Nikon Reviews: The Best Cameras From Nikon

Shopping for a Nikon Camera? Look no further--here is our extensive collection of Nikon reviews.
By Hillary Grigonis, Last updated on: 11/6/2017

Nikon released their first camera in 1948, starting a long tradition of camera lines that now produce some of the best DSLRs on the market. While their DSLRs are their most popular, Nikon also produces a good range of compact cameras and some very fast mirrorless cameras.

The evolution of Nikon cameras. Graphic courtesy of eBay Deals.

DSLRs are our favorites from Nikon. They've seemed to be advancing a bit faster than their Canon counterparts lately and they produce some pretty solid images. Their latest round of APS-C cameras eliminate the optical low pass filter for enhanced detail and have extra add-ons like wi-fi, and now, a touchscreen for the D5500.

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Compact cameras are a hit or miss for Nikon. We're tried a handful that we've loved, while some are only so-so. They're a bit harder to judge without a hands-on review, but Nikon does offer a good selection from budget compact to advanced compacts.

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In between their interchanceable lens cameras and their compacts lies Nikon's extensive lineup of zoom options, from travel zooms to bridge-style super zooms. Speaking of superzoom, their 2015 P900 offers an amazing 83x optical zoom and may be our favorite compact from Nikon so far this year.

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