can be articulated at any angle and allows you to shoot and jump through various features. Some users have complained about the short battery life that needs frequent charging. However, that hasn’t stopped them from loving this and recommending it to others. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Equipped with lots of attractive features, this Canon EOS Rebel SL2 stands out from other models for being available at such an affordable price. The 24.2 megapixels and fast CMOS sensor help you in capturing some creative shots in no time. Moreover, the touch LCD can be easily flipped up and down to shoot at any angle, which adds onto perfection.

Who Will Use This Most

Small in size and embellished with a variety of features, this camera is best for anyone who has a passion for photography. It is also a good choice for any beginner who wants a decent DSLR camera without spending a ton of money.

Bottom Line

Available at an affordable price, this Canon EOS Rebel SL2 is an entry-level model with many features. It leaves room to grow and can be carried around easily to click some mesmerizing shots, making it an excellent pick. 

Best Canon DSLR Camera for Beginners:
Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR with EF-S 18-55mm IS STM Lens - Wi-Fi Enabled


  • Built-in Wi-Fi offers quick connectivity
  • HD movie mode lets you shoot high-quality videos like a pro
  • Equipped with a great touchscreen that makes it user-friendly
  • Equipped with an APS-C CMOS sensor that lets you shoot larger images
  • High-speed, continuous shooting helps in capturing fast-moving objects


  • Auto-focus could be improved
  • Battery requires frequent charging 
  • Comes with average battery life compared to other models

What Recent Buyers Report

This Canon EOS Rebel T6i is much admired by users for its sound performance. The most-loved feature is its great touchscreen that lets the user choose various features without any hassle. However, there is a minor concern over the short battery life. Yet, users find it to be one of the best Canon models, which is particularly easy to use for beginners. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Known as the best Canon camera for a beginner, it is equipped with a range of specifications. It comes with the best touchscreen LCD around, which makes it stand out. Moreover, the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity helps you share and transfer images without any interruption in a short period of time.

Who Will Use This Most

This camera is surely the best choice for anyone looking for a great model by Canon. Moreover, it can be used by any photography enthusiast, wanting to capture creative moments like a pro. Similarly, it is best-suited for a person who just needs a small camera with solid performance.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a great Canon entry-level camera equipped with top-end features, you must not miss this Canon EOS Rebel T6i. With the best touchscreen and built-in Wi-Fi, this model is an ideal option to bring value to your money.

Best Nikon DSLR Camera for Beginners:
 Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 W/ AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Black


  • High-resolution lets you shoot HD-quality videos
  • Built-in GPS feature, which is quite rare at this level
  • User-friendly and can be used by people of any age
  • Compact and designed to offer a high level of comfort
  • Equipped with an interactive guide mode to make its handling easy


  • LCD cannot be tilted and is non-responsive to touch
  • Live view focusing is slow, which needs to be improved
  • Equipped with fairly basic controls compared to other listed products

What Recent Buyers Report

Highly appreciated by its users, this Nikon D3500 is very popular among beginners. The reason for this is its brilliant “guide” shooting mode that helps you shoot images easily. Moreover, it is available at a low price compared to other models. Some users have concerns over the LCD which cannot be operated by touch. However, they do agree it’s the best Nikon DSLR for beginners.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for a great Nikon camera that comes with a wide array of features, you should definitely check out this Nikon D3500. It has a bigger LCD screen than other models and also comes with a built-in GPS, which is quite cool at such a level.

Who Will Use This Most

This compact and affordable camera is best for any photographer who wants to shift to a DSLR without spending a lot of money. Moreover, it can be used by vloggers for daily video shooting without any hassle. Above all, as stated earlier, it is a great pick for beginners looking to perfect their shots. 

Bottom Line

Nikon has been dominating the camera industry for quite a while, which means you can’t go wrong with a Nikon product. In case you want to step up at an affordable price, you should take this product into consideration. With excellent specifications and a comfortable design, this camera offers decent performance.

What Should I Know Before Buying a DSLR Camera?

The techs and specs of a DSLR are not too daunting. You just need to consider some aspects before making a purchase. This would help you get the best out of the product. Some essential considerations include:


DSLRs are expensive. Therefore, price is an important factor to consider when you decide to purchase a camera. Apart from its body, you have to buy lenses and filters, as well. Similarly, you might need bags, cleaning supplies, and a tripod to fulfill the requirements. 

Sensor Size and Design

While working with a digital camera, light enters through the lens and then falls on the sensors. A sensor is responsible for recording the image. These are available in different sizes, ranging from small to large. Larger sensors result in a large and better quality images. Plus, they are able to handle low-light conditions, as well.

When it comes to entry-level DSLR cameras, the APS-C sensor has been proven to be user-friendly and less expensive.


The number of megapixels directly affects the amount of data being recorded by the sensor. This means more megapixels will allow you to capture more details in the photo. 

Frames Per Second

For photographers who want to capture moving objects, the number of frames per second is an important factor to consider. A higher number of frames per second will help you shoot the object in the exact manner you wish. 


When it comes to DSLR cameras, there are so many options available in the market that you might just find yourself confused. You just need to remember the features you are looking for and opt for the model that fits within your budget. With a great entry-level camera and the right technique, you can surely make the most of your shots.