Canon Reviews: The Best Cameras From Canon

Looking for a Canon Camera? Here are the options in the current Canon camera lineup.
By Hillary Grigonis, Last updated on: 11/6/2017

When Goro Yoshida took apart a Leica camera over 80 years ago, he was surprised and perhaps a bit angry to find the luxury item was simply constructed with basic materials. That led to the creation of the Canon camera company—and perhaps the competitive camera market that exists today. Most of Canon's cameras seem to continue to offer competitive pricing, though there's a few exceptions.

Perhaps best known for their DSLRs, the camera giant is recognized as having some good compact cameras as well. While other manufacturers have centered on their mirrorless cameras, Canon has very few mirrorless options and remains focused on their DSLRs.

The evolution of a Canon DSLR. Image courtesy eBay Deals


Canon DSLR Lineup

Canon's DSLR lineup extends from the very basic to the very fast to the top professional models, meaning there's pretty much a Canon DSLR for every type of photographer. All of Canon's current DSLRs use an EOS in their name. The more entry-level options are from the Rebel line, while the more advanced professionally-minded options leave out the Rebel tag line.

Canon's DSLR naming system is a bit tough to decipher at times. Sometimes, the models are named in sequential order, like the 2013 T5i and 2015 T6i. Other times, Canon simply adds a Mark II (or II or IV...) to the end of the name to indicate its age. Some models are differentiated with a letter—the T6i is a basic model while the T6s is more advanced.

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Canon Camera Lineup

Sure, Canon is known for their DSLRs, but they have some solid compact cameras as well. Again, Canon is bucking the trend here—continuing to release several point-and-shoot models every year where other manufacturers have scaled back. Be careful though, some of their latest updates are disappointing—actually cutting back speed or not offering very many improvements over the previous, cheaper model. Still, Canon has one of the widest ranges of options and are generally pretty affordable.

Canon's point-and-shoots are all dubbed with PowerShot in their name, from the budget model to their super zooms and advanced compacts. Their ELPH line is the traditional point-and-shoot compact camera, where their SX models offer a longer zoom. Their G compacts have large sensors and advanced features like manual modes, despite still qualifying as compact.

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