Canon T5i vs T3i

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The Canon T5i came out in April 2013 while the Canon T3i came out in March 2011. Despite being old, these two cameras sport articulating screens. These cameras sport high megapixels and HD video recording and this Canon T5i vs T3i comparison will show which is better.

Canon T5i vs T3i General Overview

The Canon T5i and T3i are great entry-level cameras and are a part of Canon’s rebel series. Canon has done a brilliant job on both the cameras as they both have features such as high megapixels and HD video recording which give tough competition to other cameras in this price range out there.

Canon T5i

With 18 megapixels resolution and 1080 HD video, Canon T5i boasts immaculate pictures and videos. Its nine-speed focus and focus speed, which ranges from 0.2-0.8 seconds depending on the lighting, makes for great speed shooting.

Woman holding a black DSLR camera

The right shoulder of the camera holds a 360-degree mode dial which has the usual settings for aperture, manual, automatic, scene modes, and enhanced modes. This is a huge improvement in navigation over the previous models. Additionally, the Q button and horizontal scroll are great options for navigating settings.

The articulated touch screen remains a fan favorite for capturing videos. It has a smart interface and features such as Line View shooting and touch focus. The display can flip 180 degrees to the direction you are shooting to. So, if you love taking selfies in HD, this camera is made for you.

Canon T3i

Boasting a frame rate of 3.8 frames per second, an eighteen megapixels camera, and 1080p HD video capacities, the Canon T3i puts its competitors to shame. You can capture 3.7 pictures a second which is great to capture still images of moving objects.

On the top of the Canon T3i lies a display button which is slight to the left of the ISO button and the mode dial. The mode dial has been updated from previous models and now hosts new modes. It has made navigation a lot easier!

The T3i was the first of the rebel series to offer a flexible LCD screen. The screen can flip out to the left and can be rotated to your ease. Its small size fits an abundance of features, and its lightweight makes it comfortable to use.

Comparing Canon T5i vs T3i

The Canon T5i and T3i pack a lot of features on a small budget. They have a lot of similarities such as their viewfinders, sensors, and the shutter speed range. Their differences include their ISO range, processors, and screens.


The fact that they both are a part of Canon’s rebel series and are released close to one another results in a lot of similarities:

  • Starting off both of these cameras have the same dimensions of 5.2 x 3.9 x 3.1. These dimensions are not too big or small and make it easier to carry the cameras around.
  • One thing which you might enjoy in either camera is their 95% Viewfinder. This means that the viewfinder provides 95% accuracy, allowing you to capture accurate images. Also, they have optical viewfinders, which saves battery life.
  • The cameras have 9 autofocus points. These allow you to capture clear and smooth images by helping you know where the camera is focussing. They also help you refine where your camera is focusing.
  • They both have the same sensor (CMOS) and sensor size which is 22.3 x 14.9. These sensors are smaller than the ones found on more professional cameras and a bigger sensor size means a better image quality. Still, this sensor size is capable of capturing great quality images.
  • While using these cameras, you would have complete control over your images thanks to the superior interface that both of them have. You can adjust the aperture as well as the shutter priority and shoot your pictures the way you want.
  • These cameras have a pitch size of 4.29. This tells you how close the pixels are to each other. A large pixel size means that the pixels are larger and further apart from one another and hence result in great images.
  • T5i and T3i have a single slot for memory cards that can support SDXC and SD cards. So, you have complete freedom over how much you want to store.
  • Both of these cameras have a shutter speed that can range between ¼000 to 30 seconds. This speed is incredible for capturing moving images.
  • Thanks to the built-in flash, you can capture images in low-light conditions easily.
  • These cameras offer in-built sensor cleaners, which saves a lot of hassle because you do not have to open your camera and clean your sensors every time.
  •  None of the cameras offer Wi-Fi connectivity, which is now offered in almost all newer cameras.
  • These cameras can capture images in RAW and JPEG formats which are standard for most cameras.


Having a time span of two years between their release, these cameras were bound to have some differences because of constant advancements in technology. Some of the most glaring differences include their screens, processors, and ISO range. These features determine how these cameras perform in situations such as low light, and ease of navigation.

Person holding a black DSLR camera

ISO Range

While the T3i has an ISO range of 100-6400 and can be expanded to 12800, the T5i has an ISO range of 100-12800 which can be expanded to 25600. A higher ISO allows you to capture images in low light conditions, as they let in more light.

Processor and Burst Rate

In the T3i you get the older DIGIC4 processor. On the contrary, the T5i has a newer DIGIC5 processor. The newer processor has better color dynamics and better quality images.

The Canon T3i  allows you to capture images at 3.7 frames per second while the T5i can handle 5 frames per second. The higher the frame rate, the sharper the images.

Also, the T3i has a maximum burst rate of 35 images captured in the JPEG format, on the other hand, T5i’s burst rate can go up to 30 images per second in the same format(depending on the memory card). This is the number of consecutive images the camera can take.

Battery Life

The Canon T3i has a 100% higher battery life than the Canon T5i. It can capture 1100 shots on one charge compared to the Canon T5i’s 550. This allows you to use the camera for a longer time.

Other smaller differences include:

  • The T3i weighs 570 g while the T5i is 10 grams heavier.
  • The T5i has a 360-degree mode dial while the T3i model does not.

Most Differentiating Feature

An LCD touchscreen was introduced in the T5i which you can use to easily navigate across the camera. It is fun to use and allows you to access most of its features. A lot of time can be saved because of it! On the contrary, the T3i does not have this feature and has a manual screen instead.

When to Use the Canon T5i

The Canon T5i boasts an impressive frame rate of five frames per second and a very low shutter speed. This converts to a great camera for capturing moving objects and hence would perform well in wildlife photography. The low weight and good grip are just cherries on top.

The articulating touchscreen has made photography much simpler. The touchscreen would open access for all focus points for you. If you prefer an easier and quicker photography experience, the T5i is the camera for you.

Moreover, the Canon T5i has a high ISO range. This allows you to capture images in low-light conditions because it allows more light to enter the camera. Also, the wide aperture, and the in-built flash, complement the ISO range for that purpose.

When to Use the Canon T3i

If you are just getting started with professional photography and have a low budget, then the Canon T3i is the way to go. The camera offers all the features that are necessary to take good pictures such as high megapixels and high definition video recording, and hence, could provide a great start and learning opportunity.

Its high burst rate can help take pictures of your baby’s first steps and the rotating LCD screen can be your best friend if you love taking selfies.

Which Camera is Better?

It is true that the T5i is better when it comes to shooting moving objects. However, if you are not too bothered about the slightly better frame rate and can do without a touch screen, the Canon T5i does not really offer much. Besides these, the other features such as Megapixels do not differ and the image quality is consistent in both cameras.

The Canon T3i offers a better battery life and almost similar picture-taking abilities at a lower price. Hence, the Canon T3i is the better option because you can get almost all the features the T5i has at a lower price.


The Canon T5i vs T3i debate showed that the Canon T3i comes out on top because it offers excellent picture-taking abilities and much better battery life at a lower price. You should buy the Canon T3i if you are interested in capturing portraits or are just starting out and want a budget camera with good features.