Fujifilm Reviews: The Best Cameras From Fujifilm

What can you expect from a Fujifilm camera? Quite a bit.
By Hillary Grigonis, Last updated on: 11/6/2017

Fujifilm first started as a film company in the 1930s, but the manufacturer has grown with the digital revolution. Once known for their film, the more advanced Fujifilm's are known for their X-Trans sensor, a design that allows for excellent detail.

The evolution of Fujifilm cameras. Image courtesy eBay Deals.

Fujifilm has long been known for their excellent color reproduction. One of the few major companies still producing consumer film cameras, Fujifilm has managed to find a digital platform for their film past. The latest Fujifilm cameras include a set of digital filters that simulate the effects of various types of film. Even without using these effects, Fujfilm's digital cameras tend to capture excellent (and accurate) color depth across the brand.

The best Fujifilm cameras are equipped with the X-Trans sensor. While several camera manufacturers have found a way to eliminate the optical low pass filter, the X-Trans design just does an excellent job of capturing the little details. The sensor does well at capturing details, producing sharp images.

Most Fujifilm cameras sport a retro design that pays homage to Fujifilm's past. The metallic body with a faux leather wrap is rather eye catching and is used on many of their cameras. The more advanced cameras are actually built with a metallic body, while the budget options simulate the look with plastic.

Fujifilm reviews - mirrorless cameras

Fujifilm's mirrorless models range from a budget-friendly option to models with enough features to please even the professionals. Most incorporate the X-Trans sensor, though the budget options do not. Fujifilm is one of our most highly recommended mirrorless lines—it's pretty hard to go wrong here, though if you can swing the extra money, opting for a camera with the X-Trans instead of the budget model will make a significant difference. The entry-level options like the X-A2 have minimal features, and the features and price head upwards from there. The latest high-end option, the X-T1, has a magnesium alloy body with weather-sealing.

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Fujifilm camera reviews

The compacts from Fujifilm have an even wider range, from a basic budget option to the X-100T, which features the same large sensor that's in the mirrorless line. Fujifilm's superzooms are often overlooked, but tend to offer more consistent image quality from the wide angle to the highest zoom. Their waterproof options are durable, and while not the best in the category, have a better price.

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As with any brand, it's best to look at the individual camera very carefully before buying. But, Fujifilm has one of our favorite mirrorless lines and has quite a bit to offer in many smaller models as well.


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